Why you clicked on this video but youre, not sure which one to buy and you want to buy a camera drone. A camera drone is a drone that has a little camera on the front that will record video at different resolutions and even take photos. Those are very popular nowadays, but you want to get a good one and you dont want to spend a lot of money. So this video is all about that. This channel is all about drones and i review all the most popular drones and all the most popular price ranges. So ive got a good idea of which ones are the best. So in this video im going to tell you which drones in my personal opinion are the best for your dollar that are 299 dollars, u.s or less here we go Music all right, so you see me bouncing on my chair. The reason im bouncing over here is because i want to leave room, so i can post something over here. First thing i want to tell you: is every drone im going to show you has gps in it? Gps is global positioning system. It connects with the satellites up in space and it keeps the drone perfectly still in the air and thats why these camera drones that im going to show. You are perfect for beginners no skills required at all to fly them now. The next thing i should tell you is the drones im going to show you are ones that have good cameras for photos and video at their price range.

So when i went through the list of drones, i could possibly show you. I threw a lot out where the camera wasnt that good, so ive only kept the ones with a good camera. So that means, if you buy one of these youll, be happy with the end result. Next thing i should tell you is that all of these drones im going to show you need a cell phone or a tablet, so that you can install an app on the tablet or cell phone and then communicate with the drone and thats your interface for telling The drone what to do now, this one is important, because i can only pass on so much information in this video for each of these drones. I have a full review below this video. There is links directly below this video that will take you to a full review. So if theres a drone, i show you and you want to know more about it – just click on the link below and that will take you to the full review. Ah now this is an important fact. I have to pass on because so many people goof this up. This video is being recorded in the month of november in the year 2021. ive written it down here someplace. So that means the prices im going to tell you or show you are all as of now and theyre in u.s dollars. So if you live in a different country and youre watching this five years from now, the prices are not going to match.

So just keep that in mind. Another thing you should know about all the drones im going to show you is pretty much. All of them can be flown anywhere. You want so you can take them wherever you want in any country and go fly them its up to you, the pilot to know where you are allowed to fly and where youre not allowed to fly. There is one drone, however, that i will show you that i do recommend for 299 or less that actually has a built in system that will check the gps location of where its sitting, and it will tell you if youre in a no fly zone and if Youre in a no fly zone, it wont let you fly, you cannot take off and if you fly in the air and you fly into a no fly zone with this drone, it will again just tell you i cant go any further. Well, i got ta come back because youre in a no fly zone, thats one of the drones ill show you, but for the most part all the other ones fly wherever you want. You have to take responsibility for that. And finally, the last thing you should know is that everything im going to show you here is linked directly below this video. That means the full reviews, as ive mentioned, are linked below this video, as well as the links just directly to the drone, because the prices might be pretty good right now, so ive linked them directly below, and i should mention when i say directly below.

That means. Look directly below this video, you might see a little arrow that says, show more click on that and then youll see all sorts of great information. All right lets get on with the first drone Music, all right, the first one i have to show you is huge. Its massive this is called the up air 2. check it out. It looks like a dji phantom. All right, as i put the props on this drone. Let me tell you, oh, that wasnt supposed to happen there, we go all right, so here we go so this up air is massive in size. The only reason im, including this drone here, is because a lot of you out there love the dji phantom. You know the phantom one two three and four: this is pretty much a dji phantom at 299 dollars us when its on sale. It is huge so as a beginner, its a big drone and it comes with a big controller. Now, what makes it really good? Is this drone is different its for somebody who wants something a bit different, so you do get a three axis gimbal up front, which is the best of the best. So that means no matter which way your drone is bouncing around in the air. Your image will stay smooth. It does have three cameras on the front. The reason it has three cameras. Please watch the full review below and youll understand why. The reason it has three cameras is basically one camera shoots at 4k, 30 frames per second, which is bonus.

It takes 16 megapixel photos which is bonus with that one camera, then the other two cameras are to give you a stereoscopic image. You know like a picture and a picture in front of your eye. I am told ive, never done it. I am told that you film that way you will get a picture and a picture when you look at your video on your computer after you watch it uh side by side, youre supposed to put that on your phone. Stick your phone in one of those set of vr goggles that cost about 20 or 30 off of amazon and youll see a stereoscopic image when youre flying of your flight never tried it thats. What people tell me so if you try it and it works well then, post below and tell everybody else how great it is. It does have dampening right here for the camera, which is really good. So if theres vibrations and stuff you shouldnt get any jello in the image, all your videos and photos record to a micro sd card that you have to buy yourself and stick inside it does even have sensors on the bottom. So you have ultrasonic sensors back here. Theres two of them thats, so it knows when its getting close to the ground plus you have an optical flow sensor, thats a little camera that shoots at the ground and keeps the drone stable in the air along with the gps. You do get a massive battery.

