This thing is just over two inches in width and about three inches in length. Now the power supply is something that many of you will want, because you might be like me, you have this as your power supply and you’re. Probably some of you are probably watching this going power supply. I don’t understand you know everything i buy comes with a power supply. Well in the rc hobby. Everything is dc, you know you might plug it into the wall, but what comes out the end is dc voltage and you have to power an awful lot of things in the rc hobby, so we have devices like this. At least i do and this powers a lot of my battery chargers and whatnot and it’s massive and it’s noisy and yeah a lot i’m sure a lot of you have power supplies like this or even bigger ones. So let me just toss that so what’s really cool about the p200 is it’s new on the market and since it’s new on the market it’s the latest technology. It has a gallium, nitride power supply semiconductor system inside what does that mean? I have no idea because i am not a scientist, but apparently, if i read the specs, it means it’s, pretty darn good. So if you have anything around your house that runs on dc power or requires dc power to charge up, you know up to 30 volts and 10 amps well. This will do it now for all of you watching that would want this power supply.

You probably want to know the features, and you probably know more about a power supply than me: i’m. Very basic with power supplies, so i’ve written down the features and i’ve written them down here, because my little goldfish brain is going to forget it. So let me read them off to you, so you can power this by ac power or dc power. If you use uh dc power, it says it goes up to a max of 28 volts. If you plug it into the wall – and it does come with the ac power supply for your country, then you can go from the normal stuff, 100 to 240 volts to power it. As i’ve already mentioned. This is a power supply, so everything coming out the front is an output it’s, not an input, it’s an output, so you have 10 amps maximum out the front. You have 30 volts maximum out the front and you can select that it’s all selectable. So if you don’t want 10 amps, you only want two amps. You select two amps. If you only want five volts, you select. Five volts i’ll show you that in a bit, even the usb out here, you have so many usb devices around your house, your ipad. Whatever the usb out here can shoot up too, if i look down here, it says, goes from five volts, which we’re mostly common to with usb outs, all the way up to 20 volts and 65 watts i’ve, never seen that that’s incredible so take my word for It i’ve never seen a power supply, this small that does this much that’s configurable.

So if you’re in the market for a power supply, this is probably the one. So now let me show you everything close up and go over the features here. We go. First item. You can see it has an ips display, 240 by 240 pixels. There are two dials below the display. The left one is for your current out adjustment. You know your amps and the right one is for your voltage out adjustment. You can adjust the voltage to whatever you wish next below that you have a power button and below that you have positive and negative banana output plugs. And finally, you have a usbc output. Now let’s go to the back of the unit on the back of the unit. You can see, we have our ac input and also an ac on off switch. So if you plug in dc, you might want to turn off the ac, so you don’t have both coming in cooling, fan, it’s, very quiet it’s, not that noisy at all, and you have your dc input for when you’re out in the field or doing some other Stuff around the house – and it has an xt60 connector next thing i want to show you is what comes in this box here we go first off here’s, a close up of the box, and if i look at the side of the box, it says these are The parameters what’s advertised why this thing is so great and if we open the box, the first thing we see would be our p200 nice shiny new.

We do receive an ac power supply for your country, i’m in north america, someone’s a north american power supply. You have a little instruction booklet to get you up and going you get some banana plugs with alligator clips. At the end, you also get an xt60 female cable uh, nothing at the end. You can solder things on and i’ll show you that in a second and you also get a usbc cable. So for my needs, i took the xt60 female connector. You know the ends are available to solder and i just soldered on some banana plugs right here, because i’m going to use them in reverse. In other words, i use the banana plugs. I plug the banana plugs into the front, my negative and my positive, and then i plug this unit into what i want to send the power to so. If you check amazon amazon in your country, you can order all types of configurations you don’t have to chop things up like i did, but yeah that was kind of lazy, so i just chopped them up and soldered them myself so i’m using it that way. So what i’ll do next is, let me show you this thing: working and i’ll show you the display in the interface and just some basic functions on it. Here we go all right. This is always the fun part trying to film an item on my little desk here with a camera that’s blocking my face and uh yeah trying to make everything work.

So here we go. I’Ve got this on record that’s on record i’m gon na turn this on. So you’ll see my finger. I’Ll switch over to this camera hit the little power button in the front. This thing will come to life and there’s our main screen. First thing i want to show you: is the settings menu to access the settings menu, just press in the right, jog, dial and here’s our settings? This may not mean anything to a lot of you, but these are all the settings. You can change those who use power supplies. It makes perfect sense, so let’s go back next i’m going to show you quickly usb charging. So i have a usb cable here. This is off my macbook, so i’m going to use that let’s see. If i can do this here’s my macbook it’s on, say i wanted to charge up my macbook. You can charge up anything with usb with this device so i’m, going to plug in the normal little usbc here and check out the display what’s happening at the top of my screen. You can see right here. The usb is drawing 17.8 volts and it’s going up and down and 0.5 or 3 amps that there is the temperature of this unit. Hopefully my finger’s not blocking anything. If i want to see more information on the usb, i just press the left button or the left, jog, dial and there’s all my usb information right here and the cool thing is when you go down the protocol that’s the usb protocol for the mac it’s a Pd fix, i have no idea what that means.

