If you’re looking to buy the mob lite 7 or the mob light 6, my recommendation is going to be to buy the mob light 7. Why? Because it’s, better you’re going to find out why all right guys let’s go ahead, get the mob light 7 up for the indoor flight test. Let me talk about the big differences between this one and the six. My immediate first impression of the mob light 7 was that it just handles better it’s. It feels bigger indoors. Yes, it had a little bit of kind of blowout in the corners, but that might be me on the throttle and just getting used to the size of this versus the six indoors. Now, if you have a smaller place, grab the six, if you’re, not gon na, fly outside and try to do freestyle and do loops and rolls and things like that, the mobile i7 is just a better choice for kind of an all around choice. If you’re trying to choose between both these, the six or the seven seven again has the same exact pit tune as the six. So i mean i i feel like they tuned the seven and then you just kind of maybe slap the the same tune on the six, because it seems to be working really well for this squad and i love the high speed feel when i get back on The throttle down the straightaway in my house, it works out really good and you can make some pretty small gaps with this one.

Still you just have to slow way down, but again the cornering is nice and it feels like it has a more stable characteristic to it than the other quad. It just feels way more locked in and slow down there on that turn, but i can get right back on the throttle and guys that are brand new. I want to tell you also kind of slow, this quad down and back off the stick a little bit, but still it has that suction thing that happened with the six kind of sucks up to a surface above itself, because you don’t have that dome. Like you. Normally have on a lot of the whoops, normally when the camera’s on top you don’t have as much of that sort of suction happening, but if you get it just right, you can make it through those underpasses and now underneath the table here. I wanted to show you that the turtle mode actually does work if you’re on your carpet, do it on the carpet, but don’t do it out in the grass you could burn up the flight controller and the escs and your vtx all in one fell swoop. So let’s go ahead. Do some outdoor action. This was a ton of fun. It felt like i was flying something like a two inch or three inch: quad super stable and kind of fun. You can get a little bit creative with your moves with this squad. Flips and rolls no problem – and i went up here to that big, huge tall, evergreen and just wanted to give a shot at a dive.

So we got a little bit steep in this dive a little bit of washout right there. So i did have some wash out, but it could have been the wind that day so it’s a little bit stormy and kind of wet and rainy out this afternoon, but tons of fun up in the tree, canopy really fast and the nano 3. It got. A little bit wet this this afternoon, but it’s still looks pretty good even on an overcast day. So, on a nice sunny day, this camera looks fantastic, but i really had a good time with this one and uh just swinging around the trees like a chimpanzee let’s go ahead and go back into the studio. Now, all right guys welcome back from the flight break mob. Light 7 review is starting in depth right now. So before we get started, i want to tell you that this eachine six in one charger the way to go for the ph 2.0 connectors and the smaller ones. They also have another version of this with the et 2.0 connectors that fit most of the new eachine. Little tiny whoops um, but why do i like this one, better, um, first and foremost, the seven over the six? Well, it flies better. The tune’s better it’s a little bit larger and actually it’s a lot larger i’m going to show you the size difference and you wouldn’t think that a 65 millimeter quad would be so drastically different to this one.

Uh 75 millimeter just a little bit bigger same size, motors same exact flight controller on here we have the same exact camera, the same similar type of camera mount in the front. That seems to be doing a little bit better. It is adjustable. You can change it. You can move the screw in and out this one also has the f4 krazy b flight controller on here with the longer extended d8 built in spi receiver. This antenna is going to get you two to three blocks out. I believe, if you’re flying in your neighborhood, which is pretty cool, because the other spi antennas that have no extended antenna with a ufo connector off the board, they tend to fail safe quite easily. So we’ve been talking about that on the channel for years now. So there’s a big difference between spi built in receivers and an external receiver, so it also has the option on this board where you can add on a receiver now. The motors are also the exact same. These are the zero eight zero two motors and 19 000 kv, and they look a little bit like the zing motors honestly doesn’t. That bell look very similar to the zing motors, but three bolts on the bottom. Four strut support for the prop guard battery accommodation for a 650 or 450 with that ph 2.0 connector battery just slides right in there just like this, and these motors are soldered down to this board.

