This is the thompson a32 flying ball: Music theres our ball, its just a ball. Sometimes, when you catch it, you can squeeze it doesnt hurt to it: doesnt really hurt. If you catch you just squeeze into a watch, it wont hurt once you put your finger in there, perhaps but yeah Music theres our cord to charge it now im charging my thompson flying drone ball. Right now, shake it! There we go here. We go how how far can we throw not quite and theres my on off button and i hit the on off button? Oh there, it is its on, so you throw it at an angle like this and he throws it back. So i have little stickers kind of cool my little thompson a32 flying ball drone there additional stickers kind of nifty so make sure the blades are at the top Music. Oh, that was cool good, throw oh thats, neat neat a little hat. Oh, look at that kind of cool, oh deep! So now ive got a hat. I guess i can spin. How high can our flying ball go here? We go ready were gon na find out here, go and go up and thats about it. Thats about the height it has Music, so it maintains a steady height. So its not going to go away from you. Itll stay itll keep a steady height twist the head on the hat in the direction of the arrow yep. I did that and start start and pause.

Okay, so im going to read the instructions now its even tree proof Music boom. So thanks for watching guys, this was my review of the thompson a32 flying ball, pretty cool. I got direct links for you below checking out a lot of fun: Music Applause, very nice, impressive toy. Now this is about thirty dollars on amazon.