. He was first to say first in one of my recent videos and thus ones just shot at so congratulations good morning, quadcopter 101, here with a neat new airplane. This is the beginners airplane. The ty8 flying wing, its generally in the shape of a b2 stealth bomber, and this version its available in two versions, the ty8 and its also known as the lsrc b2 difference between these two is the ty8 comes in this nice camouflage paint scheme and the b2 Comes in jet black, just looking like the b2 stealth bomber, and both of them are the kind of models of the p2 stealth bomber um, pretty neat flying wings. Now again, i mentioned their two channel. What that means is this can only turn right or left, and you can go up or down by giving it more throttle. Itll go up and itll come down and reduce throttle and two channel. When im talking about two channel right or left control, you control it through the controller and if you give it a left control, this motor will spin faster than that motor turning the drone or the aircraft to the left. If you want to turn the right, you push right on that stick there and this motor will spin faster than that motor, pushing the aircraft to the right. Now i mentioned these are gyro stabilized with in terms of gyro stabilization. What that does is this is: will automatically adjust these mo the speed of these motors to keep the aircraft semi level okay, to prevent it from rolling over or pitching too far down or pitching too far up to stall the aircraft.

It will adjust the speed of the motors um say if it wants to pitch to the right. You know it gets hit by a wind gust that pitches it to the to the left like. So this motor will spin up faster to create more lift to try to level it. Similarly, if it pitches to the right, this motor will speed up to try to level with it. You know provide more lift on this wing to level with and additionally for to prevent, fugoid oscillations up or down movements like this when it starts to pitch up like this, it will automatically reduce throttle on both motors to try to level it out and if its Up and high and starting to pitch nose down it will increase the speed of the motors to try to level with such so yeah. You can get true uh stabilization by just adjusting the speed of these motors and thats, how it does it folks. Now i mentioned this is available as the b2. The difference i i dont know if i went into it already, but difference between this and the b2 is that this comes with this. Nice camouflage paint scheme um and and its only available in this silver color, a silver grayish color um. The b2 comes in jet black, looking like the original b2. Additionally theres a price difference between whether you get one two or three batteries between in the b2. But this one here zone comes available with two batteries.

I dont see an option that you can select additional or less batteries, but this one came with two batteries, one installed in the aircraft and one in the package. Now let me talk about the b2 again. I mentioned the b2 is black um, its available with one two or three batteries with the led bars or without the led bar lights? Um. The thing is currently theyre all the same price for that b2. So if you are interested in one of these aircraft, i recommend taking a look at that b2 right now before they discover that their prices are in error, because right now, theyre all the same price for the b2 version um at the uh lowest price point its About ten dollars cheaper than this is what im trying to say folks. So, if youre considering this, take a look at that b2 real quick until they figure out the mistake that they made having all their uh versions of their options available at the same price. Now i mentioned this comes with a led light bar led light bar lights, up, of course, to provide uh the potential for flying at dusk. I wouldnt fly this after dark because thats, not legal folks in the us, i dont think, but you can fly this with the led light bars and you should be able to see it in at this time or early in the morning. So if you want to get some night flying semi night flying, you can do such with this particular aircraft and ill show you that light up here shortly i mentioned i didnt mention the battery.

It comes with 300 milliamp per hour battery with a white low c connector. Now, even though this has a white low, c connector um it, i dont think its going to be easy to put uh other uh generic batteries with a white lossy connector, because that connector is buried deep down at the bottom of this and its hard to get Your fingers in there and the way theyve gone around this is theyve encased the battery in this battery casing, with the connector already oriented toward where the connection point is and to get this in all you do is slide it in like so, and then push both Of these tabs forward and that locks it into place like so okay now there is an on off switch on this and to turn it on you press it forward like that, and you can see the lights. I dont know if you can see those lights like that, but theyre theyre, pretty colorful and very bright um even in daylight. But let me turn this on real, quick. I want to see what the lights do. This turned on so okay, so there they are. When you connect it to this, they stay uh full uh, its full on instead of blinking like they were there if theyre blinking. That means theyve lost connection with the controller, but lets try out the throttle right now and give it a little throttle now im going to turn left and this this ones spinning faster turning right, this ones spinning faster to turn right.

So it does work. Okay, you know ive seen you know, ive flown two channels. Many two channels and this system does work so well see how well it does with this particular airplane when we take it out into the field. Now this 300 milliamp per hour battery. Let me turn this off is supposed to give you up to eight minutes of flight time. I dont know if thats, true or not, but we will see so when we take it out into the field. Okay, other things about the plane um, it comes with this controller, very basic controller um. It just has an auto switch here and again. This is your throttle control. You can just go up or down, and this is your right left, control or yaw or roll. This is going to roll a little bit when it turns as those speed up additional buttons on this. You can turn those lights off to save battery power by a quick press of this light, switch here and theres another button for rates and by pressing this button. Here that will enable the aircraft to pitch further right or pitch further left to make sharper turns. So i i want to demonstrate that too, when we get out in the field now the things that come with this particular aircraft include instruction manual. Now the instruction manual is very basic and it actually shows a different airplane, but its a i guess, its a two channel plane.

