The main reason im using it because id like to have a tablet, while using my various drones that i can see in the direct sunlight without problems like i do on some of my other devices, such as my ipad mini 4.. Im going to use it with my dji mavic pro, as you saw in the first section, the skydio2 drone, and also my dji mini 2 and the mini 2. I bought a lift thor ball door tablet adapter and i cannibalize the quarter 20 mount that ends up clamping to the bottom of the tablet there to make it work with the other two drones. I purchased the tablet its carrying bag and the lyft thor tablet, adapter with my own money, from triple tech at a discount, since i was producing a review video but theres, no restrictions on what i can say so lets get into the video Music. This is the triple tech pro that i ordered recently and it arrived pretty quickly and im going to go ahead and open it up by breaking these seals. Music, here are the specifications for the triple tech pro its a 4g lte, capable tablet: 8 gigabytes of ram 128 gigabytes of storage, theyre, calling it rom here, but its the internal storage up to 100 256 gigabytes of sd card memory, and i would imagine that is A micro sd card slot octa core processor, 10, 000 milliamp hour battery. The main attribute that im going for here is a seven inch 1200 knit hd display with multi uh tps support here.

So lets go ahead and open this up and inside the box. We have the model t 7121 unlocked. You have the various pieces of information there. We have a card here for about how its a shock and drop proofing and store device in an appropriate temperature, temperate place and theres other attributes and storage requirements that you should adhere to, and we have the tablet here. Nice sturdy tablet rubberized corners the handle for the back, which i wont be using in my particular application. As far as using it for a tablet or drone usage, it has the matte screen protector already on it and well go over the various ports. Here, in just a little bit, we have a usb type, a to usb type c cable. We have a power brick for that power, cable and we have the sim card adapters. Here we have the metal tool to extract the tray, as well as various adapters for the sim cards to fit into the tray, and we have looks like an otg, cable and a usb type. A to usb type c adapter and a 90 degree adapter as well. Take a look at the buttons and ports on the edge here. We have the power button here we have the volume increase and decrease the port here. Thats labeled as tf is where the sd card is stored. These ports are very difficult to open up. So i tried to pre open them here and heres the sim card slot here and then, as i said, these are a little challenging to open up and then the micro sd card goes in there.

Then. On this end, we have the whats labeled as dc, but theres, nothing behind it, and we have a usb type c port here, thats, where i believe were going to be charging the unit. Then, on the bottom side, we have the docking port, which theres no docking station, that im aware from triple tech. At this point in time we have the sos button, which is used in conjunction with an active sim card for emergency calls, and then we have the camera button and on the back side here we have the 13 megapixel camera. We have a port here. It looks like an infrared port potentially, but i dont see any documentation about it. Its documented the fact that its water and shock resistant and such so based on the construction of the device. We have what looks like speakers and potentially ports for charging, but theres. No such charger available for the unit and we have a plate behind here, identifying the model and the serial number of the unit. Then, on the front screen. Here we have the triple tech name on the top. We have that screen protector thats already in place, and it looks like a front facing camera here on the left hand side so that completes the port and button walk through of the triple check pro. The next step is to charge the battery before its first use. I will also add an s micro sd card for additional storage, in addition to the internal 128 gigabytes of storage, and i do have a sim card so ill be trying that at some point in time as well.

My purpose for this is to use that usb type c port on the end here, to connect it to the various controllers for my drones and see how well it works with its 1200 nit brightness screen Music, i charged the battery in the triple tech pro over The afternoon yesterday, im going to plug in the power adapter to show you that, so let me open up this port over here again and then well see the screen here. Hopefully, now the power brick and the usb type, a the usb type c cable, is what im using to plug into the usb c port. At first it looks like oh, its completely discharged and then eventually it refreshes and it shows its a hundred percent. With the unit powered off like most android devices, you can press the power button quickly to display that while the power is applied – and you can see, the battery is at 100 percent, so im going to go ahead and remove this cable. So lets go ahead and do the first power up so im going to long press the power button and theres the initial boot screen for the triple tech pro nice animated screen there, a lot of uh document advertising for its own company, now im going to go In and configure the time zone setting for the device because it was set to gmt, plus one and im in gmt 7 in the pacific time zone, i also set up the wi fi networking and then i interact with the triple tech website and i go to The dji website download the dji fly app because right now, thats the only way you can actually obtain the apk files for the android version of the dji flyout and in just a moment, well compare the screen brightness, which im setting to full brightness on the triple Tech with the ipad mini 4.

