It is time for me to use my quasi 5 fish v6 underwater submarine that has a 4k camera and two very bright LEDs on the front. Look at this. I used it last year right up into a point where I did an update from the manufacturer and it wasn't quite ready yet and it actually broke my submarine. I was not able to use it plus I have a very limited season and when I can use this in the pond that I'm searching for my lost DJI phantom vision from a long time ago, six years, I lost it in the pond where, at this time Of the year there's not a lot of weeds, in fact the pond is still covered in ice, so I'm gon na send the sub under the ice today, but to catch everybody up to speed. I waited one year hoping that the the company would do some sort of update and I found one the other day. I updated it through my app and I tested it yesterday. It seems to be working. What was happening was when I updated it. All that wanted to do was roll in the water, and I couldn't get it to be controlled at all, so that was too bad because it went from a working product to a non working product, but that was a year ago check it out. This is the communications cable that actually spools out that gets attached to the camera drone back here.

This is a submarine that can go quite deep. This is actually an ocean submarine, but I'm gon na be using it in the pond. This is where the communication cable goes. Then. This communication, cable actually goes to the radio and hooks in through the back, but this isn't any normal radio. My friends, this actually sets up a Wi Fi station. This is a very powerful controller, actually sets up a Wi Fi station that broadcasts to your phone, your smart phone to show you in an app what the camera is seen so it's almost like you were actually underwater doing the exploration yourself as you go around so With the lights on the front, it allows you to look into dark areas. It gives you a better field of view and with a 4k camera. I don't do 4k video because the track takes a long video like a lot of data, but you get a clear crisp picture. This also has head tracking when I was using it last time the data wasn't available yet like the app wasn't quite ready and there's. Actually, inside this box, a whole set up for a first person view, so I put on the goggles, I slide the viewer in and if I move my head, it should move the sub underneath the water. This also has the ability to record all of the the video both onboard the sub itself. It'S got 50 gigs of memory as well as I got a 64 gig card right there.

This allows me to set the depth control and this allows me to lock all the motors. So if I want it to stop enough talk, I've got a ton of ice over the pond, but I haven't a small area that has opened up that. I think we can get the sub in there. I may lose the sub today, but you know what no risk no reward. Let'S go: hunting, okay, so there's my pad over there. I walk down to the dam over there and then down here check it out. You can see the entire pond is covered in ice, except for this back corner. This is fantastic because I was fly my drone six years ago and I lost contact it flipped upside down, flew down and then look right in this area somewhere. I think now, last time we looked for it I checked around, I could not see it is it covered in silt by now possibly dog? What do you think this is my puppy Raven say: hi Raven she's such a good girl, okay, so I'm gon na get set up. Put my chair down see if we can get the sub in the water. So here are the version of the goggles that I have where you slide your phone in the end, and then you get to look through them to see what your phone is seen. The other thing I want to mention about this controller is that it has three different modes on it, a B and C.

Basically, a is on auto mode for like beginners it. So what what the unit won't do is roll, because it has full roll pitch yaw. The whole deal it'll do everything sport mode? Is sport or is B and then C is a combination of both of those okay. So since I'm, in a field – and this has to auto school on its way out as the the ROV is is pulling on it. I always take a rock put it on the bottom leg here, a rock on the other leg, and then I make sure that it can fool out with very little issue or resistance here. It is over here hooked up to the back. You can see that this loop prevents any pulling on the actual cord and the communication cable is twisted in there now. What I'm going to do is hook up the cable on the back and then it'll power up the five fish, so it just flashed its lights. Twice what it's going to do right now is it's going to start setting up the Wi Fi when this is ready, it will go solid and then I know that I'm connected. I can start up my app right now. One of the things I remember from last year's, I want to turn on, Do Not Disturb on my phone cuz. I don't want someone texting me in the middle of me piloting if I am using the goggles of course, let's see.

