A lovely big 8 inch screen with 1200 nits of sustained brightness. Now modern smartphones will give you that level of brightness, but i can tell you from painful painful experience its not sustained. Now we live in spain. Temperatures here get very hot. Our iphones switch off like this. The second the sun hits them never mind going dim. They switch off carrots cant, see anything Music Applause, however, on the assumption youre not made of money 795, its quite an investment in your drone kit, given that you probably already own a smartphone by definition, given that you own a drone so im going to give you All the facts, all the information that you need to decide based on your own use case scenario, whether this is an absolute necessity or a luxury that you might want to pay up for or something that you can do without so lets get into that now. Mr carroll here pleasure to talk to you as always now, if youre, even thinking about spending this kind of money on a tablet, you must be quite serious about your droning. Have you downloaded a copy of our free ebook from drone zero to drone hero 37 tips? To get you flying like a filmmaker, if you havent grab yourself a copy of that now link in the description below and much as it is fun geeking out about gear and talking about all the creative ways, we can spend money its. What you do with your drone that counts if youre new here, yes, we like to talk about the gear, but ultimately, this entire channel started with filmmaking tutorials based around aerial cinematography, and that is where our passion remains.

We have an 8 hour drone cinematography master class to get you from drone owner to drone pilot to drone cinematographer in the most informative and entertaining way possible. Music here are all the key specifications of the triple tech. T8 pro go ahead and pause this. If you want to take some time here, but otherwise lets crack on the triple tech, t8 pro is an android based tablet with cellular connectivity, so we can put a sim card in there and it becomes a massive mobile phone, essentially with 4g lte capability. For all our data downloads, our maps and so on, and so forth, very useful for drone pilots, wi, fi connectivity, bluetooth and gps. Anything you can do with a mobile phone. You can do with this, be it download third party apps for any reason, be those drone specific apps like drone, deploy or lichi, or you can download some video editing apps. Also, if youre standing in the field in the middle of nowhere and dji fly, tells you that you need an emergency update, you can do it there and then, because you have that 4g data connection. The device comes with internal storage of 256 gigabytes, and that is expandable thanks to the combined sim card and microsd card that can take a one terabyte microsd. Probably the third key selling point of the triple tech t8 is its durability, its been built to last. No doubt about that apparently can withstand a ton of pressure and im not going to put that to the test, because i want to use this so im not looking to break it, but thats a lot of pressure ingress protocol 68.

Ip68. So we can submerge this at one and a half meters for 30 minutes, thats, good news and its dust proof. Now the flip side of making this thing so durable and military grade and all that kind of stuff is it comes in at 590 grams. Its certainly significantly heavier than anything ive ever used of this size, so thats kind of up to you, whether thats a good or a bad thing. If portability matters to you thats one extra thing you have to carry and its quite a heavy thing if it doesnt matter who cares, theres an eight megapixel front facing selfie camera and theres, also a 21 megapixel rear facing principal camera. Now, when it comes to stills in terms of the app that comes with the device, at least, were given the option of a maximum resolution of 12.6 megapixels and when it comes to video mode resolution maxes out at 1080p. Now those are specifications from the dark ages. If you compare this device with a similarly priced mobile phone, the similarly priced samsung, galaxy s21 comes with an array of three rear facing cameras: 8k video mode 4k resolutions with loads of different frame rates, optical image, stabilization, really, nice still images its a whole different ball Game now, of course, this isnt, the reason you buy the triple tech t8, but given that were talking about two devices, pretty much the same price, this comparison starts to creep into your mind, much as its great to have a tablet: thats military, certified and shock resistant For flying your drone ive never come close to breaking or smashing a tablet, whilst flying a drone.

Quite the opposite: im standing still motionless its, not the kind of activity where im going to demolish my tablet. If we look at the mobile phone example, samsung galaxy s21. Well, its also ip68 dust and water resistant, its made from gorilla glass, its quite hard to break, in my case, an iphone again something that ive never done. So we have to look at this relative to the alternatives. The triple tech t8 pro excels, with its enormous 12 200 milliamp hour battery thats, almost three times the size of a smartphone and is unquestionably a very valuable feature. We dont want to be having to charge our tablet when we are out in the field. So having peace of mind is a great thing in that respect. I want to touch on usability for a second, because a couple of issues came up in user feedback. People have actually bought the product and have something to say on it. User feedback, i should say, is pretty universally positive, which is good to see, because that has been my experience as well, but it looks like if we go back far enough to the launch of this product. It was having a bit of an issue playing back high resolution files. They were stuttering that all seems to have been resolved and solved. The triple tech website itself actually says use the app total commander. You can download it for free, it has a media player amongst other things, and you can play back high resolution files.

