Before i start my video, i would like to shout out my friend jesse matatina, for suggesting a new place that i can use my troll and for providing the accommodation. If ever i decided to go to governor henry rosso province of davao oriental, thank you in advance. Yes, all right! First, we will start off with the do’s and don’ts. When using your draw now we will be flying the mavic air in bgc. Just remember, if ever you plan to fly a drone better, do it on open fields so that there would be no obstacles or whatever your drone might crash. In case you panic on trolling, please do know to avoid flying between the buildings, because there’s a chance that your throne might overserve due to wireless interference or whatever causes to malfunction. Actually, i should have at least researched before flying about that. That was a bad decision on my part and hopefully that you will also take this into account so that you won’t have to crash drone just like what i did, which is not a good experience, especially if you’re a newbie. Now we will be unboxing the mavic air to draw mmc Music, Music, Music, uh, Music, Music, Music, ah Music, hey Music. It stated here that i need to charge first before using so this yep then slowly put this here correct direction. Yep! I think i put it right now: let’s just give it a charge for a looks like i’m gon na have to i’m gon na play this tomorrow.

This sucks, i can’t wait to play anyway, looks like we have just to charge yep. All of them are around 50, so i need to max out the battery first. What do you think? Okay, this is the only one charging i think, it’s an identifier that this one is also charging yep the old charging that’s a good sign, all right now, we’re ready to take flight. I can visualize myself this one yeah that’s a drone camera i’m able to take myself now we’re gon na take them now i’m going to introduce the autonomous flying mavic air 2. The quickshot feature this feature allows you to easily generate stunning footage. There are still a lot of quick shots that i haven’t covered on this video due to altitude restriction in my area. These are the sample drone footage that you can play in your video editor software Music Music here is a sample shot top of the building it’s. Pretty nerve racking actual, so i try to keep it steady me: Music, hey, Music, there’s, the Music Music, so Music here is a sample shot still able to perform. Well, despite black lighting, Music, uh Music, i must say i’m pretty impressed, because most of the drones are not able to capture good quality image. During this time of the evening, uh Music, hey Music, was able to follow me everywhere, Music ring. That is all for this video guys.