Here it comes with this little backpack here, which has a swivel that you can move for. Left hand or right there we go, the bag is really nice. The material is good, so it has a little pocket up the front here that you could use to put some stuff in here. A little bit of storage has a top handle and its a double zipper here we go were gon na get into this right now, top cover really nice quality packaging. The bag is well built. Everything is sorted in here, so you can have it set up correctly. Theres a sleeve here for the instruction manual and whatnot up there, zip it as well. You can put other stuff in there as well. This particular drone which ill get out of the box here, is an aviator pro 8811. It has a 4k camera for video and a 6k camera for photos, so its even better than the ones that i have here. It records 4k at 25 frames per second video quality. Well, get into that later on in here, what we get sort of warning, it says before taking off be sure to make the compass calibration from the manual. The takeoff point must not be close to metal objects. Okay, thats, interesting, good to know. Okay, this is whats in the box in the box in the bag, two little boxes, the control and the instruction manual here is the video for information on it for the initial setup – and it also has here, the application uses h, fund fly and it gives you The basic information qr code to download it the information to configure it its a very basic, very simple application.

If youve used any type of drone or any type of camera, you may know everything thats here already. The instruction manual here were checking it out and its nicely done. It does explain a lot of stuff and uh very useful information as well. However, the meat of it is in the video. So if you want more information, you should watch the video as well as looking into the manual, because the video tells you everything thats here, and it also shows you how its done so, i think its good to have it, but the video thats why they included This card here, because the video does the same thing and its even better, because its visual so im going to set that aside. For now we want to get this im not going to close it up, because im going to use it later and were going to go into the boxes here. One box has a battery thats what that looks like, and it is a lipo rechargeable battery 11.1 volts 2850 milliamp hour 31.6 watt hours. It doesnt tell you any more information than that theres a pin here, take it out of the drone and its the batteries here seems to be like a three cell small battery inside this cage here really nice. The other box has a usb cable, thats proprietary, so dc 5 volts from three to five amps. You could use to charge the batteries, and it has this little plug here that goes into the battery here.

It doesnt go all the way in so its kind of weird kind of stays there. Normally you would plug it in all the way, but no this goes up to there. I would have preferred it had a usb port that would have made it far easier to charge than this, because it only comes with one cable, but it does include two batteries. So if you have two batteries, one is installed in the device. The other one is in the box. Well, why do you only have one charge cable if its going to be proprietary? Well, obviously, because they want to sell you another one. So lets sell this side. It does come with two batteries. I already charged them up. It has an extra full set of props, just in case you need that there is some information of what this device is compatible with theres another device, thats kind of the same as this, but has another brand. What ill do is because i dont know the name of that im gon na put it down in the description. So, if youre interested to know what other devices the same as this or compatible with this well, you can buy parts from one or from the other ill show you the information in the description and what ill do is ill put a picture ill cover myself up Here, with a picture of the items that im looking on ebay, for example, for the props and whatever else i can find that works as a replacement, it has some little screws in here that are for the propellers as well, just in case you strip the ones That you have there the screwdriver that is also for the props as well, and it also works on the back of the controller, because the controller has a screw there to hold it in place on the battery cover here.

That is everything thats in the box and let me go over here. The drone is fairly easy to open, but i did find that you have to open this leg first, because if you open that one, this one has like a little piece here: it doesnt. Let you to open it, so you do have to do this in a specific way. You have to get the one with the little prong here. Pull that one out to the end, then you can pull the one on the bottom here. All the way up to the end and again, one with the prong here all the way to the end, the bottom one all the way to the end, and that is it thats set up right there, and here obviously, is the battery compartment, where you would set Up one battery the power button on this one is on the back, which is really nice, its usually there up top here, but its on the battery itself. Um i dont know maybe its bad, because if something happens with the battery the power button doesnt work, maybe its better to have it here. I dont know you decide but thats how it is, and it has on the side here – theres the micro sd slot. It says it uses a class 10 file system, fat32 heres the sensor secondary camera for altitude when its not using gps. A little cover. It says press here to protect your camera when youre traveling or when youre carrying the drone around there is the camera first access.

