We have happy accidents, Music Applause, if youre not already a subscriber to ready set drone. Please hit that subscribe button and the notification bell, because we do a lot of stuff with tiny hawks, emax products, dji products, toy drones, all kinds of fun, drone, stuff and rc stuff and youll love it if you subscribe. So this right here is the tiny hawk. 3., the original tiny hawk came out several years back and was the first kind of official big mass produced, tiny whoop style drone. Now a tiny whoop typically is a little drone that you mostly fly indoors has ducted, propellers can be line of sight can be fpv, but i think that emacs was one of the first ones to mass produce, a fpv analog, um, tiny, whoop style drone. It has a little 1s battery that comes with it. Its uh 450 milliamp hour 1s battery uses some little rubber bands to connect on the bottom, which i really like these rubber bands, because it makes it really easy to put the battery in and out and to get a good center of gravity on it. It uses the jst connector does have a capacitor in there to help you kind of manage the voltage flow and not have as much sag from your battery has four little four blade. Props prop guards and the camera on top is an upgraded camera. It has a variable transmitter, so you can actually bump up the amount of gain on the transmitter, the vtx, so that you can actually see better in the goggles, but whats really cool about this.

Is this comes in an entire ready to fly kit rtf kit has a nice case with the emax logo on the outside. I really like this color kind of reminds me of like a bowling ball case or something like that. A remote control that feels good in the hand doesnt feel like quite as much of a cheapy remote as some of the ready to fly kits come with now this isnt going to be the best remote in the world, but it certainly is an upgrade from some Other ready to fly kits, ive, seen and probably the weakest spot is always ready to fly, kick goggles and these arent too bad. We have found that these dont get you the range, even with the antennas on them. You know and fully dialed in you, dont get the range that youre going to get with fat sharks and some better antennas, a patch antenna, maybe a custom built antenna, etc. But these have a few features that are pretty cool: Music, Music Applause, Music. One of the things i really like about these goggles is they labeled the buttons, so many fpv goggles dont, actually label the button, so youre not sure what stuff does until youve used it a hundred times, but you have record uh, channel and band on this side. So channel and band so you can actually switch between the different transmission channels and record, of course, to record in the built in dvr and on the other side it has the power button, which also says m for menu.

So when its on, you can actually get into the menu system and then a is for searching automatically through all the channels, itll just run through them all until it finds something transmitting and then, of course, your micro sd slot right here, important note on the microsd. You have to format your card in fat32 or it wont recognize it. So if you have an exfat card or some other format of card go to your pc format, it in fat32 and then you should be good to go, even if you format it in these goggles that wont change it to fat32. You have to pre format it in fat32, so itll work here got your antennas that screw into the top youve got your diopter here that slides in and out the thing cuts down to a fairly small size when you whoa, oh and theres, the theres, the actual Screen uh, so you can see what the uh goggles are seeing. So basically, these goggles are just a kind of diopter that give you a magnified view of this screen over here. So uh yeah and you know what theres a film on it that will take off. Um and that might even improve the visibility of it a little bit all right. Well put it back in. You know what that feels like its magnetic thats, pretty cool, feel that or listen to that they pop in and then you just pull on them a little bit to pull out theres.

Definitely a magnetic point there where it actually goes in. I did not know that until this very moment – and that is really cool, because if you want to pull this out and let someone else watch whats going on or fly fpv, but without the goggles, you can do it very easily with these right here so pop Those in and then, as i was saying before, the uh actual lenses are adjustable to three different settings that allows you to basically adjust them for your eyes. Now, theyre not going to be for someone who has really bad eyesight and requires glasses. You may have to wear your glasses under these or try to anyway, but they are going to help. I know for me pulling them all the way out like this makes it easier to see the screen. Youve got four spare propellers. These are actually rotors. Propellers push rotors lift, but everybody calls them props theyre, the avon props, slash rotors, so it comes with. Eight of them comes with emac stickers, a support manual. If you want to get to the manual, you would scan this qr code. Somebody earlier was griping that there was no manual, and so i think you have to scan this qr. Did you scan it? So if you need support or a manual, you can scan the qr code to get to that emac stickers. Everybody needs some of those and then the disclaimer card with all the stuff.