Theyre. All the same, i forgot to mention one thing, though this version, the ty8, comes fully assembled folks, theres, nothing that you need to do you dont need to install these wheels im, not sure about the v2 version yet because i dont have the b2 version, but that Might require some installation of these wheels ive seen that past with two channel aircraft you have to install wheels this one. You know it was already assembled fully assembled ready to go out of the package. It even had the battery installed and it was fully charged when i got it. I dont know if thats going to be true for your version. If you get this, but mine was ready to go out of the box um other things you get in the box. Again not mine came with a spare battery. I dont see that listed in the listing whether this is supposed to have a spare battery, but mine did, and it also came with a charger for this particular little aircraft. You can charge this either using a wall charger or you could actually plug this into the usb port of your computer to charge this battery, because its such low milliamp per hour at 300, that this should not be a problem to charge this up in a reasonable Amount of time, other things that you get in the package is a spare set of propellers. In case you ding those up a screwdriver and im, not sure what the screwdriver is for.

I guess it would no its not for the installation of these things. So, im not sure what the screwdriver is for folks, because these propellers are not held in place by screws theyre just held in place by friction so, but you do get a spare or a screwdriver for your particular aircraft. If you. So if you need a screwdriver, you got one and you get the controller folks now the controller i didnt go into this yet, but the controller has a lot of inoperative buttons that do nothing again. The only buttons that do something is the light button. The on off switch and the rates button, but it is powered by three aaa batteries. So, if you want, you know, standards triple a batteries, all i got in here is super heavy duties from the dollar store. They should be sufficient for this particular aircraft. Um. The range on this id estimate to be about, i dont, know 80 meters, something like that less than 100 meters. The thing is, this airplane is going to be really hard to see once you get out to that range, so you you want youre going to want to keep it generally close because it is a relatively small airplane at 355 meters. I believe total wing span on this so thats about it again available in two versions: ill include the links to both versions below you can check it see if those prices are still the same on the b2, because that that is a big error, because im not Going to let my sponsor know yet until they see this video, so if you want to grab that b2, while its still has the pricing error, uh feel free to do such okay.

So lets take this out to the field folks and see our flies hope you enjoy this flight good morning, quadcopter 101 here and welcome to pleasant ridge park near erie pennsylvania for the inaugural flight of the ty8, the maiden flight okay. I already have this connected to the controller its ready to go, so all we need to do is give it some throttle and get it in the air. The winds coming from the north or the south there south is that direction. The way im going to launch this folks is im going to hold it by the edge of the wing, give it a throttle and then give it a toss. So here we go, takes right to the air. Okay lets see a turn. We got a wind, giving it more throttle the winds bouncing at about, and when i bound this to the controller folks, i had it in a nose up attitude and im seeing that right now that i need to recalibrate the gyros right now see how thats just Hanging in the air there so im going to lower this and were gon na land it and restart it, and this time im going to point it. I had it on my little level leveling pad here, but i had to point it that way. Lets get a little speed on it by pointing it this way. Actually, i got ta turn it off and then turn off the controller turn the controller back or turn the drone back on the airplane, pointing it that way and turning on the controller and im hoping this will recalibrate those gyros.

So it doesnt do that nose up pitch like that anymore, so lets try it again, launching it again, it just did a road it just didnt roll. The wind is too strong for it today, trying to bring it back to me. Dont want to come this way. So were going to call it quits here today. Folks, wait a minute im going to try one more thing. One more thing is to put some weight on this now lets lets try that okay. I hope that i had some putty in my bag there. So i could put some weight on this, but no putty, but there is mud around here. So i put some butt on the nose lets see if that helps, keep the nose down on the airplane. Okay, so turning it on again there we go. Lets switch Music on its on and again this time. I want it nose down a little bit nose down and turning on the controller binding it to the aircraft, we should be good to go and notice. Ive moved closer to the tree line here, the idea of being i want to hopefully cut down on the amount of wind. This is seeing so lets launch it again. Well that did take care of the nose down problem that mud. I think the mud came off now, its still on there, a little bit of its on there lets see. If i can still fly again, launching it again new.

Maybe i need to throw it into the wind, the winds coming from that direction. There we go now. I want to keep it now. This winds only about five mile, an hour people. It does not like wind at all uh. What can i say lets see if i can do a launch from the ground see what happens so im taking it over here? Taking that rubber band off it does not seem to help see if we can do a launch from the ground. Okay and again, im going to re calibrate the gyros by giving it a nose down pitch im, going to have to put it on some type of elevation like that, the nose pitch the nose down a bit lets start up. Okay, that should lets see what that does binding lets see if that calibrates the jar with any and remember, i want to try to take off from the ground so well see. If this has capability doing such in the dirt Music yeah, it did took off reducing throttle. It really is tail heavy real tail heavy. I think this is mainly meant for indoor flying folks in your local gym, because outdoors, it just does not like any wind at all, because it buffets it quite a bit. Turning off those lights give us a little more power, but there we go thats. The tie. Eight launched from the ground – and i did not put any more – i took that dirt off because that didnt seem to help um and even this uh calibration i did that nose down calibration doesnt seem to help much either its really squirrely isnt it there.

