Let me fly the one thats behind you right right, right, thats, it all right. So you said there is a camera system under it. Actually, there can be anything under it because we created a universe, a receptacle, so here under this system, is a computer, its a hovering cybernetic unit to yeah collect data from the air, and we are using these systems mainly indoors at the moment for airports uh. For example, or tunnels yeah, thank you for the video yeah here it is in action. Here is our our counselor um. We have three different sizes. This is the biggest one 600 watts wow in the second one. So this is a little horse there. You saw already photogrammetric um skills here we are broadcasting uh, one of the biggest events intergale, one of the lead fairs for um earth observation wow. Then we are here inspecting a tunnel. This is really amazing technology and it seems such a simple and elegant idea. I mean yes, it does. You would think that uh thered be a lot of competition with this, but you guys are pretty much it. This is. This is absolutely stunning and its gon na really open up the world of aerial photography and everything that you can do with a regular drone um. You can do longer and uh extended flights and uh. You can fly over people theres, so many pluses to this. Nobody gets offended right, yeah, right yeah from apart its right from the other part, its lets say: theres an alava that came down and you wouldnt do it with an age arrow.

Then you would more go out with a drone, so we are more in symbiosis with drones. That means we start there, where theyre more or less stop, and we compete more with satellites and manned systems like helicopters and chestnuts, where you can use our system. So the systems are already communicating over mobile network and satellites, so we can also find a plastic carpet out there yeah. So this does pretty much everything that a propeller drone will do um it can maneuver itself around its gps locked in place. Right, i mean it. Does all of the things what what kind of uh cameras can it carry? Oh, we have here very strong broadcasting cameras up to 4 or 8k until we are under 3 500 gram, 1 kilogram or 3 kilograms. I said we have three different sizes: everythings fine included to these masses are already also the batteries we calculate the battery into the payload. This is lets say a certain approach how we used to do it because yeah this is our ballast or a ballast that we you for ballast. We used to take energy in form of a heavier battery. Okay, thats, a great idea. Now you are, you are looking for investors uh for this. Am i correct yeah thats yeah thats right, like we are one of relatively strong um visibility, startups for aerospace and sustainability here in europe and um yeah. Of course we want to come out of our bootstrapping mode and yeah.

Okay come to business, the product is now developed and now comes. You know the four piece, wonderful and and uh i have actually i have so many more questions and and if you have a question for shava in uh, the uh chat. Please ask away and tater keep an eye on the questions and – and let me know what the questions are, but im actually looking now through the link that you gave me uh this all right so hold on, so that yeah the audience can see the system. I will now help you um. You will now use the autonomous control system. We have also manual and now, as i saw right, how strong you are next time, you can also use the manual control, but this time okay lets start with the autonomous one. So im im uh im hooking up to remotely and im gon na fly uh a drone airship from man that things bigger than i thought it was the united states yeah look at this hes setting it up. Thats shaking yeah lets go all right, so i remember uh. I start off with liftoff right. Yes, yes, yes, okay, im gon na click, liftoff on the bottom left. You see the target values that can be changed with up and down yeah like the agl above ground level, and the compass which is yeah uh, the direction of the system, and so its going up the system is calibrating itself.

This is so wild. This is great, and actually the data that is collected is also sent to a cloud server and visualized there already in diagrams, also for universities and research and development, um yeah its a good tool to test your new servos that you developed for the digital transformation right. Okay, so im not im gon na use the interface but im gon na show uh yeah, okay, so im gon na go forward im gon na click forward and have it uh bump into the back your head thats. What were doing im clicking forward now, and so you are coming closer. I am yeah here we go watch your hand. This is so wild man. I love it. I love it. Wait wait put the camera on. Let me put the camera back on there. There we go so we can see him also imagine that you control this system from the ground station of an airport, so the people dont need to walk around yeah and have a beamer and beam a face here, and the face is talking to you like. Is this your luggage behind you right right, theres, so many applications for this and of course, you know, were just using a regular uh, uh internet connection. Theres gon na be better connections – satellite, maybe 5g, eventually where it would be in actual real time. So you can do what im doing your customers can do exactly what im doing from other locations other countries um.

