Now today we will discuss some drones models. Features and uses here are the top five drone models which got much attention these days. Please subscribe. If you are new here, then click the bell icon to get the fastest notification lets start number 5, nwesg 926. Pro 2 drone, also known as sg926 max drone. It has 4 qhd 3 axis gimbal camera with 5g wi fi gps. You can take hd videos from anywhere. It is a professional quadcopter obstacle avoidance drone. The remote distance is 1200 meters, so you can receive pictures and videos from a 1.2 kilometers distance. It has a 110 degree rotatable camera with 30 miter gps capacity. It will help you to take the frame, as you want number 4 l900 pro4 krc drone also called rc helicopter drone. It is a 2 axis, fpv, 5g quadcopter with camera and gps. It is a mini aerial drone, which makes it help you to record video. Without being noticed, it has a brushless motor. The signal capacity is 1.2 kilometers with 28 minutes flight time. This drone weight is under 250 gram. The body is foldable, which makes it easy to carry. It has fixed point flight and the fifty percent zooming capacity number three, the milo s3 4k gps drone. The camera capacity is 4k. It will help you to record ultra hd video. It is a professional 5g wifi. Drone, so anyone can receive video or picture from a large distance. The signal distance is one kilometers.

It has a brushless motor. It is available in three colors, that is black red and white. The flight time is 25 minutes after 25 minutes. You need to recharge the battery. It is a professional rc, quadcopter, pk x5. It has some cool features like headless mode, optical flow, positioning mode and real time image transmission capabilities. It has a good image following capacity that makes it worthy number two xkjk phone 102 gps. Drone, it is a 2 axis, gimbal professional, anti, shake aerial, photography, drone. It has an 8k hd camera, so the photographer can take an ultra hd 8k picture. With this drone, a brushless motor makes this drone fast enough. It is a foldable quadcopter. The folding capacity makes it foldable and easy to carry. It. Has gps positioning and returns ability, so you would not worry about losing it. The cool thing is: when the battery is too low, it will return home automatically. The remote control distance is 1.2 kilometers. The fantastic features are fixed point flight in one key return option. It has a 50 zooming ability which helps you to take a priceless shot number one: eachine e520src quadcopter, drone helicopter. It has a 4k profile, hd wide angle, camera with a 5g wi fi fpv racing gps. You can use this for your professional photography. It has 30 minutes super long flight time. So no need to worry about battery life. Eachine e520s has some fantastic features. It is small in size and foldable so easily fits out your pocket so its easy to carry anywhere you go.

You can go headless mode with this drone theres also a one key automatic return option, so you will not lose it in the open field. Comparing all the drones, which is the best drone in your mind, let us know in the comment box also dont, forget to check the description box and get a super discount on every product. Its all for now see you soon on the same channel.