We go again indoor flyer im guessing only outdoor fire, not so much so lets see if we can keep it in the air for the remainder of the flight here, reducing throttle bit bring it down, turning it turning it turning it um this gyros. On this, i dont know that i guess they are trying to keep it stable, but stable is a relative term lets go to higher rate. I dont know the higher rate. If that helps anyone at all, not so much but yeah indoor flyer. Only folks. This is meant for gymnasium flying in the winter and i guess thats why they released it this time of year, see if i can turn it to the right im being real gentle with the controls. I dont want to flip it if it tends to flip. If you over, give it too much control i dont and well: oh there there see i gave it hardly any control, thats the b2 stealth bomber Music, its starting to get weak the motor yeah it bounces around quite a bit dont it bring it around that way. So you know more or less. All you can do with this is right and left turns its meant for again for beginner flyers to learn to do right and left turns, but again its meant to for real flyers indoors flying in your local gym, because this one has a hard time with wind. One overhead and it launched readily didnt it from the ground.

Oh see, the wind hits it and buffs it quite easily. So careful you got to give a little bit of altitude there, so he has time to regain control of itself slow flyer isnt it real slow flyer again. Another reason for saying this is an indoor flyer only indoor only but there we go around im, giving it some altitude here were up about 20 feet 30 feet: oh its climbing high cutting back on the throttle were too high. We get too high im going to get buffeted by the wind, bring it back down here, and here comes that wind. I can feel it whoa see that folks it rolled over it was flying, inverted there for a while interesting plane, ty8 and the b2, the black ones the b2. I dont have that one okay coming around coming around see how much flight time we can get out of this. It really did help to come over here, closer to the trees. Cutting back and throttle bring it back down was too high again getting a throttle coming down too quickly. It does not glide very well. You cut back a throttle. It comes down like an elevator coming in. Turning to the right, gentle gentle turns im, not sure about the you know. One thing i want to check if, when we get toward the end of the flight here is on that gyro stabilization. Is it actually working so and the way i can check that is lets do that lets bring it down see if i can land it lets see.

If i can land it yeah, i can land it, but the way to check the gyro stabilization is to give a throttle and move it right and left. And here, if those motors change pitch, you know as they try to adjust to the gyros so lets see. If this does have gyrostabilization im, not seeing it im, not hearing it, you should be going there, aint really doing it. So im not sure the drivers are actually working in this folks. I have to say that, okay being honest, but lets see if we can get back in here again. Okay, the winds coming from my back right now, but lets see if i can get it in here now, its its almost out of power lets try going this way Music. There we go, got it in there. Can i keep it in the air im almost given a full throttle, so yeah the batteries are getting low, yeah thats its flight time, folks, so thats the ty8 beginner aircraft, not for outdoor flying as weve. Seen here you know wind really tosses this around um the gyro stabilization. I questioned that because again i as im moving it right or left up or down, and we should be hearing uh loud pitch changes of the motors and im, not hearing. Okay, i put a second battery in here im not going to fly it again because the winds picking up – but i confirmed it – does have some gyro stabilization um.

I put it in high rate and you can hear it better and low rate. The stabilization is pretty low, but in higher rate uh, when you switch to high it doesnt, prove it and lets show you demonstrate that hear that Applause hear the pitch change on the motors so yeah it does have stabilization gyro stabilization, but really not enough to counter Any wind like we have today and again its just a real gentle window. We got here today, um. Let me see if i can flatten this wind in high rate lets see if that has any help, or does any change im going to hand launch it again. So here we go like this yeah go to high rates and that stabilization comes on a little bit better in the lower right, its oh, even even in high rate, any buffet of wind will knock it out of the air like that. You see that got hit by some wind and so but yeah its stabilized, but a highly unstable design. The stabilizations, having a hard time with it. There almost went upside down. Okay coming around again dude lets get it up here. Some lets see how high we can go. Then again, i got to be careful. If i go too high, no one will blow it away, see its just hovering in the wind there, but well fly it. This second battery and high rate the whole the whole way and give those gyros a little bit better chance of demonstrating their effectiveness lets go downwind and turning it around its just its not being able to buff it that way or fight that wind, reducing throttle, hoping It comes down, oh no, they flipped it.

Okay were gon na call quits again, not an outdoor flyer. It is gyro stabilized, but its a highly unstable design, so thats that stabilization doesnt seem to help it much again, mainly for indoor flying outdoor flying uh. So, okay, its quadcopter 101, giving it a second chance, but no quadcopter 101 hope you enjoyed this flight quadcopter 101 signing out hi quadcopter 101. Here again, hey! If you want to get your own shout out in one of my future, videos make sure you subscribe to my channel its real simple, just go to my channel page and click on that subscribe and also make sure to click that bell button right. Next to the subscribe button that way you get notified when i release a brand new video immediately and give you a chance to get that first, shout out so give it a try.