Why the sad face there? Kenny boy well everybodys mad at me, because i broke this gimbal even more on the mavic mini. Well, the only way to make things better is to make things worse, youre right, but how you need the drone blender 5000.. How does blender get here? Oh my god. Its glorious, i bet you that blenders making you thirsty youre right. I should make a smoothie uh, but i need some juice. Thatll do Music, but will it blend Music? Ah, thats delicious thanks, droneblender5000 Music weve yet to uh fly this yet so everything you all are seeing is our first time this ground station here will help with uh range. Supposedly, a 17 mile range were not going to obviously push it 17 miles, but a little bit windy today that shouldnt affect us. This thing usually does really well in the wind. This is a vtol can take off like a drone, but fly like a plane. So should be pretty interesting. This beast its got its own dedicated smart controller and weve got the repeater, so this should be fun: Music, Music, Music, its up 200 feet and its freaking sounds like its right next to us, wow that thing moves dude holy christ. That thing moves: how fast is that going uh 43. holy crap? So if you just stop, it gets pretty pissed off yeah. So i noticed that when you stop, it gets louder. Is that it doing that yeah? It makes all kind of neat noises apparently dude.

This thing is fast, fast, fast, fast, fast, yeah forward mode, its ridiculous, so just watch that playing on the just dont go too far. We only got like 11 minutes left Music, so i thought flying my center lifters with the 2 000 camera was nerve wracking. I will tell you that this is way way: more nerve, wracking, its a hundred and fifty thousand dollar drone, and while it takes off like a drone, some of the characteristics are more like an airplane, not so much an actual physical drone, but uh cameras really interesting. Its going to take us a little bit of time to get used to us today was was our first time flying this, but as we get a little more proficient with it, we can uh go into detail of what this is really used. For. I will tell you that this is not something anybody probably no hobbyist would ever attain. This is going to be something for search and rescue police departments, possibly even fire departments that are working a an infrastructure thats on fire, and they need something thats going to be up in the air, but out of the way and stay up there for a long Period of time thats where something like this is going to really come in handy so search and rescue fire, and you know even inspections, because again this takes up. You know a long wingspan and you can stay in one spot hover and just cast yourself down a series of lines, so its really interesting to see but thats gon na do it for todays video, if you guys enjoyed be sure to hit the like button subscribe.

If you already havent well see in the next video stay original, i want the money to power, respect, and i heard you know so and so youre not a threat cause. I really know so, and so they like my family, so they go pretend that they cool till they bust up your chest. Im getting gutted my floating like butter, my check in the bank. They see the number all of my haters feel one of two ways really upsetting. They show some respect.