This is one of my favorite theme parks in greater hale area. Ive been here a couple times before, mainly just to go on rice, but today its all about the food Music Music. First, stop and i missed this last time – harry potter world get myself a butter beer Music. My harry potter, feast, has completely pretty much ordered everything on the menu butter beer. I think this is pear. Cider fizzy pumpkin drink frozen butter here until you see the food. This is. This is pretty crazy uh. I got shepherds pie, oh right here. This is the smallest of the food items bangers of mash, and this is called the great feast. I know who invited broccoli to the great feast broccoli should never be part of the great feast, no its just like good feast, corn, potatoes, chicken ribs broccoli, carrots. This definitely looks like something that is for growing kids and with the great feast comes with the grape plated salad that nobody ordered. They said a house salad, im thinking like a little bowl, not a harry potter world. First of all, my first sip of butter beer. The reason i never had this before is because i thought it was actual beer i didnt know i did not know i just learned. This was not. This is alcoholic Music, oh well, thats, just delicious, like super foamy, it tastes like cream soda. I think this is cream soda with like a lot of foam on top thats delicious though fish and chips first, just because i dont want this to get soggy still a little bit crunchy.

Oh, a nice big chunks of fish inside theres, a lot of batter on this thing. I wonder how this is wow. That was pretty good. I mean its slightly doughy, but the batter is so light, maybe theres the same batter they used to to make the broomsticks. I dont know its just so incredibly light. The fish is giant chunks of flaky cod, because meaty is delicious. This is really good. Fish and chips ive had worse fish and chips in restaurants in terms of chips, potato wedges. What is along that really wanted to try? The shepherds pie im a huge fan of shepherds pie. The crust is kind of hard now, because i i mean partially, that is due to i am sitting outside round meats on the bottom. This looks good yeah. This is good, cheetos are so soft and fluffy meat is awesomely seasoned a little spicy a little smoky nice little crunch from the piece and carrots not an expert on sugar spice. I know it tastes good and this tastes good. They give you so much salad. For this place everywhere, you look a lot of salad. I had to get some fingers and mash bangers, look delicious soaked in gravy, potatoes and peas. I think a little sauerkraut on the side really really good. The fingers are so flavorful Music all right. This is not. This is a side of cabbage okay, its not a sauerkraut side of cabbage, with the potatoes and peas thats, going to give your taste buds enough of a break youre, not kind of overwhelmed by the heavy stuff on the plate.

But this is delicious. Im, not a big fan of peas, but that sausage is amazing all right. It is time to take down the grape feast. This is definitely super intimidating its a platter for four again corn tons of carrots and brock. This is, i dont, really get this and theres. So much better vegetables than carrots and broccoli tons of barbecue. Oh roast chicken thats, not bad. I thought it was gon na be the driest thing i put in my mouth today. The meat is actually really tender. The skin itself is delicious, really well, susan chase it with some potatoes potatoes. A little dry chicken is good. Lets, take a look at the ribs, so this is a platter for four you can add on to it, so you could potentially make this platter. It is like a platter for 20, i dont know well one of the gingerous ribs i found in recent days. It was at harry potter, all the universal studios boy in universal studios. What is this wizardry? That is so soft and tender. Barbecue sauce is tiny, got a ton of heat. Hmm, oh wow! This is great wow. This barbecue sauce is so good what i recommend take a bite of the barbecue ribs chase it with some chicken rub some of that barbecue sauce on the chicken. This sauce is really really good. This sauce is so good. I might actually have to eat the pieces of broccoli that touched the sauce sixty dollars for four people, not a bad deal.