So are you impressed yet? No probably not right? Okay, let me show you how the voltage thing works here we go. So what i want to power is this here battery charger, so i can charge up lipo batteries. So obviously this is a battery charger and that is a power supply two different things, so you might buy a lot of battery chargers online. That cost you like 20 bucks, but they don’t come with a power supply and people get really lost in that. So if you have a power supply, you can run any type of battery charger, it’s too easy, so anyways a battery charger for charging up batteries around your house, lipos, whatever nickel metal hydride or whatever batteries um. You have all configurations on the front, so you know how many amps to send out and how much voltage to send out to charge it and it trickle charges it. It sends a little bit out at a time and monitors all the cells in the battery. So that’s, what a battery charger is this here battery charger requires a power supply so i’m going to use this as the power supply. So let me show you how easy it is to use so your left, jog dial. If you look way down here, can you see it? It says 10 amps. I can change that to any amps i want so. I can bring it away down to like you know what slowest you can go, one amp so for a power supply, leave it at 10 amps, because you know it’s powering up a battery and over on the other side.

You have right down here. That is your voltage right now it’s at 20.5. I can bring it all the way down to what’s the lowest. You can go one volt and the highest. It goes is i’m shaking this whole table the highest. It goes is 30 volts. So for a power supply. Let’S go 24 volts because you know, like your car battery dc. In anything i don’t know. 24. Volts is pretty much standard, so i’m, going to put it at 24 volts. There we go next thing i do. Is i plug my xt60 female cable into the power supply up here, so there we go i’m plugging it in and now power will go to this so i’m just going to put it down on the table back here. I probably can’t see it actually i’ll hold it right here, it’s not on. Why is it not powered on? Because i have to turn this unit on hey, but this unit’s already on you say no after you select the voltage here. You have to then push in this jog dial here we go, and it sends it to this so now this unit is powering this unit and i can charge any type of batteries. I want so now that i have it powered up i’m going to plug a battery in start charging the battery and we’re going to build to monitor the draw from the power supply. How much this thing is pulling to charge this? So here we go so my lipo battery that i’ve plugged into my charger is a 1300 milliamp hour battery.

That is a six cell battery there we go there’s my battery charger going and you can see that it’s showing on the right it’s drawing 31 watts and i’ve got it at 1.3 amps and there it is it’s 8 milliamp hour is going right now and there’s. A cell voltage below so let’s look at our unit and see what it shows so at the bottom down here, it’s sending out about 1.3 amps on average it’s bouncing around because that’s what the unit is asking for over here. It is sending out 24 volts and if you look at our graph up top the top line up here, where’s my finger pointing in the right spot. Yes, it is that line there is your voltage and that line down here is your amps. This graph moves from uh left to right and, as things change, this graph changes as well. So you want to see it change. Watch this i’ll just draw more amps i’m going to go and tell it to draw more than 1.3 boost it up to 2.8. This can handle it. So here we go 2.8 amps. What happens on our screen check it out down here now, it’s drawing 2.4 it’s going to go up to 2.8, and you can see that our graph up there is going to show that it’s drawing more amperage. As well so, obviously on a battery charger, you have a display that tells you the output to the battery that you’re sending which is similar to what the power supply is i’m just showing the both.

Because then i can see them working in tandem. But if you don’t, if you’re powering something else other than you know a charger, well, then you’re really going to see a lot of cool information on the screen that you never knew of before it doesn’t matter. What you’re powering anything you can see. What the draw is and what the voltage is so yeah it’s pretty decent, especially since it’s, so small, all right. So two things you should take away from this video one is: i am not an expert on power supplies and electricity that’s for sure my skills are in other areas, but i know enough to be dangerous because i’m in the rc hobby and the second thing is Uh yeah i’ve never seen any product like this before, so this is one of a kind for all of you out there who know exactly what you want to know about power supplies as soon as you check the links below check out the description, the user manual You’Re going to be buying this so freaking fast, i don’t even think they’ll be able to keep these in stock it’s, so amazing and they’re not very expensive. I looked at the price and i think they’re are they under 100 u.s or around 100 u.s. I don’t know go check the price the links are below from what i understand. This is available on different sites, not just one site, so i’ll find out where it’s available and i’ll put the links below all right guys.

If you have questions on this product – and you want a half assed answer, ask me: i will give you a half assed answer, but if you want technical answers, go ask the company because jeez, like i said i’m i’m, just a guy in the rc hobby, and I know what i know and that’s about it all right, hope you enjoyed this video. If you did, please give it a thumbs up and i will catch you in future. Videos with many more reviews take care that won’t.