I just pulled it out the back, look at the size of this thing, so this battery will give you 20 minutes of flight time uh after you charge it up. You do get a charger with it, and the range on this here drone is one thousand meters. One thousand meters in miles is about point six of a mile. It is a big drone, so its about thirteen hundred grams about thirteen fifty grams, so yeah its its a heavy drone but thats because its like a dji phantom everythings rechargeable here. So you dont have to put batteries in your controller or the drone now for special features on this drone. Besides the really cool camera, it does have gps tracking and it will follow the gps signal from your phone or tablet to the drone. So, no matter where you go, the drone will follow and film you so for 299, its a pretty good drone. I would not buy this drone if it was like ‘9 499, because its only 20 minutes of flight time, but i will say a lot of you out. There do like really large drones, and this is why ive included it and it is often on sale. I think its on sale right now for around 299 us. So, with all of that said, if youd like to buy this drone, i do have a link directly below this video, which will take you to a website that should have this drone on for 299, us or less, and if, if my calculations are wrong, maybe the Exchange rate has gone wrong, maybe its a little bit more than 299, but it shouldnt be much more than 299.

so check out the link below. If you want to watch the full review on this drone and see more details on the camera and everything else and how it flies, a full review is linked below as well. All right lets go on to the next one Music. This is the next drone on my list and this ones a really good one for the price. The price on this drone is two hundred dollars. U.S you get an awful lot for two hundred dollars, u.s, so im sure a lot of you will be clicking on the links below to buy this one. So let me take it out of the box and show you what you get so the kf 101 is a drone that comes with a case, and if i open up the case inside, we will get all our goodies. So the first thing i want to tell you about this drone that i like when i reviewed it. I was pretty impressed with it. The first thing i like is that the controller is really nice and it has a display on the controller for telemetry. So that means, if you attach your phone, which you will you attach your phone to this theres a little spot for your phone ill, just pull it out when you attach your phone say something happens, say your phone, the app crashes and now its like. Oh, my god, the app crashes. How do i control the drone? Well, you can still control the drone, because you have a little display here.

Thats telling you how far away the drone is, how high it is, what speed its going all that good stuff. So i like this one – and it is rechargeable now for the drone itself, as i yank it out – uh its pretty decent, because its one of the few drones on the market for two hundred dollars. That has a three axis gimbal up front and electronic image stabilization. When you put a three axis camera gimbal up front and electronic image stabilization, you get pretty good, stable video youll, also notice. It is a foldable drone. So you just pull the arms out before youre, ready to fly and youre all set to go now, because the price is 200 u.s, its not a 4k 30 frames per second camera video system up front. It is a 2k 30 frames per second camera. Video system, can you tell the difference? Probably not, and that means when you take photos as well. The photos are not in 4k theyre in 2k. Can you tell the difference? Probably not. You can put a micro sd card in here so that you can record your video and photos. You have to supply the micro sd card. It does come with a sensor on the bottom, so it can see the ground. It also has gps tracking. So once again you have your controller, your phone on here and wherever you walk, the drone will follow you along and it will just track you.

It also has cool features like orbit mode. It can rotate around you, it has waypoints, so you can look at a map and tap on the map and the drone will fly to those locations. It also has gesture modes, put your hand up. It takes a photo or a video. Do the bunny ears flight time on this baby is not bad. Its 24 minutes and the range once again is a thousand meters which is about 0.6 of a mile so price. On this drone 200 u.s check the links below. I have a link directly to where you can buy it, as well as a link to the full review. All right lets go on to the next drone Music, all right. The next drone is the f11s 4k pro. Yes, this is a very popular drone and its been around for a while, but its super super popular the claim to fame for this drone is the range. This drone will fly 3, 000 meters, so for the small price youre gon na pay, you get a drone that can fly 3000 meters, and not only does it fly 3000 meters, which is 1.7 miles. It also has a pretty good camera on it. To give you photos, videos plus a few other cool little options. So let me pull it out and show you what you get all right, so yank this out of the box, and you see you got a really nice hard case, which is pretty good on a drone like this.

