Im gon na go to seat two and yeah someones lunch is on its way. I wish my lunch was on its way: Music wing fact: the fastest delivery to date from order to delivery to the customers house is two minutes and 47 seconds wings. Drone delivery is an extremely efficient delivery service because they can go up to 110 kilometers an hour. Thats, speedy, wow, all right, so all systems will go up here. So lets go downstairs and see some behind the scenes of boost jews packing an order well come on then didnt know you were following me. All right were down at bruce juice, now theyre, making some of the deliveries that people have ordered through wing and then were going to follow them back up to the roof. To watch them fly away to happy customers. This is someones uh mango magic and uh protein bowl for lunch. All right, you better get out there and uh set it up for delivery. Here we go okay, im helping all right super excited because im at home now and im going to order. My first wing drone delivery so ill show you how it all works in the app. There are a bunch of different things you can order on here. As i was saying, food drinks even like over the counter medicines, but today, im gon na be grabbing myself. A boost i dont know about you guys, but i usually go for the banana buzz or maybe something with like berries in it, whats that lychee love and berry, oh yeah, that ones good.

I just tried that the other day, so this is where were going to get it delivered, and the apps telling me how i can clear this spot to make sure its safe for drone delivery lets clear the area the aircraft will lower your package to the ground. At the location selected, please remove all items or objects, including cars from this location. Okay, here we go review and check out make sure you keep people and pets away while the package is being delivered all right, my orders on the way cant wait its coming Music. This is so awesome guys a boost juice delivered from the sky were gon na unbox it together. You ready for this cameraman. Okay, look at that! Its got a nice little cup holder inside got the boost, mmm tastes like the future. I hope you enjoyed coming along with me checking out the behind the scenes of wings drone delivery service.