Corn is good. Can you get a giant plate of salad, its actually really not a bad deal? Oh, my dessert is melting. This is the sticky toffee pudding, of course, uh. The ice cream on top was much bigger. Oh theres, toffee is stuffed into this pudding. Look at this all stuffed in the middle thats kind of a melty mess now thats delicious. Oh they put butters. On top of this as well, this thing just tastes like a crunchy, topped toffee filled, bread, pudding and it is absolutely delicious – would have tasted better if the ice cream didnt completely melt. But you know when my ice cream was just like in this melty mesh. Still so good, oh, this is a mustard. This is delicious, not bad, harry potter world. I got another dessert, but before getting into that check out the drinks, i got so show you guys the butter beer. This is a frozen butter, beer Music, so they froze the butter beer and put ice cream on top. I think oh, this is so good. This is better than the regular butter beer musketeer. We can come here, its really freshy and delicious, maybe not the best to get like sitting outside in the cold, but wow thats yummy also got fizzy, pumpkin juice tastes like a liquidy, pumpkin pie, soda pop also they have a pear cider. This is good. This is called a fishy, green ale, its green and it looks like theres some boba on the bottom.

Oh, this is so yummy. I dont know what this is exactly. I mean this thing tastes a little minty its definitely cinnamon here, thats delicious. Is this bubba? Oh, it is so i guess this symbolizes uh frog eggs. Oh, it was popping bubba. Does this mean harry potter, frequented boba tea chops? Give this a try. This is actually really really good. One last dessert butter beer potter cream its like a toffee caramel pudding. Oh, that is really sweet, though i think the first bite was really good after that. Dont need some water on a scale of one to ten im. Nine three quarters impressed ive seen every single harry potter movie, but i wouldnt call myself a potter head im more, like a hot pot head. I mean this is so intricate theres, a giant hogwarts theres a giant castle. The town looks really awesome. Seating area is cool. The food is great, thats, really fun experience. Music fan of the simpsons always wanted my own giant donut. This is a ginormous ginormous doughnut. Excuse me, Music, Music. You think a giant dollar like this may not taste so good. I think its a good donut. Now i just wish i have this giant bowl of coffee or soy melted dip. This thing in this is a pretty good donut, no seriously, not really airy and fluffy no frosting is good too. I mean, i know its a novelty item and all that its fun to eat something thats bigger than your face.

Actually a tasty doughnut again, they really just sell a giant cup of coffee or tea Music. A couple items here are the minion cafe. I get a grilled cheese pulled pork sandwich, the cheese is not i dont even know this is grilled the cheese. It just looks like a cheese sandwich, its sliced cheese. This thing this is way better than i thought theyre way better than i thought this is actually pretty darn good all because of the pulled pork wow that pulled pork is juicy. I did not expect this. Look. How usually this pork breaks apart. You see that this thing is juicy its tender. I mean the cheese is american sliced cheese, whatever its fine theres such a delicious, pulled pork im, adding some banana barbecue sauce on top Music. This pulled pork is so good. I was all ready to destroy the sandwich because it doesnt look appetizing that pork shaved everything those minions can barbecue huh. That tastes like chocolate, but while that whole pork is good, i dont know why i keep getting ramen, i mean at amusement parks. I mean it. Didnt turn out well in disney. I dont know why i think universal is going to be better, but everyone was getting it. I kind of just got caught up a little bit chashu on top thats, a hard boiled egg on top and this, oh, this is for sure instant, noodles, Music yeah that tastes like water. That expectation was mapped, and i dont know why i keep doing this to myself.

Oh thats, just the worst one ive ever had in my life, instant noodles super soggy. This thing was 15 bucks joshuas, actually not too bad. I mean ill. Give credit words too. Minions are good at cooking pork noodles, not so much at all, ugh thats, so bad, but that joshu is delicious, doing a studio tour. Last but not least, Music is a drop of everyone in suburbia can appreciate its a good name Music. They found the gopro. Thankfully, it was submerged in water um on the on the on the studio ride, but a quick food review of universal studios. Here, in los angeles, i was gon na go to one more place. The uh i was gon na go jurassic, cafe, um, but it was close at like four oclock, but i think honestly, some good food go to harry potter.