I’M. Still talking about this, the dji fpv drone and today i’m, going to tell you the 10 reasons why you would not want to buy this thing. You would not want to waste your money on this drone, but before i do that, i have to put my cap on backwards here. We go because i’m coming at you. As someone who already flies freestyle drones already flies high speed, very tough drones made of carbon. Where i can build them myself and replace the motors and i buy cheap batteries, all those things that’s why this drone? From my perspective, perhaps cat on backwards cap on backwards is not a good buy, so let’s go through the reasons why you and me, with their caps on backwards, would not want to buy this drone. So, if you’re looking for reasons to justify your this is a crap drone stance, i’m going to get them to you, i’m, going to give them for free. You don’t have to pay for these reasons, i’ll give them all to you right. First of all, number number one and there’s no particular order, but the first reason is it’s fragile. We know it’s fragile we’ve, seen the videos on youtube with arms hanging off people have done really simple crashes like joshua bardwell notched a tree in the arm, fell off terribly i’ve, seen other videos where people have done flips into mud and all four arms broke off. So it is a fragile drone.

It is not made of carbon it’s made of plastic it’s weak. When really stressed so you might get away with some crashes, but sooner or Music it’s, not l, to repair it. You can’t just go and buy another five dollar arm and another twenty dollar motor nope nope nope. You have to send this thing into dji and they will add their labor charges and all that stuff, and i think someone said that the minimum fee is going to be 200 bucks. So if you break an arm two hundred dollars, you can buy a whole freestyle train for that. So it is way expensive, if you’re a freestyler, to fly this thing, because we all know that if you’re gon na really have fun freestyle, you’re gon na crash you’re gon na crash every time you go out. You’Re gon na have at least one crash, and if it’s gon na cost you 200 a day after you paid for those batteries, you’ll be totally broke. You have to sell your wife on the street, make it work on the street to pay for your addiction to fbv. If you buy one of these now, the other thing is as a freestyler. You will hate the way this flies if you’re someone that likes to get in there and and tune the pits, so that it’s got no prop washing it doesn’t bounce on on rolls and things. You are not going to like this because the state of tune in this is really bad.

It’S. 2016. Bad. If you remember back to 2016, i started in 2015 by 2016. We were getting things tuned, but they flew pretty poorly well. This is like that. It’S it’s got nothing on a modern freestyle. Quad the tune is awful and you can’t change it there’s no access to the pids. You can change rates and things, but you can’t access the pids. You can’t tune it yourself, so you’re stuck with the factory tune which may improve over time, but at the moment it’s going to disappoint anyone that really knows how to fly, freestyle and likes to tune their own quads reason number five. Do i get that far? No, i don’t know i’ve lost count anyway. The next reason. The next reason is it’s noisy yeah. I know freestyle quads are noisy if you’re ripping you’re, making a noise it’s not called ripping for nothing, but this is built as a cinema quad and you might want to buy it as a cinema quad and if you’re going to buy it and use it as A cinema quad you don’t, want a noisy quad. Now i fly freestyle quads to get cinematic footage and when i do, they are incredibly quiet because they’re very light and if you’re flying smoothly you’re not ripping the air apart, you you’re gently parting it and it doesn’t make a lot of noise. I can fly within five six meters of somebody and, if they’re not actually looking at the quad, they don’t even know it’s flown past.

If i’m doing a nice cinematic shot down the road, trees and there’s people underneath they don’t even know it’s there. This thing, even in normal mode, it is so noisy because it weighs 800 grams and when you change attitude or whatever to do that requires a lot of power. These props rip the air and it makes a lot of noise. I was flying in the local park at 30 meters according to the osd, and there was some people – probably 40 meters away. I was just going forward with about half stick forward. I let go of the stick and the noise it made to stop, caused the people to spin around and look up. I’Ve never had that happen. I’Ve never had people even notice, my drones before, and that was at 30 meters i’m, usually way down there at ankle height, where the drone’s a lot closer to people. No, this is way noisy if you want to do covert cinema that’s. Another reason not to buy this thing. Speaking of 2015 and 2016, this doesn’t have voice telemetry, there’s, no voice, telemetry, goodness me even the cheapest little multi protocol radios now have voice. Telemetry they’ve got open tx and they, you know, rssi low battery low. All the things that you you need to know, instead of you having to keep a constant vigil on the osd, which is all around the corners of the screen, you want to enjoy that massively immersive feeling of the digital fpv with the wide field of view that’s.