Let me go ahead. Im going to go forward again, im going to click forward again and what you could do is looking like. Where is our north? As just turning around from 180 to 360, for example, yeah or or what this would be a nice challenge, i heard you want to make challenges so like to yeah fly to the window and looking out of the window, how it looks like in bang, bang, germany, Okay, yeah, let me see so im gon na, have to do. Let me im gon na go forward again, so it goes forward by the increments that you set in the bottom left. Is that right, yes, so ah hold on uh there again. Okay, a little thing happened. What sometimes used to happen? Thats, okay, to correct the system quickly yeah. This is this – is all just amazing that it even we have sometimes little lets – say: um little um children illnesses. So oh yeah yeah little viruses yeah. So what we used to need the funds yeah and make it even better. This is so amazing. Did i just land it? No. This was me and im all starting again to um yeah. Okay, we started. We got a ton of questions coming in yeah. What what kind of questions we got taylor go ahead? Uh ben cartwright wants to know how much do you expect a consumer price to be when its ready to go um? The consumer price is starting around yeah 8 900 euros around yeah its a bit under ten thousand dollars: okay, okay and uh.

Already a 4k camera is inside and and the system is fully open for adoption and if it comes lets, say with a board computer theres a bit more and then we can make it open source and so on. So now you are looking to north. Yes, you can spec this out pretty much. However, you want, depending on your use case, exactly so like a computer, you can um configurate in a different way. We can funny thing is also to understand this point really really in its spectrum. The first thing that we carried around was over a catwalk. It worked close okay to promote the product right, good idea and if its electronics, everything whats possible, even multi modal sensors with cognitive behavior. This is where, on which applications we work on in research projects, inspecting airplanes, for example. What what kind of uh i have! I have a question: what kind of uh, who is your governing body there youre in germany right now, but who is the governing body like what is the equivalent to the united states faa and how is this regulated? Is it any? Is it similar to uh uh drones and that youll need a license and all that? What kind of? Ah all right? So we have here new regulations in europe which uh started to be new uh from this start of this year first of january, and we have classifications the systems need here: ce certificates which are consumer certificates, and there you write more or less, which standards um.

You um use and which are more or less applied in your drone, and then there are classifications which are connected to the maximum take off mass, and the funny thing is because we have helium and maximum take off. Mass is sometimes 200 to zero grams, even right. When the system is made like we have a degree of freedom that we can make, it float passively yeah, you can make it uh energy just for maneuvering, neutral yeah. We are c00, which is lets, say we are allowed to do the most, of course, because we have also already a passively open parachute. As you see it very obviously, and at the same time i combine these three flight concepts, balloon helicopter and they arent playing into one but at the same time its also a parachute or a kite. We dont need to hold position always with power. If we use lets say a little bit our intelligence, then we use a rope and the rope is even powering up the system with electricity. So when the battery stays then down im going to go ahead and and land, okay, all right: okay, while hes doing that, i got a couple. Other questions ive been actually watching this before. I watched your crowdsourcing video on this, and i watched how you printed a lot of the 3d parts for it, and that was one of the really cool things about it. Um, the solar panels that you guys required at the beginning of august that you said youre testing hows the testing going.

Is it going to work out as good as you think it is all right here? This is also a funny question and good question. The tests are on that way that it is in the mock up mode and uh. We have the next milestone, is a release and catch. So let the system go in the bb loss mode and tracking it over satellites getting the data back after landing catching the data and uh. Then the next step is to go to do this for 24 7 and there we will need tender, solar cells which are um yeah already produced in in the testing. It has a little recharger because lithium polymer batteries are the ones which we use and there must be a balanced charging from the pv um yeah. This is more or less all work in progress. The system this the solar cells are prototypes and lets say the first fabrication you dont really like to have in the air very quickly, so yeah im looking to reproduce to have a second one. You know also, this rule always have two, and then it comes into the air. I love it. I watched a little bit of this without where it was doing the sistine chapel or something where it was getting. Some really good close ups of the artwork for uh restoration purposes and for virtual tours for people, and i also noticed that it has a six hour. Flight time is what youre youre thinking five or six hours in the air yeah the biggest one see.

