I found a sunken boat under the dock. Uh i'm back with my five fish got an onboard gopro for you guys. Hopefully it works properly today uh, and this is the five fish underneath the water let's go see what's in the ocean today. Looking good looking good have a good swim. Ah, yes, and away we go on the lower left hand, corner you'll, see the uh submarine underneath the water, the the actual position of it. You'Ll, also see above that, the depth finder. We are now deep underwater. This is on board. The gopro, of course, and here is the boat, came across this in the last episode and uh so cool, i figured we'd go down here with the gopro you can see. The boat has color right until i go to the onboard uh camera here. This is the 4k camera and i thought yo. Now we can identify what color it is yes and then what the what's this right off to the there are two divers here completely catching me off guard and now i'm wondering what these divers are doing. You'Ll see, i've been filming for only two minutes. Here i'm 24 feet deep. Of course, the water is 53 degrees, fahrenheit, not too bad i'm. Trying to flash my lights at these guys to get their attention. I'Ve got two very bright leds on the front of this submarine and i have a very long tether which the tether is actually just a long cable goes about a hundred feet, deep, uh and, and it communicates what my camera is seeing up to my radio control And the radio control uh broadcast it to my iphone that i have mounted on the radio control so now i'm.

Looking at these guys, i can't see them in this great color but i'm, like hey, look over here, so cool to see divers so that's very interesting. I did not see the cable laid out last time uh. I did a dive down here, so i don't know if they just laid this cable out here for training today, i think that's. What they're doing is training you guys can leave a comment down below. I know the symbol for okay and again i'm, trying to get them to look up at me wondering what the heck they're doing, at least, to give me a thumbs up or an ok symbol, not a thumbs up, because that would indicate they want to go to The surface i've only taken a few scuba diving lessons. Has anybody here in the comments section actually done any scuba? I got to come up to the surface. This is crazy. Look at the fish wow, so cool the sunken boat, and you can see the boats at the top of the pier now or the dock, coming up to the top just kind of getting my bearings here. Can you believe it? Last time i found a sunken boat? Now i seem to have found two divers that are doing some sort of uh exercise under there for sure. If anybody knows what it is of course comment down below what you think they're doing down there. Of course, i can't get coved when i'm, like up here.

So that's a good thing uh and it looks uh like it's kind of that boat has been known but there's other people that don't know that boats here and the rumor has it. And apparently it goes like this because it just happened in another bay over sea lions get onto the boat they're too heavy, they sink the boat. So then the divers will go down and strip the engine or whatever, and just i guess it turns into a reef. Okay, taking a deep breath going down deep here, look at these cables. What are these that's mine that's? My tether? I didn't want to introduce this around the divers and give them more danger. They have enough things to deal with down there, other than my surprise mia, offering some obstacle. Look at this. What the how come i didn't see this before looks like a torture device of some sort. What is it a crab pot? No because the crabs aren't swimming through the water, what the heck is in here it's been here a long time whatever it is, i don't want to know what's in there, probably nothing but wait. I didn't see a cable attached to the boat. I didn't see a cable attached to the blue boat. This one has a cable and the block wait a second. This is the boat that i saw the other day in my video, and there must be two boats there's two boats, the other boat.

It doesn't have any cables on it. Look it here's the blue boat, no cables attached at all, no steering wheel either. I thought they were stripping this boat but in fact, there's. Two boats, hilarious wow. I don't want to get hooked on any of this stuff. So easy to get wrapped around something here: hey i'm, getting tons of experience with the five fish, though what a dive guys! If you love these videos, please leave me a like click right now, and let me know if you know encourage me to do more of these. If you want what kind of animal is this, this looks like it's straight out of star trek, the first season. Oh beautiful jellyfish, i'm, assuming look at it just sway in the water. I can feel the current here with the five fish it fights it really well wow. It looks like it emanates light from the middle, hey cool and, as i swim on getting towards the end of my dive here, just because i was diving for a short time. Look at this. I only just now see there's a string attached to the bottom. This must be for diver diving so who thinks these boats and these things are put here for divers on purpose now or do you think they've just been incorporated uh into the areas you know over time? I didn't even see the orange dot on the bottom. I'Ll have to fiddle with my iso settings in my app to see if i can get better color out of the camera.

Instead of all that green color, we remove some of the green anyway guys. Let me know what you think. Do you love these videos? Let me know by dropping a like click, uh and i'll. Do some more of these before i get out of here. Hopefully, you'll see in the next episode another beautiful day on the marina a great day to go down deep uh. Who would have thought we were going to see some divers today? That is too cool i'm having a lot of fun with my five fish. My new claw should be here within a few days, so hopefully i get to do some of that and try to pick up one of those old bottles. I see at the bottom of the ocean here maybe pick up a few scraps here and there do my part to clean up the environment and, as always, my friends thank you for coming out. Look at the huge jellyfish we got to see today, lots of different creatures down there, uh normally i'm landlocked, and i don't get to do all this great treasure, hunting so i'm glad you guys have decided to come with me. Join along in the adventure hit the thumbs up and we'll, see you in the next episode now get outside and have fun with rc.