Second axis has a plastic cover on the camera plastic cover on the top, so thats about it for the drone itself. What ill do is Music? Take that off thats a nice looking drone its not too heavy, and for what ive seen it flies very well, even in the wind were going to be trying it out. It has a lot of features that i like a lot so lets. Take a little cover off the camera as well Music. There we go Music, okay, the camera Music is kind of suspended with rubbery stoppers. I can see them through here theyre in there, so its a bit wobbly, obviously thatll, take away the jello effect when youre flying and the material for the camera kind of feels like cheap plastic like when i get the osmo pocket over there and i hold it And i check the camera, the camera and everything is mostly made of plastic and metal. So it feels like a prime item. This um feels cheap, but it does do the work and it is a 4k camera and the important part is the lens and the device itself its not really the materials um. I dont know how well it holds up if you crash it, so i hope i dont have to do that test a lot, but if it crashes ill, let you know later on, but it does feel like itll work, so yeah theres. That, and here is the device itself and lets go into the controller here, which is the next part that we need to look at it has these little antennas here, Music, they dont have a wire going to them so yeah these are fake.

Just for the looks of it, if you like those anime giant robot controllers, its kind of it makes it look neat, but really unnecessary, so buttons here for the camera button here for gps button here for the compass theres a landing button here start button here. This is like the selection button and the remote camera and video start button. If you tap it, i believe this photo. If you let it press for three seconds, it starts the video, so the other thing this has is the bottom part here opens up, so you can put your phone in it and i believe you have to put the phone from the top first. Does my phone fit with the case on it, Music yeah, the phone doesnt fit with the case on it, its not the first time that happens, its happened with the motorcycle as well, so im used to that already. I just dont like to take it out of the case because its bit busted in the back, but its a free phone they gave me one of my friends gave me so i dont want to worry about that too much so yeah. It does fit quite nicely without the case, and buttons are inaccessible like the power button, which is around here volume button as well, and a bit of the screen like if youre gon na pull down or something. Let me check on that. So if youre gon na pull down from here, does it work yeah it works and if im in a video, for example, can i yeah um not that its important but kind of blocks? The top of the screen here would have been better for them to kind of leave it a little bit off and the application is not flipping.

Music flipping is activated, but the application only works on one side, so id have to take off the phone and flip it around, because the application does not do that for you thats great. Maybe they want to look into that. Okay, so dont hook up on the screen protector. I know oh now it doesnt want to. Let me go okay, so the volume is being pressed. Thats, not good yeah, its kind of finicky see the volume is pressed. When i put it in correct place, it presses the volume down with that tab right there. So you have to put the phone a bit off kilt, so it doesnt press the volume button that is in my particular phone, which is a oneplus 6t. Okay, so im gon na leave the phone out for now its not connected to the drone and im gon na go over here. This feels a little bit flimsy it wobbles about the plastic feels flimsy as well, even though the controller itself feels good. That clicks in to give you speed controlling camera angles are up here. The controller feels okay, the plastic on the controller itself, but there are a few things like this there should. They could have been another way to do this, that doesnt press the buttons and it allows you to touch the screen better im, pretty sure that another drone has done it better than this, but it is what it is. The phone in my case has to go a little bit to the side and other than that it should work for me to see the screen, which i will do that now.

Actually, i put it back in just wanted to show that its wobbly and also move the silent button to silent when i slipped it down to make it reach the volume button, so it doesnt rock the volume button. So yeah im not happy with that and uh. It only goes up to there so thats how you leave the phone in my particular case here, which i have a oneplus, 6t thats how it fits. I have inserted a 64 gigabyte card. I will show that here in the camera up top the card is a bit outside of the device, so if you click it its outside the device by just a little bit um, i dont like that because of the fact that its out of the device it May hit something if you crash it or just may hit and pop out and get lost uh. I would prefer that it does like some other devices that you have to put your nail into it. So you get it out, but it is what it is and it works lets see how well it works. Okay, so now its connected to that connection right there, a15 5g6k, it says no internet and it seems to be stable. It seems to be holding up. So what i want to do is now go into the application and theres a video there. Now, so i can move the camera upward a little bit: okay, thats the mo thats the maximum, and it goes up.

I have to say that the device feels really good. The build quality of it and all that seems really good on the device. The controller set this aside for now, as i mentioned this part, i dont like its kind of wobbly and the plastic is kind of crappy, and when i put my phone in here, it doesnt really grab it correctly. It kind of puts it up here and its hard to touch the top part and – and the bottom part here, if i put it in the middle itll, start moving the buttons around so thats, not good other than that. I think the controller seems pretty well if its like this seems to be really good um. The antennas dont do anything, so i can just leave them like that and use it like this. So i think itll help lets see what goes on with it ill. Come back with a follow up video later on, once i get everything working correctly and as i wanted to for now, i just wanted to try it out, give an unboxing first impressions and do the tests that i wanted to do with the camera. There well see how that goes.