I had maybe 100 different matchbox cars and they were kind of a thing. We were collecting these and sometimes trading them amongst friends, but most importantly, building those matchbox car race tracks or just setting up little jump ramps and jumping them and pretending that you are in the drivers seat and really you were with your imagination as a kid you Know back in those days, you were right in the drivers seat and you were getting big air like dukes, a hazard and now dietone after 10 years of being a company theyve come out with this little rc car, that is a tabletop rc car, its about the Size of a matchbox car ill just hold it up and show you there. They have oversized wheels. They are larger wheels than the other 176 scale. Rc cars out. There called the turbo racing cars. I was kind of thinking it was close to the same thing, but its absolutely different than the ones we played with previously on the channel that are 176 scale. So these have larger tires. Theyll go over carpet, theyll drive around on the wood floors and theyll actually do fpv donuts. You can do fpv with these. You can wear fpv goggles and they also make a version with a camera on top and that literally puts you in the drivers seat. So uh this one, i think, runs for a little over 20 minutes time on a full charge. It has a usbc port on the bottom of it actually, no, not usbc.

It has a jst port on the very bottom of it that charges up. I guess in about 20 minutes time, but it gives you a lot of drive time. So if you have kids – and they want to drive this for quite a long time – its its a battery thats going to last and then the kids going to get some satisfaction out of driving this so theyre not going to be upset that the battery dies in Five minutes, which is really cool so long battery life, and i think one of the funnest just easiest things that ive done as far as fpd goes in the past five six years. This is just awesome, its its better than i thought it was gon na, be um and and way more fun, so uh without further ado lets, go ahead and step back into our childhood. A little bit do some fpv donuts and some racing around in the house. With this little cartoon car from diatone so super stoked on these, and i think they should uh be a part of every guys, fpv collection, if you have fpv goggles, grab some of these um and have fun with your kids or drive it yourself and just have A blast lets do some racing here. We go. Do do Music, Laughter, Music, Laughter, Music, when the drumbeat Music do Music game over Music, so Music, Music, wow, Music. All right guys! Welcome back from the drive test uh, we were driving close to 20 minutes with the fpv version.

This one comes in at around 130 with the controller, the car, an fpv camera, the charger. It doesnt come with two double a batteries, but it also does come with fpv goggles. So if youre brand new to fpv – and this is your first fpv experience – you get some goggles along with it all right for that price, thats, pretty cool. You can also get this version with no camera, but it does have a platform on top. You want to add a camera later, which i think is super cool that ones around 75. If you already have fpv gear, you could maybe wire up your own aio camera to this car. There should be a port somewhere to plug into probably for something like 12 volt power to be able to power your camera. It could be a five volt port as well so um. It just depends on the fpv camera that you decide to put on here, but look how cool this is in comparison to a matchbox car. I mean these little cartoon 176 scale. Cars are actually smaller than a matchbox car, which is kind of crazy, now, im, finally living out all my childhood fantasies by being able to sit in the driver, seat and drive this and what i think is really cool about. It is that, when youre racing around on the floor, when you do look through your goggles, you actually see the front part of the car and you see the wheels turning left and right.

I think that is so cool. I think the battery life on these is kind of crazy, too they last 60 minutes. It says on the box 60 minute battery life for the non fpb version and i believe the fpv version is supposed to run for about 20 minutes running the fpv camera, and the big thing about the fpv camera is that it draws more energy from the battery Than if you didnt have the camera on there, so thats something to think about. If you want your kids to be able to play with this for a long time and theyre just doing tabletop racing, these will run for a really long time and i dont think your kid will get upset that the battery died too quickly and say. Like five minutes, the transmitters are very basic. They dont have any type of steering or throttle trim on here id like to see that a new version of this had that it does have a little bind button to the right of the on off switch. You got your drive wheel here, which is very similar to every other rc car on the planet. You have a little throttle here, pulling down on this little trigger. If you push up, it goes in reverse, so they have forward and reverse they have proportional steering on there, which is crazy. This ones kind of locked into you can see its stuck to the side there. I dont know why that one does that when i turn it off it does that on the very bottom, we have a little tiny, jst port right there.

You can see the two prongs sticking up, thats what you plug in the charger to, and i think this thing charged up, probably in like maybe 15 minutes time once you have it charged up a little red light underneath this body will go out and once you Go out it goes out, it has a full charge. It also has an on off button over here. You can just barely see that, but if you press and hold the car will turn on so this controller is on lets see if it links up with this car. Well, just turn it on. You can see the red light blinking there and it should go solid when i have a bind to the transmitter and lets turn on this other one, because i have two so just double check here and it looks like thats blinking back there boom its on. So it starts out in kind of a beginner mode and i think over time it starts to go faster and faster, very similar to the turbo racing cars. But this is the same kind of 176 scale idea as turbo racing cars, but these have larger tires on them, so these can actually go places that the turbo racing cars cant go so diatons kind of on to something here to get you more places in your House, the turbo racing cars that we we drove on the channel a while back my girlfriend, and i had a lot of fun with those we did some tabletop racing and she got super addicted to it.

Wouldnt give me the transmitter back, so i think that car might be hers now, but this one is different because it will do tabletop racing slow enough to keep it on the table and go around the top around the course or itll drive on the carpet, which I think is super cool. The fpv view is a little bit bouncy on the carpet, i think, but on the hardwoods, its a lot of fun and at high throttle, everything starts to vibrate a lot so thats. One thing that i noticed about it. If there was any kind of stabilization that would be awesome, maybe even just a little bit of grommet action underneath the camera might smooth out some of that bump from the tires. But the tires are, you know: theyre, they have a rubber grip on them and it should keep you from burning out most of the time if you have any dust or anything on the floor or any kind of uh sand or anything youll actually start doing. Fpd burnouts, which was like super cool. I kept going full throttle just to try to do like a power slide or a burnout coming around the corner, and sometimes i would like spin out and turn around and come back um, its so much fun. So i mean i was probably in about 18 minutes when i got a knock at the door, it was the water department, and so i had to kind of stop.

He was like hey. What are you doing you playing a game and im like yeah yeah, kinda, sorta, nope, im having fun with my little 176 scale car, and that was a lot of fun. So i think if you want to pick one of these up, you can check it out. Link down below the fpv version is 130 and the non fpv version is 75. So i think it is really really fun and now id like to see more of these coming out from diatom, because i think they have something a little different here than the the turbo racing. One and yeah grab one of these because uh you will have a ton of fun with this one i mean this is one of my favorite videos that ive done in quite a time a few a long time. So i told my girlfriend this morning that i think this is like one of the funnest things ive done, um, probably on my channel to date. These things are stupid, stupid fun. I would get the one with the camera. If i was you and i dont know that they have a version without the goggles, but if you already have goggles just throw those to the side or let a friend wear them, and you wear your your fancy, fpv goggles and you will be stoked and they Will be stoked to drive this uh, it would make a great birthday present for a kid too.

I would i think these will end up being my kids, so i appreciate you guys watching the channel as always make some comments down below.