And if you guys watched yesterdays video on this channel, the sole reason that i bought shredders to try out was because of milkys youtube video. I saw him playing and i was like damn this looks sick. I love a good snowboarding game and i bought it. I tried it out and then i saw this i didnt even know this was possible with the game milky somehow translated his insane skater xl, filming abilities and gameplay abilities and transferred it to this game shredders and it is so sick. I i didnt know any of this was possible and i i saw this. This is the sole reason ive been putting time into shredders, because i want to be like milky. The dude is a madman when it comes to gameplay and filming. I i dont know if this was a sponsored deal or not. If it was milky god damn you made me buy the game. This was absolutely phenomenal. Follow milkys instagram! If you dont already, i id shout him out a lot on his youtube channel. He posts some banger instagram clips as well, so thats still milky you are. You are a magician my friend, so here we are in the beautiful world of shredders heres me flying my drone. I seem to be holding an invisible drone controller, but we are flying the drone right now. If you guys watched yesterdays video, it was my legitimate first impression of buying the game, trying it for the first time.

First playthrough story mode, all that and it was while it was a lot of fun. It was relatively painful to watch because i didnt understand any of the controls. It was my my first time ever playing the game and i will also admit, ive, been playing drone flying simulator in shredders for a solid hour. Okay lets actually snowboard since yesterdays video i have put in a couple hours and im beginning to understand the controls. A little bit better and just overall feeling more comfortable with the game. Oh that was really close. Let me actually turn on my controller overlay here, so you guys can see the controls that were putting in so i feel like now. I can actually offer a little bit hit a little bit better gameplay, so i think that will make for a more fun video, but i just wanted to play the game and one day be as talented as milky. I missed the rail. I was trying this line yesterday. This has been like one of my favorite parks. We come up here. We do a late like a stalefish. Late 180. then try to go for a slow, switchback, three stale fish front board. I always miss that rail, though speed check, were going real fast there there. It is late 180. ill. Take that perfect, oh man. One thing i really do like about this game is most snowboarding games. Theyre kind of tony hawk pro skatery, where, if you lock onto a box or a rail youre on, like you, are locked into that grind where this game i feel like, if you hit the side of the rail you just slide off it, just like you would In real life, you know what i mean, i think, thats really sick.

You landed that to flat thats totally fine, completely wrong. Grab there thats totally fine as well and lets just flip sprint and pray totally meant to do that. Im getting heavy skater, xl vibes and i keep saying one more try and then we keep going boom Music kinda, laying at 270 there but dude get into that stupid rail, okay. That was it. I have a good feeling about this. One stale fish start the 180 quicker, so we actually land all the way wow its back free japan. I i was too blown away by that japan that i i forgot that i was doing the rail. I also just got to get better at knowing what grabs do what i know you can do like you can do all sorts of grab, like you can, in real life casual little back three to start off the line on a little bit fast. There thats fine! There it is please there it is. Oh, that was the one uh i havent planned this far in the line, so lets just do some crazy run 360.. It wasnt until i tried messing around with the replay editor that i really realized how gnarly milky is in this game. The replay editor just doesnt, make sense for for lack of better terms. It doesnt it doesnt work for me to have no idea how his clips look that good it auto generates you some some key frames at first and im.

Sure part of it is user error its me not knowing how to use it. Uh, which is part of the reason i wanted to make this video, so you guys can help me, but this is the the default vanilla. This is what it gives us, which actually looks pretty damn good, but i want to try to do it ourselves. Im going to go through and delete all these pre made keyframes. I also dont know how to trim the clip. I thought you were able to trim the clip, but apparently you cant, i dont know it says you can set the trim point with x, so it makes like the little line as if its going to trim it. I dont know how to like clip it. You know how in skater xl in session well go right. There end the clip there. I would like it. I want to cut it, but i dont know how to do that and now the part that makes absolutely zero sense. Are the keyframes so lets just im going to do it with like a skater accelerate session mentality, where we kind of you know add our first and last keyframes and fill out the middle, but ive learned that it really doesnt work like that. So we have one frame there, which now its just like a follow cam. It looks like ass, so in in my head im, like okay middle of the jump, we want the camera to be.