What you pay your money for? Oh no phone. One moment i forgot where i was interrupted by the phone. Ah nevermind let’s continue um. What was i talking about? Yeah back to 2015 there’s, no voice telemetry. In this thing it it’s silent. You have to look at the osd on the goggles, so you can’t rely on the system telling you if your battery’s low your signal, strength, is getting low or anything like that. You’Ve got to monitor it. It doesn’t have that voice response, which is, you know, say a cheap radio. You can buy a 99 radio today and it will have open tx with voice telemetry and it will alert you. It will interrupt you and and tell you that something needs your attention. You don’t have to keep scanning the osd, so this really there’s no excuse for not having voice telemetry in a modern radio control. Fpv setup no excuse at all so, but it doesn’t have it another reason why you don’t want to waste your money on this thing. Now also, the next reason is that it only has a single axis gimbal. If you were going to buy one of these, because you wanted a camera drone that was a bit racy. You may be disappointed the gimbal stabilizes in pitch, but not in roll and in my experience, flying the drone that makes it not as good nowhere near as good as a mavic or a phantom or any other kind of dual axis gimbal stabilized camera platform, because if You’Re flying in a wind and the wind’s blowing from the side you’re gon na the quad is gon na have to lean over and your horizon will be tilted and you’ll have to either when you rotate that you’ll then have to crop in.

So you won’t be getting 4k 60.. You want to get the full resolution to crop in to remove the black areas when you rotate the horizon back and if you are turning around the horizon is going to be wobbling there’s some electronic image stabilization, but it’s, not that strong it’s, not that good. In fact, you’re probably it’s, not as good as uh you get in the gopro, so you just have to live with that. So you will be disappointed that the the the camera is only gambled in one axis, and the next reason why you don’t want to buy this thing. Is that, as sort of as i mentioned before, you can’t get spares for it. You can get a spare well in theory, a spare camera and gimbal. You can get a spare top cover. You get spare propellers, but if you break an arm, let’s go back to dji. You can’t just do what you do with your regular carbon freestyle, quad and just order a new arm and a new motor no dji will have to fix it. They’Ll add their labor charges and extra charges. Whatever involved and as i said, i think the minimum charge for an arm repair. Someone told me was about two hundred dollars, two hundred dollars just to replace an arm which should only cost 15 bucks for the arm and 20 bucks for a motor if you’ve damaged a motor, it’s that’s way expensive. So another reason you can’t fix this yourself.

Another reason why you don’t want to waste your money on it and moving on to reason: number nine. If i’ve got the numbers right and i’ve already stuffed that up, so we don’t care about that. But another reason why you don’t want to buy this thing. If you are outside the usa, it’s got a piddly radio and video system it’s pedally. I mean this. This digital video system is fantastic and the range they get out of 25 milliwatts is stunningly good compared to analog, but it’s 25 milliwatts in the usa. I think you’ve got 1 200 milliwatts outside the usa. You’Ve got 25 000th of a watt for your video and your radio control signal, and that means you ain’t going very far with this thing and even worse, it’s, not so much a case of not going very far because i’ve seen videos, people seem to be able To fly these things out to about two thousand meters: two kilometers one in a half, almost one half miles on 25 milliwatts, but that’s flying very high and away from sources of noise. If you want to fly this like a freestyle, quad or proximity, forget it, i flew in the local park. The other day i went behind a fairly large conifer tree at 200 meters and it failsafed it fail safe because it ran out of radio range at 200 meters. And if you want to fly proximity, if you want to fly inside a bando and out again forget it, this will fail safe and if you’ve got the return to home, set to i’ve, said failsafe, cetera to home and it foul safe and abandon it’s going to Try and drill holes in the roof, not a good look.

