What we’re going to talk about today is the quintesson dcs army drone aka repaint ironhide, for the best that i can tell anyway. I haven’t got in there yet, but i think this is virtually a repaint iron height and that’s fine ironhides badass. So here we go we’re gon na go and box this thing, and i will be right back and we’ll talk a little bit more about him as soon as i get all them them. Damn rubber bands off of him there so talk to you soon, all right! Good him unboxed here, we’re gon na go ahead. I’Ll just talk you through it here. This is the quintesson army or decius army drone, and we have the quintesson emblem right here. All right, gon na remove these damn rubber bands. I tell you what they uh. They have a way of packaging, a figure over there. It has bro don’t, they yeah all right there. We go all done all right. So, as i said, and yes, this is simply an iron hydrate paint and that’s all right, ironhide, like i said, he’s wait a minute. Where’S doesn’t he have an accessory or there it is okay. Gun is hidden away in the back held together by those damn little rubber things. Remember kids, if you’re watching this and you uh have your don’t ever use a knot. You ask your parents to help. You make an adult make it there. We go because i mean i’m, almost not adult enough myself, so have an adult help you with that um stand up all right there we go so don’t ever try to cut something open on your own that’s, just bad don’t don’t ever try to do it all Right, we got quintesson decius army drone, aka iron, hired repaint with a massive, and i mean look at this this this gun.

This gun is huge, it really is and it doesn’t fit in his right hand our left hand, so let’s try the right there we go. Maybe i just didn’t press in hard enough on the left, all right, so let’s do this uh i’m not going to transform him, because i don’t want to be here all day trying to transform this guy, because you probably have to be a rocket scientist to do It and i’ll do it later on off camera, or maybe i’ll have a little bit more patience for it. So articulation yes, great arm shoulder articulation here, elbow bend at the elbow and it will go all the way around too uh the hand, no movement in the hand, not the wrist, nothing. So all right same with the yeah same with the right arm legs. This is oh feet. We got some little uh movement there at the feet for posing awesome. So, yes, he can jackie chanya and around about there. We go excellent bend at the knee awesome for posing. I mean check this out. This dude here is fully. I mean he can make some pretty awesome. Well, i need the little platform thing, the one damn time i don’t have it. I need it so there we go. So you got great great, posing gestures here with his feet. Uh. Where is my turntable? I don’t know what the hell i did with it. Couldn’T tell you uh it’s, not important.

I don’t guess i guess we’ll we’ll hunt it up for another another another episode. Maybe whenever i do cyclonus later, i might get the turntable out. I don’t know where i put it so anyway, there we go dustius drone here, quintason for the first time, at least in my memory. We have the the newfound quinasan logo and now i know that they released a quinasan uh, an actual criticism and a guard uh, and i have not got those yet the guard i ordered, i mean we’re talking. I ordered that thing about four weeks ago and it still hasn’t got here yet and uh, so i need to check on amazon with that. I don’t i don’t, know what’s up with that, but uh anyway, we got the quintason logo ironhide head painted uh repainted. This is ironhide, i mean you know they they’ve reissued, they’ve repainted sideswipe, how many different times now for this. For this run, i mean almost like enough’s enough on that one by the way, if hasbro, i know, you’ll, never listen to this, but i mean you did so you’ve done sideswipe about seven or eight different times now, it’s time to move on and come up with Something dream up a different little figure. You could repaint do a ratchet. Do an evil ratchet or something there you go there. I just planted a seed for thought enjoy that, but anyway, the the dcs army drone is a new uh, not new figure, but new concept.

For the netflix series, we’ve never seen this in the 86 series um. All we saw in the 86 series, as you all know, are the are the i guess: quintesson guards the little alligator type people and, of course, the quinasanas themselves, and i am glad to see the quinasanas make it to an action figure and their guards too. Now i don’t know if there’s been any. You know masterpiece issues of those or anything like that, but it’s, very cool that you know you could pick you could have when they came out – and i guess i missed it – you could have picked them up at the walmart or target but uh anyway. Here you go folks, odysseus, army, drone, aka, red ironhide, almost called him ratchet, and that ratchet’s, probably iron, hide too. I just haven’t got there yet um anyway. Uh. Please do subscribe to my channel. It costs you absolutely nothing to subscribe and it means the world to me, and i appreciate it so very much everyone take care. God bless talk to you again here soon. We have a lot to talk about and very little i got behind about a week of videos, reviews and toys. I got it behind about a week and i apologize so anyway.