Since I enjoyed the 2018 Rude Boyz RC TTC (the Sled Pull) – as well as saw a Traxxas UDR draw the court. I have actually been itching to do it myself. I actually intended to see the amount of pulls I can get on one collection of sixes lipo batt's for a total of (6s) 22.2 v of power. Additionally. I intended to see if I can max out my weight sled (usually used for Trucks and Tractor pulls), and press this truck to its limitations. I have done this with a traxxas XMaxx, in addition to the Traxxas Summit. I am extremely thrilled by the UDR – as its design appears to withstand fairly a whipping. It is just one of the hardest vehicles I have actually ever before seen. and also has actually taken much misuse in the past. To see it dominate so well in todays film – was not only a shock but an enjoyment to witness. My vehicle is 100% stock:-RRB-.

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