If we can focus in on there. You can see that it's actually hooked up to the Wi Fi onto the five fish Network and it is connected. So if I go dive right now, it's, basically showing the camera right here – you guys can't see it because of the glare. But obviously you can see that there's, my fingers and she goes no let's test this out it's trying to lower itself I've got to learn there we go. I got to put on the goggles. I got ta learn how to pilot this thing again: I'm rolling. Her. All over there we go normally. What I do is I take out my aerial drone, so you could see what was going on, but with all the ice today, there's just just no way let's see if I can turn it towards us here. Oh I rolled it. The wrong way and then oh there, it is so the only complaint I have about the whole head tracking system or the whole pardon me. The whole first person view system is that the goggles aren't shaped for everybody's head. So I got ta wear a bit of a hood because I've got the Sun behind me, or else it reflects off of the light that gets in through the edges on my phone screen, but regardless I'm ready to rock and roll. So I see there's a little bit of a delay in the communication of the app and the actual sub itself.

So if you move and the drone is actually showing on the app that it's actually going straight, you might be turned up a little bit and not even know it now I'm totally upside down. This is crazy. Okay, where am i I am pointing up, so the app is communicating properly to me there like that now what I'll do is I'll, let you guys watch on the screen. While I orientate myself to the controls beautiful well, I would almost like to reverse the control for up and down okay, so quickly, a disaster as I'm, using my first person view, because I realized that it takes a lot of control to understand the pitch. The roll and the yaw with the controls, cuz one, is obviously the movement and then the other one. If you're in sport mode, this one is movement plus the roll and then, if you're, in just regular mode or normal mode. This one is forward back and left and right you can actually get it to shimmy, left and right without any role in it. So what I've done now is I've got at one foot below the surface, and I then I locked the depth with this right here. So it's just kind of hovering there. At the moment, I'm gon na push the record button right now and I've, let out quite a bit of line. So I can – or so I can see where it's going instead of using the FPV right now, which just seems to be a little bit more challenging alright it's a little more windy, but let's give this a second try.

First time not so successful. When I got fairly deep under the ice second time, let's ever go here, you can see the cable start to pull as it goes underneath the ice so we're going down there 10 feet 8 feet or 11 12 there's, the bottom okay we're going to stop there Beautiful what a view I'm gon na skirt sideways, I got a roll just a little bit, though there we go now. I can skirt sideways I'm gon na try to maintain that depth at 13 feet. Just gon na do a sideways sweep, so we can see if there's anything on the floor I'm. Maintaining 13 feet looks like it looks like it's getting deeper here. I'M gon na have to go a little deeper, so rolling forward, moving forward right there and then skirting sideways amazing that we're lighting up the pond floor right now. Okay, I got ta go deeper. You can see the cables being pulled yeah over here. Okay, so it's 14 feet almost so I'm gon na have to go for it a little bit more rolling. Okay. There we go whoa right on the floor at 15. Feet I'm surprised. I don't see anything, but it is pretty deep out here. A lot of the weeds are really close to the shore right now. Not deep water, okay, we're gon na have to go deeper, there's, a rock okay sport mode, going forward, holding it another rock. Almost 16 feet have to go deeper, get a little windy route here.

So a treasure hunter won't quit. What is that that almost looks like a blade? It was a DJI vision. Oh my god, how am I gon na be able to tell hold on I'm moving forward? What has to happen is I have to move down a little bit so yes and then forward. What is that I can't tell on the small screen? Is it just a stick? It might just be a stick. Ah, I need to get higher there forward forward. Where was it? Oh man? Where was it dude? That was a very straight line. I was a very straight line, but it couldn't like thought. Oh, I can't believe I lost it. I wish there was some way I could just touch the screen and like make it work and like drop a pin on it or something oh well. At least that gives me some hope. I have no idea if that was it or not. I doubt it. I want to say I doubt it. You know how much sediment happens after six years. I don't know probably quite a bit. Could it be buried right now? Yes, or maybe in a pond like this, where it's just runoff water, all the time, it's not buried, we regardless either way, I think that's the closest view and I've had yet guys. If you actually like this kind of video, please let me know, I actually think you guys would be born stiff by watching something like this.

But I've had quite a few people write in over the years to say, or over the year, pardon me to say that they do enjoy this. So let me know in the comments section below and we'll see if we can keep exploring while I'm able to because this is a short season for me to look for this drone get into that mode again. Here there we go and then forward pull forward. There are so many times we could be like oh that's it and just have no idea or one day we may just find it go. Oh my god there's no question that's the drone, but regardless guys thanks a lot. Hopefully you like liked the video leave a like click. You got ta get out of the wind until next time fight it's, starting already.