Eventually, oh my god, charlie telly telly, i think’s over yo jesus kill this guy. I think so what no way so i get three of my teammates and john qt on the team that’s like that’s, who i get to play against thanked him left side. Still there right side, right, side, there’s, two wow that’s, some old man strength. I don’t even know maybe close. No, he shot you from spawn. I got mad that’s. All i give a about. Take a spike there’s! Two: u haul! One! More! U haul tv! What is this mm system? I get against two of my teammates. No three of my teammates and two of them are duo cued, two with each other and i’m, so lucky you’re not gon na see him. This is tough man, i think james finally dude or something step back hole get back off using that smart. He was marked a long time ago going out long long long. There we go tv sucks there. He goes real bad though uh. Well, that was a good time dude! Oh my god! No! No! No! No don’t! Pick me don’t pick me i’m, not ready! So don’t pick me and i’m: not ready, help nice. Yes, sir bottom right, he’s, blind dude! Oh my god! We got it that guy’s right in front of you, Applause iron, god thought i heard a footstep in garage. I swear to god. I heard a footstep right here there he is.

I have two flashes after this cage in the smoke i’ll flash, those okay get ready to peek off it, because they’re they’re gon na shoot. You should have healed off that. I should have healed off that i don’t want to play close because i don’t have anything to stop playing besides phoenix i’m sure right here. Did he get scammed, oh that’s, not where you’re from what the don’t pull me up? No, please! No! No! No! Oh whatever! I don’t care, please don’t, be garage, please, please, fashion garage, let’s, see i’m going to stay aside if you’re going to leave or something all right, never mind, we’re, not playing yeah dude, my bad for not expecting the odin jump peek that round he won’t he won’t. He just runs back and forth and grabs one down the whole round. Let’S go ahead together. Watch out for trips, 30 hp. I don’t think i’m gon na be able to do much from here. Okay got smoked! Long, do you have anything you have a smoke? Yeah can you smoke where he smoked one? Why would he he wouldn’t stick that after you dash no way he’s fixed that bro, i should have won a fight with brim that’s.