We have also here again lets say a degree of freedom to explain this im coming to another discipline. Do you know in diving the curves of how long you are allowed to, and they are different related to many many different parameters and lets say this kind of degree of freedom we have too. That means, if you have the system in floating mode, uh passively floating, we then you just use the electronics, and you can imagine how long so, its an easy calculation, how you always used to calculate over the p is uh. U times, i and then this way you get out how long and of course, if we are in the floating mode, we can even do longer than six hours, and this will be more or less also, this terrestrial orbital satellite modes that we are accessing this year. With our research and development and tests, this is so great. I have a question thats, not in the chat, its just a personal question: um um uh java um may i have one to play with for a while. Please will you send me? One depends like yeah its very good for promotion, so if we find good sponsors lets, do it all right, i didnt mean to put you on the spot. I was half kidding, but you know, i think everybody in the chat wants one yeah everybody in the chats. Like i want one of those uh one of the questions that was in there was: how often do you have to top off the helium? This is an amazing question.

Um, as you know, when we were children, a little balloon came down after one day, so the helium diffusion is lets say for lighter than air systems a problem, and here in europe there were many different developments on this area, so the people also took care of The foil – and we have here multi layer, foils uh, which lower the diffusion rate um to a certain level. Also here you know that now, if you go to a fiesta, you get some aluminum vaporized foil balloons for the kids yeah and they come down after seven days. Our systems and our balloons in the childrens size come down after 30 days. So again, a factor of five: we can almost conserve failure. That means with 100 euros. We hold the system the whole year, uh flight, ready, thats, amazing speaking of helium um, maybe too little too late, but i would like to apologize on behalf of the united states for not letting uh you guys. Germany uh have helium uh back when the whole hindenburg thing was happening, our bad sorry about that it was partly our fault for it exploding. This is okay, so im actually from hungary yeah. I dont have much to do with that, but we use we use a system where we really use very small amounts of helium, so we can have already swarms with these types and um. This is already very interesting point uh that helium is still worldwide strategic gas.

This is right, but on the other side, it is now allowed here in europe uh to research again with hydrogen in the lighter than air, because it has a very, very huge application field – uh, for example, over ocean areas. When you are not over cities, when there is not a big danger and then its autonomous unmanned systems, we can use helium, we can use methane. You can use many different, lighter than air gases. Now in the united states i could go down to walmart and get a a party balloon tank and fill up. Party balloons is, is helium as readily available in europe, as it is here worldwide in each big city, its an industrial gas. You cannot live without yeah. Okay, everything is produced with helium, so its like also uh its funny, also the same with hydrogen. You get hydrogen everywhere and there are very strong safety standards, but, of course, to follow these standards. This effort and therefore costs one has to take this into account, but depending on the use case, this can be very, very interesting. Imagine we fly with a hydrogen type balloon into a hurricane measure, the data there send it to the supercomputer, and then we know that the hurricane is not landing somewhere in Music, dorothy um uh. How many? How many cubic uh? What is it cubic meters of uh? It starts with two uh, the smallest one, then three and the biggest one, nine, and also here, if you compare it with other, lighter than air uavs worldwide, we have still a factor of two which we spill: smaller, okay, and so your largest drone is able to Lift uh how much weight three kilos yeah.

This is six pounds, six pounds thats, not quite uh, toddler ready, but uh. Could you lift small children with one Laughter yeah the next next level we reach is five kilo and then it will be 25. So we of course raise our level and we look much stronger for the learning curve and to be very huge very quickly because uh this is whats not existing. Today, the scaling algorithms of lighter than air yeah. This is a worldwide question and we are now on yeah the bleeding engine, but this is this is leading edge. This is amazing, it really is, and i just thought uh, you know youve thought of all the applications, but farmers could really use something like this because they need extended flight times to uh map their field to to track their livestock all kinds of things. Now i understand that you know its going to be a costly thing initially and youre going to really go for um uh businesses, uh yeah industrial application. Will you eventually possibly come out with a consumer edition where you know guys like us, could have something affordable for yeah? Like you know, you are, you: are pro fees um? Yes, this is absolutely right. Even a smaller uh system is in development, because lets say in the field of education, you can explain with such a device leonardo da vinci, archimedes, otto lilienthal and at the same time the children can start to program with six in the classroom and they have no Danger at all yeah and its using it started out as a raspberry pi on board isnt that right and you why not? We have also other ones.