I did and it works, but similarly the native photo app that also comes on the android device works perfectly well, so that issue seems to be ancient history. Something else i spotted in the forums that seems to have been a common issue is that, when using the dji flat app with the air 2s, a lower resolution, backup file is not recorded to the cache. Now, assuming you have the cache settings to record those backup files, you should get that lower resolution file. I couldnt simulate that issue, so i dont know if it was an issue before and its not an issue now or maybe people just didnt realize that you have to look somewhere else to find those lower resolution, backup files either way. I couldnt simulate that issue. So i think, were all set in terms of usability and reliability, a few words on the accessories that come in the box. We get everything that we need to get up and running, certainly with this dji rc n1 controller. This is the one that comes with the mini 2, the mini the air 2s, the air 2, the mavic 3 little brackets that allow us to mount this. I mean this is heavier than youre used to holding. It has to be said, but i certainly dont have any issue with it and using this nice 8 inch bright screen is an absolute treat compared with peering at an iphone, i must admit, theres, also an anti glare screen protector in there all the cables that we Need a couple of mounts for the back of this, so you can mount a hand, strap if you wish pretty nice user experience.

Things have been quite well thought out. Its a nice nice product lets come back to what i consider the two purchase: defining decisions with the triple tech, t8 pro screen, brightness and longevity or future proofing. Now that 1200 nits sustained screen brightness is fantastic, its the number one selling point for this tablet and its worth every penny. If youve ever found yourself in a situation where you cant fly your drone properly, because you cant see your screen now personally for 90 of drone flights, ive used a phone. If you know how to use the histogram, which you should stick around on the channel, if you dont it doesnt really matter if the screen isnt sufficiently bright as long as you expose correctly on the day, and you use the histogram to guide you with an objective Measure of exposure youre going to be okay, the much bigger issue ive got as opposed to maximum screen brightness, but its the sustained screen brightness. We had the most maddening situation where alina and i went out to some mountain in the middle of nowhere to film a video for this channel, a drone video for this channel, its something thats very difficult for us to do work together these days. To get the time to go out family considerations, all that kind of stuff, so we make the effort we take. Our two phones were well aware that they dont do well in hot temperatures, kept them out.

The sun out the direct sun went all the way to our location walked for an hour. After an hour drive both of them switched off the second. They were out our pockets. Air temperature was probably 35 40 degrees celsius, thats 100 degrees fahrenheit. It was flipping hot, but the second that the sun hit the phone it just it just turned into this boiling hot lump of metal, and it just switched off. They both did. They both switched off instantly in the professional context, thats just a non starter, an absolute non starter in a professional context. You need something thats going to do you better than that its winter now, so its not hot enough for me to simulate that test. Unfortunately, but ive spoken to the guys at triple tech, and they insist that this thing operates from zero degrees, fahrenheit to 120 degrees, fahrenheit thats, all the way up to 50 degrees celsius, something like that. The screen will not even dim never mind the device switch off. I havent seen anything in the user feedback or reviews to suggest that that claim is not true. If i ever experience anything different, i will tell you straight away, but if, like us, you live in a place where temperatures get pretty hot or extremely cold. For that matter, an iphone samsung, android device is not going to cut it and in a professional environment you need something better future proofing, this ones a little bit topical with the release of the dji rc pro and basically the discontinuation of djis smart controller.

If we go back a little bit further, dji have or had a system called the crystal sky. It ran the dji go 4 app. It was applicable for the phantom series the inspire series. It was eventually upgraded, so it could take the mavic 2 series, but it doesnt work with the dji fly series. Then a lot of people bought the smart controller, but it doesnt work with the new mavic 3. So youre left with the option of buying a 1200 dollar. Yes, you heard me correctly: 1200 dollar rc pro that goes with the mavic 3 lovely device, lovely screen built in controller all the rest of it very convenient, but come on whos got that kind of money. Even if youre doing this professionally, you need to have a really good reason to spend that kind of money on a controller monitor combo, especially given the thing already comes with a controller, and you have a phone in your pocket. So djis track record is not that great in terms of supporting its prior innovations when it comes to monitoring devices, and that, for me personally, as a consumer, would definitely give me second thoughts when it comes to purchasing a dji device, which means you might be looking At something like this from what i can tell the triple tech t8 pro will keep us going for some time. When we look at the chip specifications, we have a 64 bit octa core cpu and thats paired with a 3d ready gpu.

Now, one of the reasons the dji fly up in there for the mini 2, the air 2s, the mavic 3 wont work with the crystal sky system is because the crystal sky system is a 32 bit system that only supports the dji go 4 app dji fly App runs on 64 bit architecture and we dont get that with the crystal sky. Now we have a 64 bit octa core chip. Here we cant expect technology that doesnt already exist, so we cant really ask for more than that. I think were good to go for some time yet with the triple tech t8 pro added to that much as im inclined to talk about dji products. This is a generic android tablet. At the end of the day that works with any drone youre not locked into a system that is a good thing, youre not going to be left with seven eight hundred dollars worth of unusable hardware. Here, as and when one of the drone manufacturers changes how it does things so, like i say folks, i dont know your needs and your wants and your budget im just trying to give you some information. So you can make up your own mind a little bit of opinion in there as well, based on our own use case scenario and our own experiences very nice products, not inexpensive, so youre going to have to make up your own mind whether its worth your hard Earned cash if you are interested a link below dont forget to download our free ebook check out our other free resources keep in touch subscribe.