see if we can get these on there without any light glare, and you can see the net brightness of the ipad mini 4 is much lower than the triple tech pro and thats. My main intention here, one to have a rugged device that can run the apps to fly. My drones and two to be able to better see the applications for the drones, while im out in direct sunlight or in a bright sunny situation. And that seems to have proven that quite nicely. The brightness, as you can see, this display on the ipad mini 4, is at its full brightness. As you saw before, i set the brightness on the display to full brightness and theres much brighter screen Music. You can get them both angled. At the same, especially from an angle, you can see a lot more from the triple tech pro Music, very nice Music. Take off. This is the screen in a shaded area at 400 nets brightness on the ipad mini 4. lets get the drone up in the air. The home point has been updated. Please check it on the map and we can see if we go out into the direct sunlight. Its a bit more challenging to view the screen. It is visible, but as things heat up, it might actually uh be more challenging to see this and it might dim the brightness of the screen so now lets compare it with the triple tech. Pro 1200 hits of brightness so lets go, fly alright, so theres the screen in the shaded area go ahead and get the drone up in the air take off 62 battery on the drone.

The whole point has been updated. Please check it on the map, so lets. Take a look at this as we go out into the direct sunlight, and i can still see that very easily no problems, no matter what angle i shift it out, i can still see all the text on the top and on the bottom. So this seems to be working just like it should, so we can see the front camera display its easily observed here on the triple tech pro screen 720p resolution only compared to the ipad 94 with the higher resolution. But my main requirement here is to be able to see the screen in direct sunlight, and i have no shade on there other than the original screen. It came on the triple tech pro and it works just fine one additional accessory purchase was this lift door? If im saying that correctly, the ball door, if im saying that correctly for the triple tech, basically, i wanted a way of securing the triple tech to the dji mini 2 controller. So i have this controller and you can get some adapters to put the tablet on the top end here and but that is placing a lot of weight on the metal pieces coming out of the controller. So i wanted a way to secure it plus have a lanyard connection. So this particular product lets take a look at this and we have some allen wrenches here, thats all its in the box.

It looks like we have some zip ties to cut yes, so this is the unit here. Ive removed the top assembly from the mounting bracket to allow it to be wrapped around the dji mini 2s controller, and so i pulled this antenna section out and basically this fits around the device. These two clamp edges here go around the plastic on the bottom and then in between the two storage locations for the joysticks on the controller. So with that in place, you can then go ahead and reattach the top section here and just take a little setup time. So make sure youre aware thats going to take you a few moments to get this on the controller when you go to a job site to fly. The drone leave those loose for the moment and then this top section here is what clamps onto the top of the controller tight tight, tight tight. We now have the antenna out here and its movable and the cable is still accessible here. Then we need to disassemble this section here to allow it to be clamped onto the bottom of the triple tech and theres an allen wrench, for that we have to loosen that up. So lets loosen these up to allow for travel of the bracket around the base of the triple tech. This you could probably leave on when this is stored in whatever youre carrying the triple tech. In now, with that loosened up, well clamp that around on the base of the triple tech in between the sections on the bottom, there use the allen wrench to clean up those two allen, headed bolts screws, and that should leave you with a quarter twenty to.

Let you mount it on this mini two controller or any other thing, with a quarter twenty mount, okay and that doesnt block the screen at all. Now we should be able to attach it to the bracket and then we can adjust the angle and it seems to be pretty taut on that right now there is a bolt right here: allen headed bolt here, theres another wrench provided with the nylon locking nut. It looks like on the side. You may need to adjust that and loosen that to let you get the proper positioning and that way, depending on where your joysticks are. You make sure that youre not going to get in the way so adjust that to the appropriate height and youre ready to go with the lanyard connected right here. That way, i dont worry about dropping it on the ground, giving the extra weight and were not putting that extra weight on the metal connections coming out for the antenna piece here on the mini 2 controller. That should work out quite nicely. I still needed to find a solution for my other two controllers and for the skydio2 controller, which is really a paired enough v controller. The tablet adapter is not very sturdy below that ball socket there. That swivel point has no adjustment and the weight of the triple tech pro just wouldnt be handled. Well, so i purchased this 12 adapter thinking im not going to use the adjustment area of the clamping area for the phone or the tablet im going to remove that lanyard connector, which is a quarter twenty bolt and or a screw there and then take that off And have the base plate there and theyre gon na create an adapter with some pegboard.

