You know its rush to discover boss and we are currently heading around to inning road, where theres two commercial development happening um almost in front of each other uh. We did a first video when excavation was happening, so this is gon na be a second video, for you guys ill put the link for the first video in the comments. So you guys can see that one so its two commercial development on indian road in new kingston, jamaica, if youre new to the channel subscribing, is completely free, so feel free to subscribe and join. The family. Remember to like remember, to comment and definitely share as well. So definitely will include some drone shots, so stay tuned for the drone shots as well. All right so in front of us as well is the walker all toward future omaha printer online headquarters, so print rear online currently is a printing company. They provide machine service machines, source machine, diagnose machines, everything that has to do with printer inks everything repair everything thats, what they do right now, so i guess theyll be converting this existing lot into a state of the heart, a bit of their development and then probably Use some for their office and then probably use all the the rest so good size, a lot that theyre on right now. So i guess theyre gon na develop it further number. Eight inning avenue so were coming off. Ultamon crescent right now and were gon na.

Take a look at the two properties thats currently on the construction. Well, one property theres, no, where that has started yet they just cleared the land they havent gone into foundation yet and then the other one is on the way. So stay tuned, um its just up. The road from us right here in new kingston, so one is on the left. You can see the zinc fence and then the other is on the right, theyre, almost in front of each other, so im gon na step out um its all zinc top. So you guys cant see much, but when i set up the drone you guys will be able to see much better shots so were on inning road close to the dhl, which is in front of us. So lets take a look outside on boat property and then we send up the drone. Remember to leave your comments and share the video share to someone in jamaica share to someone overseas, so that more persons say and see the videos and see all the great developments and construction in jamaica bars about the phone as well. Anybody beside you, their phone from them and search russia. More reviews click the subscribe button that were trying to grow the channel to 20 000 subscribers. Your help is needed, lets step on the outside Music, all right so for this property they havent brought and grown as yet, and then lets cross the road and look at the other property over this side.

So work is currently happening over this one. So when i send up the drone, you guys will see some better shots. All right guys lets send up the drone anywhere you go anywhere.