This is something we see requested in the comments all the time and weve never done it and theres a very good reason for that. We just usually dont, really feel like it and all right. So two pilots, one ready what that means is one pilots, gon na control, the pitch and the roll and the other pilots gon na control, the yaw and the throttle. What i was thinking is, we do two races. We do one race, for example, im doing throttle and yeah youre doing okay and then well switch it yeah itll be awesome if we can race. Yes, i just want to see if we can even fly this. What do you want picture throttle or rolling ill go? Pitching you want that. Okay, i think bubby is the better racer between the two of us. As far as getting around a course and i kind of feel like the pitch and roll stick, i want to say more important but, like you feel like you, have a lot more authority got you over that. So like ill just be manning, you know throttle and a little yawn. You just tell me more or less and ill just kind of help you steer cool. I think we should probably do this somewhere strategy im thinking i take rolling pitch and you take it. Okay, throttling your truck well just kind of do the same thing, so what were gon na try to do is were gon na first off make sure that we can actually fly two pilots to one radio.

I dont think thatll be an issue, but actually doing it. Well is another thing and then what were gon na try and do is we have a simple race track? Thats set up relatively simple but somewhat challenging, given the circumstances were gon na be flying on and were just gon na do three lap race. First, one to the finish line, wins so ill, be doing the throttle and ill be helping. You steer with yall okay um, but i think im gon na rely on you to be in charge. So i guess you communicate to me what like what you want me to do. You know gotcha. Should we come up with like a code like because so you dont have to say out, like you, need for more and more okay and then left left left? Okay, like like, like maybe like left ill just give a little bit, but if youre like left left left left, okay, okay, a lot of yall and with right you go not left, not left, not left, yeah, no ill, just say right were kind of flying. Our freestyle quads like this one right here. If you look at it its a stretched x quad, this is like kind of a racing kind of got a session on it, its lighter than their quads gon na be so. We have an advantage of the quad hierarchy. Motors, so we have no excuses all right here, we go im on the pitch here.

We go lets just go away. This isnt bad! Oh this doesnt hurt at all a little bit. Yall here lets. Do a roll ready, okay need some throttle. Look at that. Where are you doing freestyle lets? Go this side lets just go right around the tree. Okay left, okay, lets go straight after this game. Lets see the start. Gate yeah, nice, nice left to the gate, lets go around the flag. Okay on the other flag lets. Just do this practice: okay, yeah yeah yeah, i think, were doing pretty good. This is freaking awesome. Just tell me its like way better than oh were not going to power loop, though right now lets just get through it. Okay, its okay, yeah yeah, yeah yeah, were doing something its working, not working. I dont know where were going now that one okay, oh im, sorry lets back up. I know i know its hard. We dont know what the other persons doing all right, all right, so lets go to the next gate. This direction, yeah whoa. I know im trying to help over a little fast now, thats, okay, thats, okay, were doing it top gate, bottom gate. Ah whoa. Where are we, we need to communicate, which way were going to turn around left after this? Oh okay, top now, which way you want to go left: okay, go back to the same box, yeah right around the flag, yep and then into that game, and then straight into the start.

Gate! Well, just not do oh, no go right, all right! All right! Okay! Right yeah lets go start date. After the left flag, yep yep, yep good holy crap. We made a course we made it. Oh that was sick. All right, so lets go between those two trees right there. There we go boom. All right lets hit the top here. Nice lets go around. The big tree lets. Try some slalom so lets go okay between the trees between the trees, again, okay, okay, and were in a power loop power, loop power, loop power loop, keep keep looping there, it is there, it is shoot the gap shoot. The gap shoot the gap. Yes, yes, all right lets do around to go under there lets power loop. This thing like okay, oh yeah, so here what are we doing? Lets track out a little bit? Okay, okay, all right were going to turn were going to turn left turn left turn left turn left, okay, thats too fast, all right and pop okay, nope nope, okay, oh whoa, whoa, okay, okay, reset, really yeah. It was a little bit fast. So lets lets go to the other side, all right, okay, bro! Are you kidding me? We were so close. Are you kidding me do the same thing? You did three two one go Music victory rules. Keep it back, keep it back, give it maddie flip like angry guys. Are you kidding me? This is stupid, lets what do you want under under boom parlour okay, you want a power loop.

Okay, what are you doing? Oh no, i dont know what were doing. Okay, oh lets just do like a big split s over the main trees. Okay, here we go were gon na go and were gon na go. Do it and boom floaty floaty floaties, oh power, loop, yaspin! No, no! No! All right lets just bring it in our battery: okay, okay, okay, thats incredible that was so much fun. Dude, oh my gosh. Can we get the trippy spin? What we sean i dont know i mean i think we did really well. We didnt even try. We did room excuse, we did maddie, we did everything else, Music. I think that we are going to win, because drews probably going to forget hes, going to forget the course yeah. I think so too. I dont know i feel like between the two of us. We have the most racing experience there you go so i feel like thats, going to play an advantage because were not going to like succumb to the pressure or anything like that. These guys went straight to freestyle in their practice and we just yeah. We were actually going through gates like actually flying the track. These guys are like. Oh you made this big open gap like were actually practicing. You trippy spin all right im required less than five go. Whoa. Okay turn left, okay, slow it down, maybe a little bit slow down because you got to go through that one on the very left.