Did i tell you the price yet well, i have to look at my list. The price for this drone is 230 u.s thats, pretty darn good. So lets open this up and show you what you get. You do get a controller that has a display. So, just like the previous drone youll get all your telemetry on there. All the good stuff put your cell phone up here or attach something else to put your tablet on everything opens up, and it is rechargeable batteries look like this and they will give you 26 minutes of flight time. The drone is foldable, which makes it very portable. The only thing i notice about this model of drone is inside, they use a barometer. They dont use any sensors on the bottom. Some people like sensors, especially if you want to fly indoors without any sensors on the bottom, its harder to fly a drone indoors. Great thing about this is it does record video at 4k 30 frames per second, and it takes photos at 4k. It does have a gimbal on it, but the gimbal, if i take off the gimbal guard here, is only a two axis gimbal, so youre going. Oh darn, i wanted a three axis gimbal well. This has two axis gimbal plus electronic image stabilization, so it makes up for the access its missing. It does take a micro sd card that you have to supply. If you want to record your videos and photos on the drone itself for higher quality, it does have like the other drones, gps tracking thats.

What everybody wants. You know you walk around with your controller and your phone in it and wherever you go, the drone follows you, so it tracks you, you can also do waypoint modes on a map tap on the map. The drone goes to wherever you set your waypoints. You have gesture mode to put your hand up, so it takes photos and videos if thats what you want a lot of these drones, probably almost all the drones i showed they do have a zoom feature on this. One does as well, so you can zoom into things the image isnt that great, because its just a digital zoom, but for some people they really want to zoom into something and really get a close up view. So this will do it. So, as i mentioned, the price is 230 u.s and the link to go directly to this drone is below now. There is another version of this drone which does not have the same range but its identical to this drone, its called the f11 4k pro. This one is called the f11s 4k pro so for 230. Us you get a pretty good drone, so im gon na put the link directly below to where this drone is, as well as the full review go check it out and lets move on to the next one Music. Now the next drone is one i really enjoyed reviewing, because it was a really good drone, its this one here, the bug 16 pro.

So let me take it out of this your box and show you what you get so like many of the drones. It comes in a nice hard case, its unzipper, this inside you get a really nice remote with a display. The only difference on this remote, its not rechargeable, you have to put batteries in the back and if you watch the full review ill tell you which batteries you need flight time on the included battery is minutes of flight time, so thats pretty darn good. And let me pull the drone out and pull out the arms, its a really cool, looking drone and slide on a battery. So you see the full view. Look at that how it opens its very interesting how it unfolds. So this is one of the few drones that has a landing light now landing light is pretty cool in the daytime. You probably wont use it, but if youre flying you can turn it on its very bright on the bottom. But you know if youre flying in the evening or at night, and you come down to land, you can turn on the landing light and lights up the whole ground or you can turn it on. While youre flying up in the air, its pretty sweet, it does have some cool sensors on the bottom on this one, you have height sensors and you have an optical flow sensor. So you could fly this indoors. Gimbal up front is a full 3 axis gimbal as well.

It has electronic image stabilization and its one of the few drones on the market with a 3 axis gimbal electronic image stabilization and it records at 4k 30 frames per second and takes photos at 4k. You can record everything to a micro sd card that you have to supply yourself range is about a thousand meters, so thats 0.6 of a mile. It weighs around 628 grams and for autonomous features. You have gesture modes, you have waypoints, so you can go on the map. Tap may set up your waypoints. You also have gps follow. So, wherever you walk with your controller, it will follow you and, like the other ones, theres like a zoom control on it, but its digital zoom for your camera. So once again for around 240 241 im looking over here at the price price keeps changing on me. So around for that price, this is what you get and i think its a pretty good, buy and therell be links directly below to where you can find it, as well as the full review go check it out Music. So in the title of this video, you saw that im only going to show you five drones, so these are the five best drones for 299 dollars, u.s or less so the last one is the dji mini sc. Now i do know in different countries. This is priced differently in the us. It is 299, which is a really good deal in canada, its a bit more because we pay canadian and we get a bit more but either case for the price of the dji mini se.

I think youre getting a lot of value for your money, so let me take it out of the box and show you what you get first off, like the other drones, you get a really nice case and open this up and well go to our dji mini. I will say that the company dji is the most popular drone company in the world. They make consumer low level drones beginner drones most of their moneys in beginner drones, but they do make commercial drones as well like big commercial drones for the industry. So these guys are international and they have service support centers all over the world. So if you ever have a problem with your drone theyre, just a few blocks away where you can contact somebody and theyll build to fix it or help you out now, because dji is so popular. They make a lot of really good drones, but their drones are usually quite pricey, so this is at the very low end of what you can buy from dji and because of that youre not going to see a lot of features. But the features you do see are really darn good, so lets start with the remote, so the remote is rechargeable, but theres no display on it. Nothing theres just a spot to put your cell phone and thats about it, not much more than that. The drone is the only one im showing you that is under 250 grams, so in most countries, if a drone is under 250 grams, you dont need much of a license or training or certification to fly it, at least in my country of canada, if its under 250 grams, you can just buy it and go fly.

