Are you looking for a good drone that is not expensive? We solved your problem. In this video. We made a list of five drones that are sales success all over the world and with great ratings from buyers., You can buy any of them for less than fifty dollars.. The link to each of them is here in the video description. Before starting. If you are not subscribed to the channel subscribe, so you dont miss any indication.. First, on our list is the v4 Real time transmission. Just a gesture for him to take pictures or record a video., Full hd, camera., Adjustable angle, camera., Dual camera switching. optical flow positioning., mobile, app control. orbit, flight., strong, wind, resistance. protective cover can be installed. return with A command. now we have the s90 one: click take off optical flow, positioning 4k, adjustable camera., real time, supervision. gravity, induction trajectory, flight. photos and videos with a gesture. sensitive body move forward without fear. One touch landing. model e99, pro 2. The e99 pro 2 model has cold light., front camera and bottom camera., modular battery., one key take off., headless, mode., flexible shuttle., barometric, altitude., 360 flip., dual camera switching photos and videos with a gesture real time: image, transmission, hd. aerial, photography., mv filter, one key landing; thats. The e88 pro 4k camera bottom camera. folding design, one key, take off flight stability, 360, roll., headless mode, dual cameras, 4k, remote, real time, image, transmission, dual camera, switching flexible flight, one click home, folding, design protection, one key take off.