That was quite a mouthful since I won't be able to compare every single speck in this video. I will leave a link down below where you will be able to download the complete table comparison with all the specs by entering your email. I do warn you that you should do this on a tablet or computer, because it is indeed a huge table. Now let's get started number one camera and betrayed let's speak about the most exciting stuff, the camera. There is no doubt that you should always first look for how stable or jewelry cords. However, these are all pretty much on the same level. They all come with really good three axis stabilization gimbal, which are basically on par with one another. As you can see you on the graphic on the left, the resolution and frame rate definite winner is the auto Evo for sure. However, keep in mind that resolution isn't everything camera quality isn't, always about the number of pixels. However, you might want to take into account the frame rate, the recording and, in this matter the Mavic l2 is above every single drone. Dji has released so far coming with 4k 60p and not only that but also 240 FPS in 1080. So quite incredible, slow motion. If you need it, the schedule can also shoot in 60 p 4k, which is quite well suited to the purpose of this job. If you don't know about it, it's basically made for sports, so shooting slow motion can make for a great composition in that situation.

The Mavi mini, although it shoots only 2 7 k, is plenty for most people and frankly, i usually edit my drone videos in point seven K anyway, as forecast cranes, my computer will be too much so if resolution isn't the only thing to look for in a Camera drone, then what else a really good spec to take note of is the bitrate bitrate is measured in megabits per second and is basically the bandwidth of information j'onn can take in through the camera at once. This translates into more picture and video details. It'S, not the single most important factor, but certainly something you should take note for some perspective. For those of you who know about the DJ spark, it comes with 24 megabits per second compared to over a hundred in some of the more recent rooms. It was still a pretty great camera zone. Don'T get me wrong, but not quite on par again. The Mabika 2 is on par with the auto live or two both with 120 megabits per second just keep in mind that the auto Evo 2 is quite a bit more expensive than the air tube. By the way I do have the smallest prices, I could find online for all these jobs that are mentioned. You can find them down in the description. I do get a small tuition fee for some of them, so please consider buying from those links as it won't cost you anything, but you will keep supporting this channel another similarity between the o2 level 2 and the Medicare 2 is the type of sensor they both Have the half inch Sony AMX 586, which is slightly superior to the previous smaller sensor in drones, like the Matic pro or the Medicare two, especially in terms of how much light gets in, but the definitive winner in terms of low light shooting is the 1 inch.

The geometric 2 pro more details about the lens, follow and video size and such can be found in the table in the description. Number 2 range. Well, everyone likes to talk about range, but sometimes people just forget that Europe even exists, and that is a bit of a difference and there is a reason: I'm saying that the range actually differs when it comes to Europeans, or at least Jones that are bought in Europe so I'm going to put a graphic, both in fcc range, as well as in C range for Europe, as the range is smaller in almost all cases for Europe, the definite winner in these categories. Again, the new region, AdvoCare 2, with 10 kilometers of range, something we haven't seen before in any drone that I know of at least sure you might not take you that far as you probably won't have the battery to get it back. But that also means a better signal and better connection when you fly closer but have some interference. However, most drones on this list have a pretty good range. The big difference is made in drones that have Wi Fi. Instead of did you out, you think, because the connection is poorer and the Europe range is even less so check the table on the side. If you want to see which one is which number three battery life another really popular spec – and I was actually thinking that this year – drone better life has reached its peak, but it doesn't seem so was the mavica to has bitten in another record, at least in The DJI drones lineup as it can fly up to 34 minutes in perfect conditions.

