The quinasan guard, whatever from the netflix war for cybertron trilogy, so make sure you subscribe to the channel smash that, like button and let’s roll the intro and get started it’s kato Music, i’d, like to say a quick. Thank you to all my current subscribers new and old and, of course, a huge amount of gratitude to my channel members. If you’re interested in becoming a channel member click that join button below or click the link in the description. We’Ll start off by taking a look at the packaging and it’s the netflix white and red and black uh packaging that we’ve seen in the entire netflix line. You can see the dcs drone in there quinasan logo on the side on the back 15 steps to transform alt mode and robot mode and the netflix war for cybertron artwork top bottom let’s, open it up inside the packaging. You get the instructions they’re green, black and white. They are the iron height instructions. Nothing really special about this at all and of course, you get a repaint of iron hide’s weapon, it’s gray plastic, with a little smoky detail on the front. I have no idea what i did with iron heights guns, so can’t really compare that, but you do get green color in there for the missiles and it still does the hammer gimmick and of course you get the drone itself absolutely 100, a repaint of ironhide, which Of course, i’ll take a look at in a bit getting a close up.

Look at that head sculpt and the paint now one thing is there’s, not very much area on this bot that has not been touched by paint of some sort got that iron hide head. Sculpt there, with the blue eyes, black plastic crest let’s see, is there much of a difference there? No, i think, it’s exactly the same purple. Translucent windshield the quinasan logo there, which kind of hard to make out against that gray on green, a lot of scuffed up battle damage highlighting all over black parts with gray brush it’s like dry, brushing and splatter paint. It’S neat, i don’t know why i wasn’t super excited about this, but i can understand why people would be that uh iron height wasn’t one of my favorite molds of the siege line. Hopefully they fixed some of the hinge problems they had, but he looks. He looks good for what he is side by side with iron hide. You can see it is the same exact mold. You know yeah, it is the same exact, mold side back. Everything is identical, but the color for comparison there. He is beside siege ironhide, whatever the heck, they decided to call that thing and the quinasan, as you can tell, i did not bother showing the transformation on screen because we’ve all been there. We know how to transform ironhide by now, but i will say this: the weird paint scheme actually kind of shines through in alt mode. All the detail actually picks up a transformer right, a lot better in alt mode than even in robot mode.

It flows a lot better, it looks grimy and dirty. This looks. I may actually leave them in all mode, and i don’t do that very often, but translucent purple, windshield quinasan logo, all the roughed up paint. There looks really good any problems that you have with iron. Hide you’re gon na have with this. They did seem to fix the hinge piece here on the thigh that used to fall off of fire height and still does on the old one. This one works, just fine transforms exactly how it should um, sometimes doesn’t want to tab in all the way, but i think i can probably mess with it enough to fix that. I mean it’s exactly what you thought it would be there. He is alongside siege ironhide in vehicle mode and again you can tell that it is the identical mold, with some flashy new paint or whatever the opposite of flashy paint. Is there he is beside rusty, old dead barricade. I think the bottom line with this one is: you know what you’re getting when you get it you’re getting a siege, ironhide repaint, whether that is exciting to you or boring to you is completely up to you for me. I, like the alt mode um. I probably would have passed on him honestly, looking back, but i know there are a lot of folks excited about him that, like the army build i’m, not one of those guys, but for what it is, the paintwork is nice.

The transformation is better than the original siege ironhide, and it looks good. It is exactly what it promises to be guys thanks. So much for hanging out with me. I know this was fairly quick review, but not a lot to go over in a repaint like this again, i’m – very close to 3 000 subscribers. So if you’re watching this video and you haven’t subscribed. Yet what are you waiting on it’s free of charge? And, of course, i do appreciate each and every one of you taking the time to watch.