Viewer discretion is advised: hey whats, going on guys picture prime here once again with another toy sponsored review, but before i get started, i need you guys to do me a favor if youre watching this video right here and are not a subscriber of patriot prime Reviews please consider hitting that subscribe button right now. It wont cost you a thing, but will help me and my channel out tremendously now on to the decals and the set were looking at in this. Video is for the war for cybertron trilogy, netflix dcs drone. This decal set includes two decal sheets, one on foil and one on vinyl backing. So now without further ado. Lets take a look at the dcs drone, both before and after toy hacks decals, and welcome to patriot prime reviews Music in robot mode straight out of the packaging. The dcs drone looks awesome. I love the black silver and gray color scheme. It just really works for this character. Taking a closer look at the figure, he does have some blue eyes silver face with the black helmet. He does have a translucent clear chest, but its dark purple so its not too bad, but it still gives away the hollowness of the chest area. He also has a green quinasan logo right there lots and lots of battle damage, but, as i said with this color scheme, it really works. It just adds to the character even got this battle damage up here on the shoulders.

So this guy is just loaded with battle damage and thats, pretty much it for the paint applications. I mean he is a straight up, repaint of ironhide, but as this evil quentin version it works. So there you go guys the dcs drone in robot mode. Before and after and holy crap, what a difference toy hacks made on this dcs drone figure. Now this decal set was inspired by the 2008 e hobby generation, one ironhide reissue that they did in black. They called it. The protect black iron hide so thats. What this decal set is loosely based upon now. The first decal youre, probably noticing is the new windshield decal. That looks amazing. Its got the targeting rectangle right there and i dig it that looks so: cool theres, also red decals right there in the armpits decals up here on the shoulders black in chrome. You got the 0 55, which was the id number for the e hobby reissue. Now you do have options you have instead of 055, you got an autobot logo right there, but i think im going to keep this guy a bad guy, and here on the forearms. We got chrome detailing up here on the shoulders, some red on the sides. Of course, you see some yellow decals, yellow decals right here that cover up the quenesson logo. Moving on down to the legs, we got red and chrome for the knees, red and yellow decals on the side on the inside new chrome decals, which look kind of like a fan of some sort, and on this side you got a little chrome, decal right there And you can also see some decals on the wheels that well go over more later on.

So an amazing new look for the dcs drone. Now, if you want to take the g1 look any further, there is a third mode that toy hacks has shown off. What you want to do is pop the arms off on that mushroom peg, get put my tweezers down pop both of those off take the head fold down into the body and then bring the chest back up now. What were going to do move this section down and pop these wheels out ones a little tighter than the other there we go, so we got the wheels popped out, go ahead and swing this section around like so go ahead and lock that back into place up There move the arms up and rotate around, just like so now, youre going to take the forearms and reattach them to where the proper fist is on the proper arm go ahead and do this side here now youre going to take the wheels plug the wheels into The shoulders and now you have diaclone iron, hide kind of like his g1 toy look, and, to be honest, this thing looks like some sort of mech, and i bet if you load this thing up with weaponry, lets see well give him his big old, bazooka and Ive got this drill: ive got some third party, add on kits or add on weapons well give to him. So lets get that in there maybe having the wheel right. There is kind of throwing things off.

Just a little bit. I had to switch my forearm weapons around but check that out now that looks wicked. That looks like something right out of mechwarrior, so there you go guys the dcs drone in robot mode after in vehicle mode straight out of the packaging. The dcs drone still looks really really good. I just love this color scheme, hes a evil robot and he looks the part. The translucent windshield here doesnt look near as bad as it did in robot mode, its filled out more because of the dcs drones head there on the inside, but still you can see the head on the inside. You got the quinasan logo right there. On the front. You got the big grill right there, a big bumper. The wheels are a little plain lots of nice sculpted details, but theyre just black. They could at least had some battle damage on it as well. The windows you really cant make out those at all. Thanks to all the scuff and battle scoring and of course, hes got the feet hanging off the back, but all in all i like the looks of this vehicle. It just looks really bad ass, so there you go. The dcs drone in vehicle mode before and after and just like, robot mode vehicle mode is a whole nother beast. Taking a closer look at the figure. I love this windshield decal. It looks amazing, a great carryover for robot mode, along with the decal right here below the windshield along the sides of the vehicle we get new, yellow black and red decals, which are a throwback to the generation.

One diaclone version new red and yellow decals up here on the top red silver decals right there on the side and decals for the wheels youve got chrome in the middle and then some little white squares along the rims. That really look good along the back. We get a new chrome decal that goes all the way around the entire vehicle. Well, not one decal! You got two decals right there that really look good. I love chrome, decals. This vehicle looks amazing now, so there you go. The dc is drone in vehicle mode. After i freaking love, this decal set, the toy hacks did for the dcs drone. This figure looks so badass now and for those of you who army build with this figure, i think this will be a perfect decal set to add to one of your figures to make him the alpha or the leader of the pack. This is amazing and if you add some extra weaponry, this guy, just pops so toy hacks man, you knocked it out of the park with this one. Now i have to go: buy a couple extra dcs, drone figures myself now guys if you enjoyed the video dont forget to like dont forget to subscribe and dont forget to click that bell icon to get notified when i upload new reviews. Once again, this is patriot.