It goes up to the nvidia jets and tx, depending if we are carrying a hyperspectral, camera or yeah. Just an ultrasonic sensor for testing. What about your wind? Have you tested it outside with the wind to see kind of how much it can deal with yeah, its also a good question? So, as you realize we are thinking sustainable, so we want to use the wind to come forward, so we use the meteorology and then we go outside its the one point. The other point is: if we want to have a position holding feature, this is not always necessary to have a free flight, then so then we use the kite mode and of course this is an option to make the motors stronger and make the system more aerodynamic. This is, for an aerospace engineer, always an option, but this is a straightforward option and we are more interested in the questions which are not sought yet yeah. You know i keep thinking of the regulations uh here in the united states uh i there was a there. Was an faa protest that i was involved with in washington dc for remote id that i was last year and uh? Of course, you cant fly any kind of drone in the washington dc airspace, its one of the but worst air space is to try to fly a drone in. So what i wanted to do to get some aerial photography was tie a a camera to a giant helium balloon which you can get one of those six foot round just balloons.

Well, somebody told me that the faa actually has regulations for balloons, so im thinking that this might either fall under the balloon category or in the very teeny tiny blimp category. But i also saw in some of your videos that you cant im not flying it again by accident. Am i someone someones just lifted off, but why not lets? Do it? Maybe someones stopping? Oh? Maybe it works. Maybe youre safe, okay, im gon na hit touchdown and then im gon na log off of that. Just it just directly worked without any latency. I think it would fall into a gray area at first until the faa could figure out what the heck is. This is this a drone, is it a blimp? Is it all right hold on like it is? It is absolutely a gray area because we combine the three flight concepts and this also gives new flight patterns and its often yeah if its the maximum take off mass um or the other um lets, say uh parameters. We can change many things, but you know like if you just take off the motors you win directly on an additional 300 grams and then its its a balloon right and, and you can have it, be tethered and you can test it anything so anyway, um do We have any more. This is by the way, how we flew over the canceler, because there in this room, also, of course, we have highest regulations and we can take care of them.

This is also this is also there, or there are also questions related to this. How do you deal with security here, for example, its an important point that the mobile network will be the infrastructure of lets, say um, city, taxis or aerial taxis, and this is also something which we dont know yet, where the altitude specific field strength – and this is For example, a task for us to define this volume right um. Are there any more questions, tater that we can uh yeah? They were asking a couple: people were asking about extra parts, uh that you 3d print parts. So with that yeah, of course, we use lets, say all technologies that we can use to be as feasible and sustainable. So like an aerospace, um, yeah lets, say research institute. Of course we use not just the 3d printer we have of each part. Yeah parameters are parameters, cad models and they are all calculated with algorithms, so we lay out the systems after the rules of aerospace engineering calculate them, build them up. Measuring comparing the formulas with the results get better. What are you using um for your telemetry and your, and what do you use for a controller? Is it just regular everything what we can just get, so we also used to try different systems. Yeah e to c e square c um sensors are very feasible for the board computers that we use so the more easy to adapt the more developed, the less expensive um.

Of course, these are the ones that we used to adopt and include, and the customers. As you understand, there are many many use cases so anyway, the customer is pulling us towards the technologic uh development. So this is not we who dictate this. We try but its um in our mode where we are at the moment. We need to earn money with this also to come forward, and then the customer says what he wants to get. Do you have the investor? Of course we will be able to yeah. Go our roadmap more how we want to so youre optimistic for the future um, but you do need investors. I put links in the description, space engineering. Of course we need investors, yes, its a big cake and yeah its a big shareable cake, and so, if somebody would like to invest, if we got the deep pockets, they can just go to your website and and uh contact you yes, please do. It lets create a better word, so this system is not for military, its for civil applications, planetary protection and wonderful reminds me of blade runner in the future, where they got all those signs floating around for different businesses and stuff um. We start – and this is a global research field, of course – and all the people the whole consortium – everybody who works on this. We are more or less starting to open up the third dimension for humankind. You can even have platforms later, live there in the skies, get water from the clouds and have more space here.

So awesome. So awesome. Thank you for um being on with us and give us a little bit of insight into something that seems like. It should already exist, you know what i mean, but um, hey um. If you want to send me one, you can ill ill, take care ill, give you sure uh, ceo and co, founder of h, arrow, hybrid airplane technologies. Yes, there you go. Thank you. Thank you very, very, very much. If anybody has any further questions later, you can uh email me here, ken herron upload gmail.com. I can put you in touch with them and uh yeah. Thank you. So much for staying up, write us to at flyadaro.com. Thank you guys. It was amazing, you have an amazing show. Thank you, sir. Thank you very much and uh. Now you can go to sleep because i imagine its like three a.m.