If you want to know the actual flight time of every drone in real life collisions then subtract about 2 to 3 minutes from the overall numbers. You see here the clear we are on this list is the auto leave o2 with a 40 minute battery life, which is quite impressive. However, keep in mind that this is quite a big sized room even compared to the married 2. Pro also know that the bigger the drone, the bigger the batteries so it's more expensive to buy a bigger battery, of course, number 4 noise. Unfortunately, I don't have all the data compared for all the tunes. However, I have personally tested all the DJ drones and compared how many decibels each one has a even have a video where I compared the noise levels and the stability in the air. You can check it in the corner right now, so the difference in noise level between these drones is quite substantial, especially considering the pitch of the noise. So, for example, a drone like the Original Medicare is super annoying to listen to and at the same time, very loud, Music but it's annoying because it has a high pitched sound and loud because it doesn't have solid propellers. Newer drones, like the Maverick 2 Pro, are still loud, let's say, but they do have silent propellers and a much better noise with lower pitch. The Matheny is also a great John. When it comes to sound. I expected it to be much more annoying, but it was half bad number.

5 wait. I wanted to have a look when it comes to weight, because I wanted to emphasize both fact that the geometric meaning is under 20 50 grams, which means you won't require to register it almost anywhere in the world, including the USA. The Medicare isn't spared of any regulation or registration for that matter, but it's, not a big in size, which makes it awesome work back end easier to travel with. So I say you should have a good look at this table and keep in mind the weight difference. If you're someone who travels a lot and wants a package that's easier to use number six, the controllers – this is not really a General John specification, but I do think the controls of these drones are quite different, so let's see how they differ between each other. I will go through the pluses and minuses of the main ones, for example, the controller that comes with the DJ medical 2 has changed the look and feel of the typical DJ controller. Quite a lot. The classical maverick transmitter was more like a small joystick in the past models and that wasn't really a bad thing. However, I do think it's an improvement. The new controller, although it looks a bit bigger, it's quite flat, so it can be easily stored and has the amazing advantage of not having to deal with putting your phone in between the arms of the old controller. It was clumsy for me had to remove the phone cover, and sometimes it wouldn't connect properly, because I feel like the design was bad.

Now you just put the phone on the top bracket and connect the cable easily. I also like how it has a more ergonomic shape and feels better in the hands. The controller for the auto evo 2 amp 1 is also pretty special. That comes with a built in screen. It isn't the biggest screen we've seen so far. True it's just 3 inches, but it does its job well, that's what she said and since you can't use a tablet, you can't complain. You don't have enough screen real estate. The xiaomi femi x8 also has a controller that I'm really happy with. It has a lot of space to put any size phone and even some small tablet, and the quality is just great let's cardio to differ substantially since you'll have to buy the controller separately, as in you'll, have to choose between the beacon controller, which is basically like A magic wand that will let you show the drone where you want it to go again perfect for follow me and sports, or you can have the controller for more precise movements by the way. The professional DJ. Smart controller will also work with DJ Mavic air 2 and I think it's simply great that you don't even have to connect your phone to it. If you have more questions about the Medicare 2 or want to hear some stuff, you might not know about it before you buy, I do suggest you watch my video with 31 facts and questions about the DJ I'm advocate tool.

You can click here in the corner or down in the description. It will be helpful. Trust me again. You can find the complete article with even more specs, with all these drones compared the whole table, with all the specs, compared in one spot that you can download by putting your email all in the description down below. So you went out and got yourself a drone or plan to get one, but what, if I told you that you can actually make a lot of money with these and you don't have to be an expert. The most frustrating thing that me and some of my videographer friends have been through, is just searching on YouTube forums or Facebook groups just to learn bits of information about drones, but since everybody and their dad has drone these days, you need to stand out the biggest Shift in terms of knowledge and progression happened about a year ago, and it was all in a weekend when I discovered my first cinematography course from my now online mentor, Alex Harris this guy filmed and directed all over the world and got into drones even before they Were popular, he made a complete course on cinematography custom flight and gimbal settings that can help you to get way better footage, shooting flat and situational color grading how to edit 4k videos on all pcs. What equipment you need and, most importantly, exactly how to find clients and make them pay you a lot for your time, no matter where in the world, if you want to get 100 off from this complete course that will change your life click.

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