I had in the garage put a bolt through there and lock it in with two nuts on the bottom to lock it in place. It wont move around and then put the tablet from on the top of that pegboard using the left, lower ball door, clamp at the base of the triple tech pro, and that worked very well. So with that solution in place, i now have a way of using the skydio2 with the triple tech pro and the main weight is being carried there by my lanyard connector. When i have it around the neck and the sky. Dude 2 controller itself is kind of hanging off of that, so the sky go 2 isnt really holding the weight. That connector is so. I found a valid solution for that and little um garage work out there. Very it took me like five minutes to make that i still needed to find the solution for the dji mavic pro controller. I do have this polar pro flighttech adapter, a wonderful adapter cant, say enough prices for it holds the ipad mini 4, just fine, but the depth of the tripletech pro and the weight test was too much for the upper tablet holder. I took the quick release: quarter. 20, mount off of that and then put that onto the lift or ball door adapter, as you can see here that mounts up very nicely and i use that set screw for the quick release plate, tighten that right up and it holds it very nicely.

I can still see the screen if i tilt it right for the top of the controller itself, and i can still reach the joysticks just fine. So this solution worked out quite well and i still have my lanyard connector there to deal with the weight and hang it around my neck. So now, with this solution in place, i have a way to use the triple tech pro with all three of my drones. I intend im using the triple tech pro tablet, with three different drones, so carrying it in a case with the drone itself is not really a feasible idea. So i purchased this additional accessory as a carry bag for the triple tech pro from the triple tech website, and it opens up – and this was just under 30. – i figured a decent carry bag for the tablet would be nice to have and it fits in. There nicely and then it does have the clip on the front here which you can adjust to the appropriate length and then it has the carry handle that was included as well, that you can then clip it to on the back here or you can put it A strap through the back of it to carry on either another bag or through a belt or something which would be kind of big, but you have multiple options for carrying it. Plus the additional cabling can go in the front, it looks like so we have the main part for the tablet and then you can put your cables or the tablet in here power brick and charge cable so that all will fit in there nicely.

So i thought that was a worthwhile accessory for thirty dollars: Music heres, a screenshot from the turbotech website, covering the two different models that they offer. I have the triple tech pro. The eight gigabyte ram model, which is listed on the right side of the screenshot and the turpletek base model six gigabyte ram unit is on the left side. The price for the base unit is 599 us dollars, and the triple tech pro right now is listed at 675 us dollars. For me, the difference in price. It was well worth it to upgrade to the triple tech pro for the additional ram, faster processor, faster graphics, processor as well, and additional 4g lte bands and the fact that it did come with android 9 versus android 8.1. Here you can see the networking differences between the two units and, for me, the networking differences were not the biggest point. For me, it was more the industrial reliability, military grade ruggedness of the unit and, of course, the 1200 nits brightness screen thats. The main selling point for me, so i can see my drone application screens while out in the sun and heres that last section of the triple tech, technical specs page and the button and port layout, like i showed you earlier in the video and pay attention to The weight of 1.45 pounds make sure you obtain an appropriate adapter to connect the tablet to whatever youre using it with, in my case, the drone controllers make sure you find one that can handle the weight and securely hold on to the tablet.

My solution for connecting the triple tech pro to the dji rc n1 controller, which is used with my mini 2 drone, was that lift thor baldor tablet adapter very solid unit, and i liked the fact that it had the quarter 20 mount to mount it to the Tablet, adapter and i was able to repurpose that with my other drones as well with the dji mavic pro, i had the polar pro flight deck adapter and i utilized its quarter 20 mount for the tablet portion and then disconnected that to the adapter that was provided With the lift, lower ball door tablet adapter at the base of the tablet, and that worked out very nicely very solid connection. And then the other solution for my skydio2 was a little less than i had liked, because there arent many options for connecting tablets. That are very sturdy, but i found that inexpensive one for about twelve dollars and i was able to repurpose its base connection around the antenna extension and then repurpose that quarter twenty mount on the triple tech pro from the luthor bolter tablet and after i use google Play to download all the apps to fly the drones, except for the dji fly app, which is only available as a download directly from the dji website, and sometimes the auto update works, but go to the dji website to get the apk file to do the initial Installation i also downloaded the thinkdiegplus app for my think, diagnostic tool for my cars and that worked just fine as well and heres.

The reason i justified the cost of 675 dollars for the triple tech pro and thats more expensive than some of my drones and thats. The screen brightness, i need to be able to see the app screen from the various controllers for the drones in all screen situations – all brightness levels – and here you can see in a shaded situation, about five minutes apart from each other, the ipad mini 4 on the Left is very dark at 400 nits compared to the 1200, its on the triple tech screen on the right, and that, in my mind, is one big justification, but mainly in the direct sunlight. The matte screen protector on the triple tech is dulling. It just a little bit, but when i was there, it was actually very visible to me and, as you can see, the mini 4 is very dim compared to the triple tech overall, make sure to check out the description section of this video for additional information, including A link to the triple tech website, if there are any affiliate links, thats a great way of supporting the channel by using those, i will make a commission, but at no extra cost to you.