You just have to have a little knowledge, not to annoy people. So it is a foldable drone, so you unfold it. It weighs so little at 249 grams. You can put a micro sd card in it. It does come with a battery and the battery is going to give you 30 minutes of flight time on this tiny little battery now, because its a dji drone dji, makes really good cameras in all their drones, and they didnt want to make a little drone like This that doesnt cost very much and put a crappy camera in it. So you get a really good camera three axis gimbal up front, but they couldnt give you 4k, so they gave you 2.7 k, video, which looks really good trust me. It looks really good and it can take photos at 12 megapixels, which is really good, and they are nice photos it doesnt have waypoints, it doesnt have tracking to follow you so for 299. Youre, getting you know the basics to get into drones, but this one here by dji is not that bad at all, and this is my number one pick for 299 or less because to me its the best of the best for what youre getting due to the Fact that for 299 youre getting an under 250 gram drone, which is perfect for a lot of regulations, you can fly it its very tiny. Put it in your pocket, walk around pull it out, go fly it its really good.

For that the camera is really good. I will say this is my favorite drone for vacation. If you plan to go on vacation and you need a drone and you dont want any hassles, you want something really simple. This is the one to take its very quiet. It wont even annoy other guests at the tourist location youre going. So when you fly around to take videos, this is the one to have. So what im going to do is im going to put links below so that you can go check it out and see if it is the drone for you and also, if you want to see my full review on it, that link is below as well. Oh one final thing to mention: since its a dji drone. Unfortunately, it does have a no fly zone. What does that mean? That means like say i go on vacation, someplace or im in my country, and i put the drone down and i want to start up and fly. It may tell you that it wont let you take off because youre in a no fly zone, a no fly zone is any area. Thats close to any type of airport could be, helicopters could be small planes at a farm could be a major airport. International could be a military base if youre anywhere near any of that stuff. It will not fly and thats true when youre flying in the air too, you could be flying in the air going in one direction.

It will just stop and come back to you because it says i cant fly in a no fly zone. So one thing to keep in mind when you buy a dji drone. You pay an awful lot, but you are stuck with that. No fly zone issue. So if you live near an airport, this is not the drone for you now im sure somebody clicked on this video and said i wanted to see a drone that was under a hundred dollars. U.S, you didnt show any well thats, because there is nothing good well, there is one – and i have it here and i show it every year the dji tello its the ryze tello or dji tello. This is an indoor drone. The reason i say its an indoor drone is because there is no controller that comes with it. You fly it right from your tablet or phone its so easy to fly its very stable. It does have sensors on the bottom. It has a 720p camera up front, so it can shoot 720p video at 30 frames per second and the video looks pretty good. The photos are 5 megapixel resolution, but they look pretty good flight time on the tiny little battery that it comes with. It is only 13 minutes, but this is one of those drones that has you know its got prop guards everything its really designed to fly indoors and have a lot of fun, and it does some pretty cool things indoors.

So if you wanted to buy a drone for somebody whos under the age of 10, this would be the one to get and its only 99 u.s. If they want to fly it outside, you can buy an aftermarket controller, connect it to it, and then you can have more fun flying it outside if you want, but it only has a height of. I think it has a max height going up of 30 meters. So thats, you know over the height of your house, but thats about it for this one very basic, but still quite popular, so ill put a link to the tello below you can go check it out, see if its a drone for you Music, all right guys. Those are the top five drones for under 299 u.s. You can probably find other drones and youre, probably gon na. Ask me yeah, but you didnt mention this drone or that drone or this other drone. Well, i probably considered those drones youre gon na say, but i didnt find them to be as good as the five i showed you. I could only pick five, so i had to pick five of the best and when i say the best, all i did was. I matched the price to the features to the camera quality and um yeah thats. What i came up with those five all right guys, if you have questions on anything in this video, just post it below. If you enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up and i will catch you in future.

Videos im gon na do another video of drones, 999 dollars, u.s and less all the way down to like 300 and ill show you my top picks from that. So stay tuned for that, alright guys catch in the next video Music.