This is a primal. Rc truck I've done many videos with this over the last several months since fall when it was first released. I also have a prototype pipe in there, one of the first that TMR performance put together as well as a TMR performance engine in there. This is a 49 cc engine, but it is an absolute beast and for all the haters out there that say this truck is too slow its underpowered. No one actually took my offer of 10000 rupees for me to actually hit you full speed with one of these. Everyone pushed out so if you don't own one shut the fuck up because driving one of these is one of the most thrilling RC experiences you can have now your xmax might be amazing. I would agree with you. I posted a video of it yesterday in the snow with the paddle tires, if you want to check it out, check the video description box or the info link up in the top corner. Now that was amazing but beside it is even the smaller max look at that. These two trucks look fantastic, hey, don't, they father and son. Any friend can go out, have fun with that, and then the big daddy this one right here, gas power can run for more than an hour. You guys say: 49cc can run a pocket bike with a hundred pound 200 pound person on it. Well, take two pocket bikes stitch them together in the middle, with some huge, huge aluminum axles, and that is what you're going to get now.

Tmr performance in here, I'm gon na be ripping it today. I can't give you full speed, of course, because I'm on ice and snow that's why these paddle tires are amazing. But look at this side by side. Look at that's that's. What I'm talking about right, that's an X max huge paddle tire as well. That just makes it look like a baby sitting beside the RAM inator. Oh you're gon na lose subscribers. If you talk to people whay, you better watch out for your paycheck I'll. Tell you what only 1 of my subscribers watch my videos anyway. So I pretty much say what I want: cuz it don't matter anymore. People are gon na, say: I've got an attitude recently is ever changed. Have I changed with time? Oh yeah, I think it's part of the experience isn't it. We always change and that's what I did with the ramen ater. I did put four shocks on all the way around. I did take the springs off of the second shock, only because I'm still covered in snow here – and I also added new blue low C Springs from my low C 5 T on the other shocks to help make it slightly less stiff, because when it's a little Bit cold the shocks, don't flex as much correct, where's yours. Why aren't we ripping together as a parent. I have heard that before that's how dedicated to the show we are rolling forty to one mixture in there – Music, Music, Music, Music, Music.

Well then, I got scared of the porch Music Music, Music, Music, Killswitch rain began to cut it off right here on my my handle, not a big deal. Yes, 80 pounds of monster truck ripping around not as high as I'd like to see, but, of course not getting the traction on the snow and the ice. Of course. The only kv it there and never have jumps big enough in the in the summertime to really do it so we're gon na have to do something about that. I think see in the next episode of rcadventures jam cool. Thank you for always filming making. This show fantastic, my hands are cold. Go warm up all! I stop. Look at this now. One thing: that's good to note: no battery recharging in the middle of filming yeah. No, stopping no stopping today no worries about cold right now it does have a lipo battery. Oh look at the snow on the back it's like that is the size of the controller. All i stopped still powering through lipo batteries up here, so it's, not sitting and snow. Getting all frozen, i'll see you here away. We go Music and hit a deep thought over the RAM inator.