But let me caution you guys. Let me let let me just put it out there. If you don’t have a apple phone it’s, not gon na work, we have android phone, and so the camera did not work, but regardless of that it’s, a really really really cool drone and a really inexpensive and nice little drone to start off with um. Okay. So let’s look at what comes with the drone okay, so it comes with um propellers. It comes with sphere propellers and it also comes with two usb charging, cable and that’s how they look yeah. So those are the charging cables and these are the propellers and of course it comes with a little mini screw driver. I really like that and of course, a little book to guide you along the way as you operate the drone all right, so it comes with two spare batteries and i must admit, i must admit that these batteries they last for some time they they last for Some time the battery doesn’t die easily, so that is one that is a plus. If you get this drone and on the battery there is a particular um area that you insert the charge the charger um i have to to to. Let you know, though, guys if you’re gon na get this drone you’re gon na have to really apply force to get the charging cable in it’s. You know if you baby it it’s, not gon na go in so you’re gon na have to apply some force to plug the charging cable in and to allow the batteries to charge, and also it came with four propeller guard, and these are very advantageous, especially when You’Re flying your drone and your drone hit me may hit something it’s gon na help to protect it from any damage or harm uh.

This is also this is the transmitter or the controller, and of course we have the baby drone and i must admit guys, it’s little, but then again it was something simple was nothing extra. It was just a little simple drone. You know just for the experience, so this is what the drone looks like guys and it has a hd camera to the front, but, as i stated earlier on, it does not work with android it doesn’t work with the android phone. The camera can actually rotate 90 degrees, so that is something that you know is really cool about this particular drone, and, of course this is the transmitter or the controller, and those are the joysticks uh. That particular area is where you would place the phone and it can also extend and also the area where you put the battery in. We were having some issues opening this particular part, but eventually we did open it yeah. So this is the battery and, of course, it’s inserted to the i think, it’s the the front part or the i think, it’s, the back part. This is the this is the this is the the power button and what i love about the drone it it produces. Light so this is something that i really really really like about this particular drone as well. Well, we liked about this particular drone, and this is us plugging in the the charging cable and, as you can see guys, we were babying.

This thing we were taking our time because we were scared that we plug it into art and then it messed up the the area, the cha, i think, it’s, the port, the charging port era, whatever it is, but eventually we were able to plug it in and Give the battery some charge yeah that’s it and also to let you know guys you have to ensure that you clamp the propeller guards in properly, because if you don’t it’s gon na create a disadvantage when you’re flying your drone, it can harm your well. Your drone can get damaged or harm, so it’s, very important that you put these on and to ensure that they’re put in place properly and, of course, as i stated earlier, the drone has a camera and the camera can rotate 90 degrees. So it can go that like that way, and it can also go down. So if you’re flying your drone and you’re videoing, you will be able to take the necessary um videos and pictures that you like okay. So this is the area where the phone would be inserted, the phone holder and, as you can see, it can extend to the size of the phone. And, of course this is the area where, as i was stating earlier, was had trouble pulling it out. But this is where the batteries go and it used three double a three three double a batteries. So of course we had to go out to see what the drone could do.

So we went out went out to the ball field just to give it a test. Run to see how high it could go and what it could do um it was a fair condition. Just a bit windy, it’s easy to operate as well: it’s, not it’s, not um, complicated, eventually over time, you will understand how to maneuver this device. So, of course, we paired it with the the drone with the transmitter and once they were able to do that, the drone eventually went in the air. So one thing i have to say guys it is lightweight. So if it’s a windy day, this drone is going to get blown away. So if it’s a very windy day, i would not advise you to fly the drone or it’s gon na fly and the next thing you know it fly and it chopping some tree and it will mash up on all these things. So so so so so so yeah, but overall it’s a good drone, it’s a good buy the boys enjoyed flying it and yeah it was. It was exciting, it was fun and we all had fun flying this. Wonderful simple drone, oh yeah, guys and just lit just to let you know this little drone can flip, which you’re going to see in a couple seconds from now, the boys accidentally found out how to flip there you go how to flip the drone. I think they did it one more time.

It was done one more time. Ah, there we go so this little drone here can flip and, of course, that’s when drone was drifting away, because it was a bit windy out there, but yeah it’s, a really cool and simple drone, and something that you know if you’re thinking about you know getting A drone and you don’t want anything that is too expensive. Get the dear 20 man get it on amazon, yeah, get it on amazon, it’s, really cheap guys, and then it comes in. You know really andy and it’s a fun it’s, a fun tool, fun tool, and i know you will love it because we loved it. The the down the downfall was that the video was not working. The camera was not working because of the type of phone that we had, but overall yeah it’s, a good drone, a good bag. So, of course guys. The twins will always be twins that they were competing guys. They were competing to see who could land a drone on the box and only one was able to land the drone on the box. Only a jar was able to land thrown on the box. I’Ll tell you guys: twins will always be twins that’s what happened when you have identical babies. So this is another view of the dare see b20 drone with hd camera. You can get it on amazon if you’re interested and it’s just under 50, guys just under 50. So if you’re interested, you can go ahead and get it, of course guys.

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