Anybody that hits the drone brings. It down gets a prize Music. All right here we go ill. Tell you, when im clear, go Music Applause, Laughter, thats, the most amazing thing, ive ever seen, Laughter yall got nothing nothing: Music, Music, that was freaking astounding. That was amazing. You just blasted phillip. You got more bottle rockets for me. Im gon na go interview the dudes. How does it feel to suck so much? I think hes gon na go for round two. You ready yeah, just awesome, dude yeah hi youtube. They sucked man they didnt hit. They even hit the drone. Go Applause, Music Applause, oh Music, Applause holy hell. I could see a little thousand off of me. This is the most amazing thing, ive ever seen, hover in front of them see if they can do anything to it. Applause Laughter, oh that was so much fun, dave your thoughts. I cant get enough good job man. Good job somebody hit me dead on. Oh, my god, look! Look at the whole. The marks on the side of the is the lens thats just plastic. On the lens, its fine. You can wipe right off. Look at that air supports ready to take off all right, ready, go see were ducking down ducking down behind here, because theyre shooting at that dude im gon na pick up, oh god, oh its carnage, Laughter, Music, Laughter, it theyre just all dropping over dead, come back Right in here, right in here, Music theyre all still dead man, you killed him dave Music, and this is legal because its on private property – and we all signed waivers by the way.

Maybe we should let him use paintballs dont dont try this at home kids. Unless your home is, unless you live with me, unless your home is near daves house wheres, my prize, i hit it indestructible, they said. If you take it down. Oh your prize yeah, i hit it. I got uh. I got 20 bucks for you. Oh you ready.