95 lens from china. The tt artisan 50 millimeter f 0.95. Its currently only available on leica m mount, but it can be easily adapted onto sony e, mount cameras and other mirrorless camera systems just purchased the correct adapter. Its a full frame lens, its manual focus only and its price is 750 us dollars, and it comes in black or silver id like to thank tt artisan for sending me a copy of this lens for testing, although, as usual, this is a totally independent review. We will be looking at its strengths and weaknesses together now, any f 0.95 lens on a full frame camera can get you incredible images. Just look at those autofocus backgrounds, theyre a heck of a lot of fun to use. Although focusing manually at such a high temperature can be tricky forget about trying to focus on any moving subject, although this is an f 0.95 lens. Something i do want to mention is that its light transmission doesnt seem to be that impressive on the left. Here you can see a picture from the ttr sound lens at f 0.95 and on the right one from a sigma 50 millimeter art lens at f 1.4. As you can see, the tt artisan lens offers a considerably more autofocus background, but judging by the shutter speed, its light transmission is barely any brighter. So bear that in mind lets have a look at the build quality. In a word, it is gorgeous its a big hunk of metal thats very nicely designed and looks aesthetically pleasing it has a nice balance and weight to it, weighing 660 grams or about one and a half pounds.

The main control point is a metallic manual focus ring. As i mentioned, this is a totally manual lens manual focus manual aperture. The focus ring turns very smoothly and evenly, but only about 100 degrees, so it can be a little fiddly, sometimes to nail focus at f. 0.95 also, the metallic ridges on the ring can sometimes feel a little rough against your fingers. As you can see here, the lens does exhibit some focus breathing but ive, seen worse than this before above the focus ring, we have the aperture ring, which turns with some lovely gentle clicks to it. It feels really nice to use the lens. Doesnt come with a hood, unfortunately, but it does have a very good quality metallic lens cap and its filter. Size is 67 millimeters overall. Well, these chinese manual focus lenses. They do tend to have very nice, build quality, and this is no exception. I do wish the focus ring had just a little more precision to it, though, but its still not too difficult to use all right lets take a look at image: quality ill start by adapting the lens onto a full frame camera my sony, a7r iii. There are no in camera corrections available with this lens at f 0.95. We see a few things going on in the middle of the image we see a warmer color cast that will need correcting some fairly low contrast and some purple fringing on contrasting edges, but through all of that, we also see a good amount of detail being captured, Which is really important lets take a look over in the image corners.

They are very dark, as you can see and theres a lot of ghosting. But if you dont look too far into the edges, theres still some sharpness to be seen, lets top down to f 1.4. The corners are still pretty dark, but we certainly see more sharpness. Now the image is looking a little better than i expected back in the middle. We see excellent image quality, although there is still just a touch of purple fringing here, stop down to f2 for perfection in the middle and the corners are improving again, although just a little chromatic aberration is beginning to make itself felt. Now we see gradual, but only tiny improvements in image quality, as you stop down to about f8, although just a little color fringing is still visible. The lens tastes, this sharp down to f 16, where the effects of diffraction are beginning to soften the image. Overall, the lens performed just a little better than i was expecting in my tests. There are a number of image quality problems when you shoot wide open at f 0.95, but they begin to go away quite quickly as you stop down the aperture and the lens is capable of some really impressive sharpness at darker apertures. All right well lets see how it performs on an aps c camera now, in this case, my little 24 megapixel sony a5100 in the middle im pleased to say that the lens continues to offer fairly good sharpness.

Although the warmer color tint is there and the purple fringing from before, is exaggerated by the more demanding sensor, the bad news is that corner image quality has nosedived downwards thats, not what youd expect to see. Perhaps the lens has an uneven plane of focus, thats disagreeable to the particular size of the aps c sensor. Well, anyway: heres f, 1.4, the corners are brighter, but still very soft image. Quality back in the middle now looks very sharp, though at f2 the middle looks absolutely brilliant. The corners still poor. You have to stop down to f4 or 5.6 for good image quality in the corners and stop down to f8 for the sharpest image quality possible. Overall, though i wouldnt buy this lens to use on an aps c camera its best kept for full frame. Shooters, okay lets take a look at this lenss vignetting and distortion distortion only presents itself right in the corners of your images here so straight lines, and your pictures will at least remain straight as weve seen already. Your image corners will be very dark. Indeed, it takes a long time for those corners to brighten up heres the image at f, 1.4 f, 2.8, and its only really at about f 5.6, that most of the image frame is evenly illuminated. Although the very edges still see some darkness, so you will probably want to correct that in editing now, this lens has a major flaw, and that is close up image quality.

It can only focus down to about 70 centimeters, which is a lot further than average for a 50 millimeter optic, and my guess is that tt artisan might have limited to that. Just because close up image quality is so poor at f 0.95. As you can see, everything just melts into a mess of softness at f 1.4. We begin to see through the mist at f2, the picture finally sharpens, and so, if you want to shoot close up, definitely stop down. Now lets see how the lens works against bright lights. Very poorly is the answer. Plenty of strong flaring is visible here. However, if you stop down to about f2, then the worst of the glaring is gone, but you are still left with a rather clear flaring pattern. While we are in the dark lets, take a look at coma levels. This could get interesting at f 0.95 coma smearing. In the corners of your image is very strong, stop down to f 1.4 and its greatly reduced and at f2 its gone lets zoom out and take a look at suns tires for a moment. Now they begin to emerge at f4 and become more noticeable at f. 8 or so now lets take a look at the quality of this lenss bokeh after all, thats. What youre buying an f 0.95 lens for right generally im super pleased with it, its lovely and soft, in nearly every situation, although very bright points of light, have a slight onion pattern to their substructure and finally, related to bokeh comes longitudinal chromatic aberration at f 0.

95. In my usual test its hard to see any of that – or indeed anything else due to that dreadful, close up image quality at f, 1.4 and f2, the image begins to re emerge and we dont really see too much color fringing on bokeh highlights here. Overall then, the tt artsan, 50 millimeter, f 0.95, is a lens whose image quality is pretty complicated, as youll have seen from all these tests – and i wont go back over every detail now. It is usable at f, 0.95, but youll definitely want to take into account its limitations and youll definitely not want to get too close to your subject and also dont use it on an aps c camera. However, its a much happier lens when you stop down the aperture to f, 1.4 or better, even darker, in fact, stop down its capable of some excellent image quality. So it is a lens with two faces really, but if you can handle that itll undeniably be able to get some pretty unique images for you, thanks for watching everyone. I hope youve enjoyed this review and found it helpful. If you have then be sure to check out my patreon page in the description below their supporters, get all kinds of unique bonus content every month and a warm fuzzy feeling inside for being so supportive and helping these reviews keep trucking on see you later.