You know you could kill somebody with this, not really all right and then in this little container right here, a couple of goodies. First of all, there is a charger now this is actually one of the coolest chargers, ive ever seen, emacs put out, and the reason is its: not just an open circuit board like so many of their chargers. Are their older chargers were just circuit boards with everything it was kind of cool because you could see what was going on, but this ones got a nice plastic housing and its got switches here. So you can switch from just standard, lipo or hv for high voltage. Its got little leds built into it, so you can actually see if your quad battery is charged, and it looks like this will support both the 1s and the 2s battery so with different size, connectors, so thats, very cool, its usb, which i love usb chargers, because You dont have to worry about what country youre in. Do you have the right cable? Is the right voltage, no its just going to work when you plug it in, of course, the usb a to to micro usb? I wish everybody would just get on board with using usbc, but i understand theres a fee associated with that, so to keep costs down theyre using micro, usb but yeah. If youre going to charge this, this cord is going to work, so you plug it in plug this into the wall and youll be able to charge it and then, in this little baggie are some spare screws.

Two spare rubber bands, which are the ones that hold the battery in place, a little tiny screwdriver and a large screw. That is probably the one Music. So the really important question is: how does it fly if youve never flown a tiny hawk before then youre going to be in for a pleasant surprise, i think, and if you have flown a tiny, hawk ive flown it and it flies a lot like the tiny Hawk 2.. Now, of course, they made some improvements on it number one is they have made, the camera tilt have more friction, and you can really feel it here when i used to fly the tiny hawk 2 – and i did fly that quite a bit when i was starting In fpv anytime, you would hit the ceiling. The camera would automatically tilt down because there wasnt any friction. It would just kind of go boom and then you were. It was hard to fly because it was facing down and you were looking at the ground. This one has more friction built into it. I actually hit the ceiling here in my office just about 30 minutes ago, and it stayed where it was so thats great thats, a big improvement and then number two with the tiny hawk 2. You could fly in a 2s battery. You had to change a couple of settings in betaflight and do some things to it to make it work on a 2s. They have scrapped that and really focused on better performance with a 1s, because most people flew with a 1s anyway, i only flew with the 2s on the tiny hawk 2 a few times, and it was just kind of a hassle.

I have a lot more 1s batteries anyway, so i flew 1s and im flying indoors, so i dont need to really rip. So that is another big change on the actual quad and then, as far as the remote goes, theyve actually really improved. These gimbals, in the controller you can hear that uh you can feel it theyre theyre more hobby grade uh gimbals than a toy grade. You know when you get one of these toy drones a lot of times these feel really loose and weak, and they dont really pop back like that. These are. These are nice in terms of the tension. The actual remote controller itself feels pretty good, like its a nice kind of material that is grippy doesnt feel like a slick plastic. The switches feel pretty good. You know they feel like theyre, going to last theyre not going to break and then finally they have added this little slot in the top. You can pull this rubber piece off and then you can actually pull out the screen from the goggles, so the screen is magnetic and it just pops right out, and then it came with this accessory to allow you to put this in here. So its like a gopro accessory and then put this piece, which is also kind of like a gopro accessory and then put this piece on again if youre familiar with gopro or other action cameras, these are pretty standard, uh, connectors and so now i have this little Bit on, i suppose you could just leave this all assembled like this and then just slide it in.

If you wanted to do this, you know kind of keep it as a assembly, and then you can take this screen, which has a thread on the bottom and then connect it. So now we have a setup where you can fly fpv using the screen and not have to wear the goggles, which is pretty cool. I prefer the goggles its more immersive and you can see a lot better that way, but for this well lets lets just take it off like this and see how it does see how it is to fly it. With this setup. Now we have observed a couple of times when you set it down here on the table that, if its sitting at a weird angle, sometimes when you arm it, the props will actually hit the table. So be aware of that id say: thats, probably a bug not a feature, you can always fix it by kind of tilting a little bit lets see if the props hit the table when i arm it here and currently im in air mode id rather be in Angle mode for indoors, or at least horizon and well arm. Oh it wont arm because my throttle is up if youre a new flyer and you dont know that you have to pull your throttle all the way down before itll arm. You cant get a charm youre like whats going on so there we go im kind of kind of flying, a semi line of sight and ive got it in horizon right now, so its stabilizing itself, but its its uh and its also drifting a little left.