Okay lets go around here: okay, okay, its okay, oh my god. Okay, okay, wait slow down; okay, Music! All right! We have one lap so far. Other way, just left turns left turn left side. Where are you going? Where are you going shawn? Where are you going? Oh, my god, Applause and were gon na land were gon na? Have a nice landing were gon na? Have a nice nice landing disarm, we had a nice landing, i dont know about you guys. I mean what matters more. At the end of the day, the only thing is force. Sean was yelling the wrong way, everything we never said what the rules were. Was it first to three laps or three laps? Okay, we lost, we lost, we lost that sucks. We actually thought you guys were gon na crash me and drew beat alex van over in a race. This is what it feels like to win, find my flowmaster man. Dont man, oh my gosh, lets go. You want to try swapping now i didnt i feel like we should try swapping im, not sure if the result changes youre so confident yourself should just beat us again. Oh youre, not confident i mean well probably lose again, but i think well do well with sean on this side. On this side, thats, probably our optimizer yeah. All i got ta do is operate the rc car now, its just left right up were gon na push a little bit harder, a little bit harder id rather crash out and yeah just kidding since hes on the throttle.

Stick ive got no choice: youre along Music Applause. All right lets go through the top one. Now im gon na split this to the left. Okay boom boom ill go here all right, nice. We are way slower than this configuration boom boom. All right were good. First lap done this is a good conversation. Yeah! Okay, here we go is that second lap were were done here. We go take a look. Oh my gosh yeah were were a lot smoother but slower than this one. All right. One left all right go over here. Sean yeah were almost there. Are you keep saying right now? Oh my god. They just pass us yeah. All right were head on laps right. No, you guys! Oh my god. Okay throttle throttle throttle yeah Applause for 20 seconds over here dude. He disarms and jumps up, and the quad just goes flying phantoms reaction is just priceless. Its like disarm run were done all right so whose idea was this? Why did we even do this? My idea, yeah other men, ended up being more fun. Then yeah. I was trying telling this guy for weeks im like we got ta do this. When were all in time we got ta. Do this and youre like. Ah, i dont know, and then him and bubby try hes like okay, wait. We got ta. Do this man, we are pretty good at this im, just saying that trippy spin maddie flip, listen, we power looped, like i think yeah did you guys see us do that.

I had a blast. I didnt think it was gon na be as much fun as it was. It was actually a lot easier than i thought it would be like i didnt i didnt think wed be able to fly, but like the fact that we were able to do some of the tricks we did was pretty sick and i did finally beat van over In a race you did yeah, you know you came back, you werent. Sorry, you won round two so im, just not very good. At yall, i got ta be honest. I well once i forced you to like go full throttle. I was like sean were going because im giving you everything its got, you guys crashed out and i thought there was no chance youre everywhere. Oh yeah, we didnt think about it. We didnt think either way, because what happened is we take off? Oh, my child were going to launch our heart. Oh yes and hes like all right im, going to give you a really hard im like okay pitch forward to the ground, but then we came back and we were really quiet. We were focused and i was giving him all the oh man it was that was so malarkey. We thought we had it. We were just chilling. We were like. Why risk it? Because if we crash out then were gon na have to redo it or something like that, it was a lot of fun.

If you guys have a buddy, i recommend you go out and try it with a quad. Like you know, in a field yeah to start because its actually so much fun, you guys can switch around its something different and i dont think a lot of people realize how much fun it can be just be safe about it, like. I think one of the risky things that can happen in like in a wipeout youre like well whos responsible for disarming or something like that so yeah make sure thats just now make sure you kind of think about that ahead of time and like play safe, dont. Take any lines where youre like coming at you, you know yeah, but it if you, if you just think about that its safe and it ends up being a lot of fun and like working with someone to like try to do certain lines, whether its like freestyle Or racing see thats what we learned the first time we just banked on you not remaining being able to remember. Of course, yeah probably remember that which is exactly right, so it ended up being basically a tie. We won one round, you won another round, which team do you guys think is superior? Is it the drone? Bandits or you know we dont need a name were not kids, sean and alex like were just crazy. Thank you guys for hanging out. This was a lot of fun if youre new here hit the subscribe button, every monday hit the thumbs up button to.

Let us know you had a good time guys. Im madrid, im alex van over lets, fly rc. Im bobby fev. Well, see you next time on road, a ride, Applause, Music, ill square.