So another reason why you don’t want to waste your thirteen hundred dollars on this thing and finally, finally, the last reason: the reason that it be a deal killer for me is that you don’t own. This drone, you can pay 1300 bucks and really you don’t own, this drone it’s, not yours, you can’t do what you want with it. What do i mean? Well, it’s got geo fencing, yes, i’m here at the airfield in my studio, and i can’t fly this. I have to go quite a way away to a local park. If i want to fly this thing, it does not fly at the airfield because, although i have caa’s permission, that’s the equivalent of the fia, our local air space regulator has given me permission to fly. This here the local council who owns the airfield they’ve given me permission to fly it here: the new zealand national modifying body’s, given me permission to fly here. I can legally fly this here, but i have said no, no, no! No! No, we know better than you. You have you know you own the drone, but we’re not going to let you fly it here, so you don’t really own it. We own it we’ve got full control, we can say no and i don’t, if, if you fly freestyle, the key part of that word is free. Free freedom, that’s, why we love fpv freestyle so much it isn’t, a freedom that can’t be equaled in any other way.

You are those dreams where you’re flying like a bird that’s, what you get with fpv freestyle for to buy a craft that says no, no, no! No! No! You can’t do that, and this really let you that is no that’s wrong, that’s totally wrong. So the final, and probably most important reason why, as a freestyle drone flyer, you would not buy. This is because you cannot fly where and when you want dji will dictate where and when. You can fly this thing and that is totally totally unacceptable to the culture of freestyle fpv. I think you’ll agree. Maybe you don’t go to the comment section and tell me if i’m wrong about that. But those are the 10 reasons why, as a freestyle fpv, you don’t want to buy this thing. You don’t want to waste your money on this. In fact, you don’t want to waste twice the money, because you have to buy all those batteries and three times the money, because you’d be busy replacing arms at an enormous expense. You don’t want to waste your child’s education fund on this drone so find something else. Stick to your carbon frames and that’s why this is the worst drone in the world if you want to fly freestyle now, if you want to know why you would buy it, if you want to know the 10 reasons why this is the best drone in the World then watch my other video i’ll, try and put a card up here or something to be a link in the description somewhere.

You’Ll find my other video, where i tell you 10, jolly good reasons why you should rush out right now and spend your 300 bucks that’s what you need to do now, so i’ve made enemies in both camps. The people who hate this drone will be really annoyed by my video, in which i’ll give you 10 reasons to buy it, and the people who want to buy this drone will be annoyed because i’ve, given you 10 reasons, not to buy it, but hey i’ve, irritated Both camps equally, hopefully and i’d, like to think i provided you with enough objective information to make your own decision and if you were silly enough to want to buy this drone as a freestyler, then go to the description and you won’t find an affiliate link. Because i don’t do that stuff, i don’t do that crap. If you want to buy it, go find somewhere to buy it. I do not make a cent out of this. I always acknowledge that this was sent to me free of charge by dji. It doesn’t influence. My reviews, one bit as you’ve just seen, because i’ve told you 10 reasons not to buy it, and i like to think my reviews are the most objective on the internet, because there are no commercial imperatives. I don’t make a cent whether you buy this or whether you don’t it’s, entirely up to you. Look at the facts. Look at the information i’ve given in those two videos and you decide for yourself – is this worth thirteen hundred bucks to some people it’s worth every cent to others.

It isn’t depends which way you wear your cap, thanks for watching. Thanks to my patreon supporters, you make this all possible and there will be more videos on this coming up because, as i fly more and more, i get more insight. I can tell you things that i don’t know at the moment and it’ll be first hand. Experience will be more video, there’ll be all sorts of stuff to watch.