So you don’t actually have plug and play type motors, meaning if you broke a motor, you could pull it out and put a new one in this one. You would have to re solder up a new motor. However, unless you’re turtle moting in the grass – and i was talking to john recently about this – a friend of mine on the channel, if you’re in the grass, try not to turtle mode, if you’re on a flat surface, give it a shot if you’re in some bark Or things like that, you’re also kind of taking a chance so be very careful there. Now, as far as the flight characteristics, this one is so much better um, it’s, smoother it’s great super stable indoors. You can slow it way down. You can bring this camera down to about level with the horizon and really take some slow gaps indoors that’s. What makes it fun about indoors indoors? Keep that camera low. Unless you have a big house and you want to fly faster, raise it up just like that. It’S kind of fun to be able to move the camera up and down like this on the fly. Sometimes, when you crash, if you do, have a high camera tilt here, it will go back down, of course, but um very easy just to change that, and this one seems to work a lot better than the other version. The 65 millimeter one i had now. I was getting over five minutes flight time with the 650 as well, so flight time is really good and i’m getting at least five minutes flight time with the 1s 450 battery.

So it has a great flight time on this one. Now. What i also like is the fact that the vtx on here, that’s, built in all one board again is 25 milliwatt to 200 milliwatts. So happy model has something seriously right here with a much more powerful vtx. It means that, with this extended receiver antenna you can really get out there on 200 milliwatt, which is super nice and with a longer flight time. You can make more distance with this size, whoop and tilt that camera up outdoors as much as you want and you’ll fly even faster and cover more ground. So if you’re doing tree canopy exploration, you can bring that camera down to about level and slow it way down. This one also seemed to handle flips and rolls and have a little less wash out. I was able to get it to freak out and have a little bit of wash out and tumble, but on some really high and extreme maneuvers, so that’s that’s one thing to think about with this quad. Now i love the pro low profile. I love the flight time. I love the tune. Everything about this quad is fantastic. They include larger batteries. You get two batteries in the box. I wish the charger was a little better. I feel like they kind of skimped out on the charger, but at 89 dollars. I mean you can grab this charger and do six at once, and you can keep those batteries coming as long as you want this one only has one port right here and it does have a switch for the power so or that might be a switch for.

Actually turning it from hb to regular lipo, but it does both, which is nice, so this charger will do hv batteries which these are and the voltage range up to the final charge. Point on an hv battery is 4.35 volts, so that’s what you’re? Looking for on your charger and this one is switchable as well, so these are the batteries i recommend getting the all line batteries. These are the very brand new ones out there that i’ve been using most of like late last year and they’ve been doing great, and so look at that now, it’s, not even swollen, yet very good batteries for my whole line. But this quad is also weighing in super super light. I mean we’re we’re under 20 grams, with this quad with no battery, and this quad is bigger and lighter than some of my 65 millimeter custom builds five years ago, 19.7 grams, i mean come on that’s awesome. Now, with the 650 battery, getting you up to 35.4 grams now, with the all line, 450 that’s going to get us up to 32.4 grams, so extremely lightweight. Very nice weigh in i’m impressed. So it is a good size, ultralight and it’s, just so much fun indoors and outdoors. So i think, for the price too, under 90 is just one of those no brainers one to definitely scoop up and make a part of your collection, but guys thanks again for watching the camps. Channel i’m justin davis.

We are loving the mob lite7. This is the one to get so hopefully that answers. Your question also gives you a little bit of fun with my flights with it um the more you get used to it. The faster you’re gon na be able to fly this indoors and freestyle this baby outside and have a ton of fun with this one. So thanks for watching guys, this has been my mob. Lite 7 review super stoked on this one. This is one of the best buys of the year so far, my life, seven it’s kicking ass, take care guys and i’ll see you on the next one, also guys, while you’re hanging out i i have actually a pretty good deal on some memory cards right now. I was sent these for testing the fly: hal cards, 64 gigabyte high speed card for recording your videos to your dvrs even doing 4k drone videos using your smo 4k camera. These are great. These are 64 gigabyte and they come in on flash deal right now. For about 18 bucks, a piece so grab a few of these they’re gon na be gon na, be the ones i’m using this year. But thanks again for watching and uh check out some links down below for some super good deals on memory cards, i mean there’s. Some even low is like five bucks so enjoy.