You know maybe somewhere like this. Maybe we are flying a drone. Maybe we got some crazy drone shot lets be up here, actually boom keyframe huh that actually didnt look terrible. We have this need a landing one. Its just like the the the interlacing of the keyframes dont seem to work as smoothly that wasnt bad. Maybe this is the video where everything just starts making sense hold on. I think i want to add one here that kind of follows us up it just it obviously doesnt look anywhere as smooth as milkys, but if we can get a start, thatd be nice. Okay and then up here curve in a little bit angle, it up, oh, were getting somewhere, maybe actually oh, never mind what happened here. Okay were there. I i streamed this yesterday too, and a lot of you guys were saying the replanter just isnt as fluid as skater xl and its a lot easier to do single tricks than it is lines like this and you have to add more keyframes than you would in Skater xl, but i kind of wanted to show this whole process, so hopefully someone can help me and just give me any give me any tips, theyre all greatly appreciated. How do i want to be on the rail? Maybe even just like something like that, and then i want to get below us here. I love the the drone feeling of the pin dropper and the camera and all that seven hours later, so we have our final result and youll soon see what i mean when i say that it doesnt look as good as other peoples we come up.

We do the stale fish laid back 180. There come through here, steezy switch back three stale fish and then switch front board alley. What would that be 540 or 720 off thats it? Oh, i think i just figured something out. Actually, i think those trim points if i let it play through. I think that trim point is when it restarts it yeah it is okay, so the trim points do work. Actually i stand corrected. I figured that out, but its just it needs work still pretty satisfying, though that thats my best one yet and thats kind of embarrassing to say. Since yesterday i also got a little bit more familiar with some of the controls. We can do. Butters now or tail presses whatever you actually call them in the snowboard world, but, like you, can make some crazy clips doing like presses to 360s and like that lets do like tail press like it just adds so much steez to it. I havent progressed in the story mode much yet so i dont have many of these places unlocked. We have mountain pass and frozen wood ill. Show you a frozen wood heck. What is this one? Is this where we just were, of course it zory just were okay whats here then, oh, this is new. This is just like powder zone, my friend, listen to that sound. Oh, we over rotated, oh and we landed it. The sound design in this game is great.

Im definitely getting hefty powder vibes. I dont know how we landed. That is this a road over here. Oh this, this is a legitimate road. The maps are huge too or like the map. I guess its not plural. Like skater xl ive like tried going all the way down, and it just keeps taking you somewhere else, its pretty fat. What about a tail press all the way down? I guess we cant really turn. While we do that and we caught an edge, thats scarily realistic. You can catch an edge. I want to try something here. I dont even know if these mountains, in the background, are part of the map or, if thats, just like the background, but i want to see if we can fly our drone up here and send it down damn it that would have been so sick. I guess thats kind of what i expected. We can go to this one. At least i really wanted to go up there. This looks like quite this end, though see where we end up im not going fast enough. Okay off to the side, shall we Music that worked. This is all part of the the realism. You know if you dont ride your snowboard like this in real life, then what are you really doing with your life? Some nice toe side, nice toe side carves in here, uh huh. Looking good Applause – oh imagine that in real life, okay, i want to do some more missions here, because i want to.

I want to unlock more of the map were going to head on over here and see what we get into thought. I was gon na over rotate that dog gon na lie. I cant for the life of me hit this hit properly, like i wan na. Just go, oh did i do it, i kind of did it Music that was sick, okay were getting better, were making it to our objectives. Yes, i do jump through it. I just did that thing is massive. You want me to jump through it. Yes through it like between one of the os – oh heck, yes do that through the o. Oh, oh, my the voice acting so funny, dude all right jump through two of those jump through three. Those lets go through all those so were going through. One of the letters in the sign right – i dont know how i made that hold on. I want to restart. I want to do it like i do my my skate 3 challenges, where i actually make them kind of sick that was kind of decent, oh yeah. No redo back three: oh! Oh! What missed it? Yes, sign right, theres, the back three uh back: five! No! Oh! Oh! Yes! Oh really! Yes, ill! Take that! Where are we going? I really got ta stop over rotating those flips steezy backlit, okay. I guess i should have said regular backlit, not steezy. There was a steezy one.

