Top Notch Beginner Drone – Eachine E32HW – Review & Demo

Have you learnt somebody who desires to start out flying drones? The Eachine E32HW is a good newbie drone to get them began and it will not break the financial institution.

You should purchase it from the BANGGOOD retailer right here:

Eachine E32HW:

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CAMERA: GoPro Hero 6:
AUDIO: Tascam DR-10L:
GoPro Hat:

  1. Cool video didn't even finish seeing the whole thing, you should do a video on the GPS shadow drone, it's at my local Walmart and I wanted to see if it's good or not, and it will bring a bunch of views from other people who have the same thoughts!

    And I have another question which is better this drone, or SH2HD, which you featured in a video not too long ago????


  2. Sir …. I would greatly appreciate your opinion on the attached video …. thanks in Advance ….

  3. Once again, excellent job as usual. Very hot here in Cape Breton, N.S as well. Perfect weather for flying quads.👍 Thanks for the info.👍 Stay cool!

  4. Nice drone. You can definitely hear the brushed motors. But for newbies it’s a great starter before moving up to more expensive drones.

  5. Very MJX ;-). Lil Bugs5 anyone?

  6. Nice review, looks good 👍

  7. Well done! Thanks for taking time to review these low cost beginner drones.

  8. 6:18… They Luuuuuve you…LOL
    6:27… Now the American viewers will think Canadian cities are in the forest… ROFLMAO

  9. I am a new subscriber, thanks for the videos. I too want something less expensive to learn on. What would you recommend for a new flier but I would rather have brushless motors and gps. What do you recommend then? Tom

  10. Yay my price range 👍❗

  11. What would happen if it flew out of range?

  12. very nice  review and demo flight

  13. 6:30 – Yes, Canada, the vast wasteland of critters in the wilderness, with 98% of it perpetually frozen. 😉

  14. What state do you live in?

  15. Great a the same you are Top 😉🛫

  16. This one looks like it does better than the Typhoon H I had. I’ve sent that back for the last time and got a full refund! Utter crap! I’m going to wait a while now and see what I can buy after a bit more research.

  17. Flies well. It doesn't like to descend. Fast is pretty fast. Like testing this quad. Check out my upload if ya have time!!

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