8 macro. This is a totally manual lens manual focus and manual aperture and itll cost about 150 pounds in the uk or about 150 us dollars. So if youre using a mirrorless, aps c camera, this could be a nice very low budget way for you to get true macro images, while still having a 40 millimeter lens for normal use and everyday photography with a decently bright aperture for getting somewhat out of focus Backgrounds macro photography is always enormously fun, particularly if you can do it without having to sell one of your kidneys id like to thank tt artisans for sending me a copy of this lens for testing, but, as usual, this is an independent test, ill be looking at Both its strengths and its weaknesses, it will be available for fuji x, sony e canon, eos m and micro, four thirds lens mounts. As i mentioned, it only offers an aps c image circle here is what youll get on a full frame camera. The first thing that struck me about this lens is its unusual, pear, shaped design, looks kind of ugly to me to be honest, as i mentioned its a totally manual optic, no electronic contacts here or whether ceiling gasket, just a plain, simple manual lens then comes the Aperture ring, which turns between f 2.8 and f 16.. The mechanism has gentle clicks to it. Every half stop of aperture, although the spacing of the aperture point gets a bit bunched up as you stop down all the way.

Next comes the manual focus ring, which is also made entirely of metal. It turns smoothly, and it has plenty of precision when shooting at macro distances. However, when shooting at normal distances for portrait pictures or so on, it does get a little more fiddly. Also, the front of the lens extends in and out a lot as you change focus, which leads to a large amount of focus breathing, as you can see here, pretty typical for a macro lens, though this lens does not come with a hood, it does come with A screw in lens cap for the front, my absolute least favorite kind and a 52 millimeter filter thread all in all the lens is very tough and simply constructed, while also being somewhat ugly in its design. Aesthetic, it works. Fine, although i wish the focus ring were more precise for focusing at normal distances and the screw in lens cap slightly triggered me well lets take a look at image quality now, which is more important, im testing it on a sony a5100 with its 24 megapixel aps C sensor in camera, image corrections are not available for this lens at f 2.8. The lens is fantastically sharp in the middle, with very good contrast and very low color fringing. The further good news is that, over in the corners image, quality remains nice and sharp, although at f 2.8 theres a touch of ghosting on contrasting edges, there stop down to f4 for a little more contrast and at f 5.

6. The corner image quality makes the jump from being very good to excellent. The lens stays this sharp down to f11. So, while the build quality of this thing is hardly anything to write home about its image, quality is fantastic. Thats great to see on such a low budget option now lets take a look at distortion and vignetting theres impressively little of it here. Just a touch of vowel distortion and at f 2.8, the image corners are only slightly darker, stop down to f4 for even more brightness, so another very good performance here. This is a macro lens. So of course, lets take a proper look at its close up image. Quality at f, 2.8, close up sharpness and contrast remain excellent, at least in the middle of your images, its taste. This sharp down to f8 stop down any further and the image will quickly start to get a lot softer from the effects of diffraction. Now lets see how this lens works against bright light. Uh, oh, were catching some real issues here with a lot of flaring and a ring of light around the image periphery whenever bright lights are in the picture, so keep well away from them and finally, lets see about the quality of this lenses, bokeh being an f 2.8 optic for aps c cameras its hardly a background obliterator, but it can give you some nice background separation. The quality of its backgrounds is just okay, they look a little fussy, if truth be told, but never outright ugly.

Overall, the moral story behind this lens is quite simple: dont judge a book by its cover a somewhat ugly exterior on this lens height, some pretty solid image quality overall, except for when it comes to flaring. This lens is fantastically sharp, with good contrast and low distortion and vignetting, and its macro ability is handy too.