So im gon na see, if i can trim use the trim, switch to fix that drift. I could also there we go. It looks like my battery may not be centered exactly but thats, pretty good thats, pretty dialed in so thats. One thing you want to do too with these: is you want to see if you can get them to hover in one spot, without drifting before you fly around too much, because then youre not fighting that drift? One other thing to note with this guy one other thing to note with this guy is that the rates on it are pretty docile, so its not set up for a lot of flips and fast motion right out of the gate. You can change all that in beta flight. If you want to go in and change the rates, you can definitely do it, but this is more setup for a beginner. So if youre an expert – and you feel like its not moving as quickly as you can go in and change the rates and you can adjust that Music, a few other things that chris noticed when he was flying again, he flew it first and he was at 25 milliwatts and really was getting bad reception. You can go into the menu and change it to 200 milliwatts, and that improves it greatly, and the other thing you can do honestly to get even better reception is use, a better set of goggles and antennas.

The one it comes with is okay for indoors and tight spaces. Close proximity not flying it too far away, but if youre going to be flying beyond trees beyond defense beyond any sort of barrier thats going to get in the way you probably are going to want to use a different set of goggles and make sure youre 200 Milliwatts for the transmitter Music, another quirky thing about the screen here, which is what goes in the goggles, is that you can plug it in and charge it, and it has a red light on it when its charging that will be red as its charging. It turns green to tell you its done charging after youve charged it for a few hours. Youll turn it on and youll, see three bars and itll go for a while and then itll drop down to two bars and then itll go for a while drop down to one bar, and then it goes for a long time on one bar before it actually Dies so the battery indicator on this is not the most accurate in the world. You have to just kind of like remember how long youve flown for and id say just anytime youre going to go fly just give it a full charge so that you have a full charge before you start Music. One other note about the actual dvr in here. In addition to making sure that your card is formatted fat32, when you press the record button, there will be a little red dot that appears right in the top center that red dot does not mean youre recording until it starts blinking and it doesnt start blinking.

For about 20 seconds, so youre going to want to make sure to wait. If you want to capture your entire flight, wait for 20 seconds before you actually arm it. Okay, it just started blinking from the moment i pressed record. So let me see if i can fly it here in inside um there we go its a its very dark in here and actually its doing. Okay in the darkness, where it struggles, i think, is when it goes from light to dark or dark to light kind of it. Doesnt do well between those contrasty scenes, but im flying back behind chris im flying back over here in the side of the studio, thats dark and its doing. Okay. Obviously the most light is right in this area and its easiest to see and probably the picture is the best, but you know if youre just trying to learn how to fly a pv or or youre getting ready for the winter and youre like okay. I need something i can fly indoors if you have a good sized room like this, a game room or a rec room or a basement, or something this isnt a bad little option for flying around. I mean i just hit myself in the leg and it did not hurt at all. You know youre not going to hurt anybody flying this way and its a good way to learn anyway, im dvr in all this. I think a one other note that chris pointed out by default.

There is a there is a time limit on the recording of three minutes. You can go into the menu and change that that time limit, wont, um, wont, itll, stop recording after three minutes and start a new file and youll youll miss a few seconds of it, and so you really want to make sure that you uh go in and Change that to five or ten minutes, if you possibly can Music, but as you can see, i mean even in this fairly dark environment, ive got pretty good control until i until i say so, and then i dont anymore, you know im able to go through some. Pretty tight little gaps and just have some fun flying getting better at it, and learning how to become a better fpv pilot and thats kind of what tiny hawks are all about Music. So if youre, a new fpv pilot and youre looking for something to start with, the tiny hawks have always been a great choice, and i really feel like the 1s optimization theyve done on this one to make it fly better with the 1s is really great, because The 2s is a lot of power for indoors, quite honestly, even though it doesnt sound like it its easy to get away from you, some of the other quads like the racing quad, their tiny, hawk 2 race and the freestyle. Those are also too much to fly indoors. In my opinion, this little 1s is just for cruising around, like you just saw me doing going under things between uh gaps under tables uh.

You know in your chasing your dog around the house, all that kind of fun stuff its not going to hurt anybody with these ducted propellers. You can bump into stuff and theyve made those improvements that we noticed in the tiny hawk 2 with making the camera stay. A little bit better in position, making it easier to get to things within the body and, of course, improving the flight on the 1s battery. I dont know if this capacitor has anything to do with that and helping to keep the voltage a little more regulated so that you get a smoother throttle, but all of those things seem to really help. I recommend this kit for beginners. I recommend this kit for experts as well. I had a lot of fun just flying around in here now. Im going. To be honest, i am pretty spoiled because i love digital and im so used to a digital signal, but even with the kit goggles, the kit, remote and everything straight out of the box, its great in here like and theres, so many things i can poke around And fly under its its fun and its something that if you get two of them and you can fly with your friends thats even better, because why we dont fly alone.