You already know what it is man. This is the part two of my review of this broad stream or broad dream. Broad dream. Two in one rc stunt board and paraglider, so i got it ready for the paraglider mode, see you can see its very simple to set up. I put a little paraglider a little arch on it and i also put the strings on it. To hook my little lady up, so i took her off for her start board. She was on her stomach board. Did you check out my snowboard review, pretty cool? She was riding it like a like a surfer. She was swag surfing yeah and then she got that swag yeah. So here is the transmitter and to get it in for parachute mode. You need to turn the transmitter on well. First, you need to turn the drone on turn the drone on and at the same time. Well once the drone is on press the power button on the tx and, at the same time hold down the speed button right here. The speed button right here at the same time by holding the power button down and that should put it into the paraglider mode, so lets go ahead and just do that were going to take off with this little lady all right guys. So we are all bound up got. The drone on, like i said, went ahead. I just pressed down the power button at the same time, by pressing in the power button hold on hold down the speed button right here and i put it into paraglider mode.

So were going to go ahead and take off go ahead and take off the squiggles make sure we uh calibrate it so lets take off whoa it works. I cant believe it works, oh my god, Music wow. So this is the first rate right here guys. Oh, my god, its actually working, that is the coolest thing. Ive ever seen right. There first rake right here, so i dont, i dont, think you can flip it with it being in the paraglider mode. Look at that wow that is so cool lets see if we increase the speed two beats. So this is the second rate lets check it out. Theres our yaw in the second right there, pretty cool lets, go three beats. This is our third rate theres our yard. In the third rate – oh my god, this is so dope. This is probably got to be my new favorite little drone. Now, Music, it does lose a little bit of altitude when you get the uh doing the doing a little funnels with it thats, probably because of a little weight hanging down from it from the little girl on this. My little lady check her out there. It does have a demo button. Remember the demo button for when she was on a surfer button on the circle board, were gon na press that again and see what she does lets check that out. So she does a little pirouette press it again and she gets out of it Music, one more time, press it.

She does a little pillow, it press it again. She gets out of it. Oh man, like i said yeah, she wont let you do any flips or nothing like that which is expected because shes in paraglider mode, but when shes on a spot board, you can do flips. Oh got a car coming got a car coming lets get a close. Look lets get it all up to your fitness. Look at my little lady there, Music, that is so cool guys. You lose altitude when you yaw her. She loses altitude a little bit. Oh man, look at that man. I cant believe its actually flying wow has got to be the coolest thing. Ive ever seen: Music rc paragliding yo, usually when they have these little gimmicky drones like this, they dont ever really actually work like theyre supposed to this. One actually works, like i said the two in one feature, if you missed my first, the part one check out part one. When you see her, she rides on top of the little stunt board on top without the paraglider, and then this is her riding it. Underneath riding it as a paraglider and she flies pretty good in both in both modes: Music, yo, Music, oh man, this is so Music. You cool, oh man, i should have got two or three of these. Can you imagine having a like three or four of these? With your buddies im flying them and yall be out paragliding through the park or something thatd be so dope.

Having like three or four days in the air, i might have to do that. I had to get me scott and homie, or somebody together, get us all out here paragliding or get him on a stump or maybe set up like a course and like some hoops or something and get on the stump board and do like a spun course on The stump boards look at that man flies pretty good uh. She lost little altitude shes losing a little bit. I mean that battery might be getting low. The battery might be getting low, low, low, low low Music. You know dont follow me, lady, so for orientation wise. You have of course her face and forward, and you got a blue led in front of the little paraglide. Oh shes shes done shes dead. So there you go. She crashed a little rc paraglider two in one by broad dream, flies great guys ill drop, a link below i already dropped. The link in the first video part, one ill drop, a link in part two. I actually lost a propeller there. I have to get that, but yeah flies great, no issues. For me, this thing was like 12 bucks guys. What can you say? Hey pick one up definitely to have some fun pick another one up for uh the good rc friend in your life and theyre, going to have some fun for the cheapo price. You cant beat it how many boy drones and dogs thanks for watching catch.