Oh the third o backflip it. Oh yeah, oh dawn. Maybe it counted it. Look it counted. It jumped through three of those thick all right. What do we got here? Well, take the van down the road, so you guys can send it over were sending it lets go! Oh god, please dont break my baby. Well, try to be gentle, tornado and itll be a pretty sick name. Okay, so it wants me to spin 360 tail grab, which is right and lb. Okay, oh, were going over a moving van wheres, the jump, nothing! Nothing just worked im following homie here, because i i do not know where were supposed to go. That was sick. One more time wow homies mobbing in the van i cant get that tail grab. That was so nice. This is a fun challenge, though wow this is insane theres, oh thats, a seat belt, Music Applause, oh bailey, cleared that more speed. Ah, we did it. We succeeded. Actually, no, we didnt, we failed everything we didnt do a flip or a 360 tail grab one more try. It says up on the right: stick and lb. How can that be so hard up on the race? Oh okay, i got it so we go no wow. This is where am insane going give me my 360 tail grub, damn it i i cant do it that was so sick. I cant figure out the 360 tail grab. Yet i can do the tail grab.

Just fine, sometimes Music pale grab perfect cradles. What what is happening im? That is not my fault, that just floated thats enough of that. I also figured out um. I figured out a couple of things like a couple: little buggy things about the game that were really driving me crazy. Until i figured out, they were bugs with the game, for example, for as far as i know, you cant 50 50 goofy. It just automatically throws you into a lip slide, no matter how straight you go at it it just. It throws you into a lip, but you can, however, do a 50 50 regular mean. That was a terrible one, because i could, i should have split off, but you see what i mean and theyre kind of buggy, apparently mom baby nope we missed games frozen. We broke the game. Why is my game doing that? Oh, my god, it sucks that i really wanted to do. 50. 50S. I guess i can just do him switch still still cant. Even do him that good 270 lip god damn it almost caught an engine died, see i i love those how you can actually just bonk it instead of it auto locking you in, like, i feel like most games, would its way more satisfying its like low grind Alignment on session, you know what i mean, damn it all right last one. I want to do a full, a full line here and thats.

Not the way to start it got it lets, take a slow little back. 180 switch five. Oh, we went for a switch. Seven whoa i dont even know what that was bring it on over yonder. Well, do another little slow, tweaked. 180.. I love how those look but over here. This is where it starts getting technical, barely and now thats the end of our line. There whoa hold on look at this spot. Oh we skating or were snowboarding street. Now now wait a second Music thats, not what i meant to do whoops. How did i get into that so good, the first time, yep alley, oop 270. Damn it all right! I got. I got the alley oop out now, just got ta get a good board slide. Ah there there thats what i was trying to do like. I wonder if i can trim this, we have that one start right here. We go through and delete all of our keyframes here and well. Obviously have it end over here. This is this, is the hardest part for me is figuring out how to film it im. Just ill time lapse this and then ill just show you the end result. I dont have high hopes Music. The final result – i i am getting better at filming its, not beautiful, but definitely a step up from how it used to be so im im im getting im getting better. I have myself on the back im hyped on that.

I feel like its the same thing as skater xl in session, where its like a game like this in a relatively open world action sports game. So heavily comes down to filming thats. How i spend most of my hours playing session in skater xl, so im hyped on that. I think that is a thats as good as places ever to end off this video. I know a lot of you guys watching this video actually have a lot of hours in shredders, so any tips and tricks and feedback is greatly appreciated. If you guys have like oh to film, do this or you shouldnt do this? Let me know i always read comments and i i welcome anything with an open hand.