I finally get a chance to give fpv a go, because the guys at emacs have kindly sent me the easy pilot pro for me to test. Well, get it unboxed and take a closer look at what we get followed by a line of sight test. And then some real fpv action lets take a quick look at what we get in the box. We get a 450 milliamp hour 1s lipo battery, some spare props a usb cable, a battery charger capable of charging up to six batteries. At the same time, some spare screws and a screwdriver emacs instructions and details on how to obtain the full online manual, some emac stickers and finally, the transporter 2 goggles, which are adjustable an included, monitor snaps in using magnets, and you can also adjust the focal distance On the goggles, the goggles feel sturdy theyre well made and im hoping theyre comfortable to wear the transmitter that you get with this fpv drone comes ready to go straight out the box with no further setup required, and the great thing about this transmitter is. It is compatible with flight simulators, which is great as crashing on a flight. Simulator is a lot cheaper than crashing in real life. Lets talk a little bit more about the monitor, then, because this does look really nice. I love the fact you can also mount it to the transmitter if you dont fancy using the goggles and if you decide to upgrade you can hand the monitor to someone else hell be able to watch the flight.

Just like the transmitter, you get an inbuilt 1300 milliamp hour lithium ion battery and that should give us a decent amount of run time. Unfortunately, the monitor doesnt feature a dvr function. So if you want to record your flights, you may have to look an external solution. Here is then this is the easy pilot pro and i have to say it does look ultra durable, its also really flexible and thats ideal. For someone like me, who will no doubt have quite a few crashes, the drone features four brushless 15 000 kv motors, an adjustable fpv, camera height, assist self leveling, four bladed props a four in one esc and you can even plug the drone into a pc and Make lots of changes using the right software, depending on user skill? You can choose which mode you want to fly with. You have free modes to choose, including angle, horizon and air angle mode uses, self, leveling and height assist, which is ideal for beginners horizon mode features. Self leveling, but also allows the drone to be more aerobatic. Finally, air mode gives you full control over the drone with no self leveling and its the most difficult, but they say once mastered, is the most enjoyable way to fly. Fpv im going to be flying angle mode today as im a total beginner, but over the next few months i will be practicing with this little drone and hopefully, one day ill be able to fly in air mode.

I would highly recommend practicing on a flight simulator before taking the drone out the very first time. It will help you to get an idea of the basic flight control and, if you crash you can just repeat over and over without having to worry about funding very expensive repairs, there are many fpv simulators out there. The best ones are the paid options, but the free alternatives can also be very good. Ive been practicing on liftoff, which is said to be one of the best out there. Its got great graphics and close to real life feel when it comes to flying drones. In a game now this program wasnt free – it actually cost me about 17 pounds or 20 dollars, which is a small price to pay, considering how much more youll pay. If you decide to take your chances and fly the drone without practicing first right so lets do a very quick line of sight test in my back garden lets arm the drone Music using the simulator is definitely paying off very stable little machine considering its size Music. Ah, Music, all right lets give this a go. Then im using my eachine monitor, which does have a dvr feature. This is the first time im testing out fpv through the goggles as well very exciting, so lets arm this, but its definitely a little bit different than the um. The sim. You can see me over there, it just oh, so i am flying in angle mode at the moment.

So i have got the uh the stabilization and i just wanted to fly around a little bit just to get a little bit of an idea as to how this quad performs. As you can see on the screen, youve got your battery read out there. It tells you what mode youre currently running in how long youve been flying for yeah. Well already you can see flying on the sim definitely makes a difference, because i think, if id have skipped that part, i would be terrible at this one of the things. A lot of people have mentioned: is you do want to get yourself a handful of batteries, because the tiny little 1s, 450 milliamp hour battery is not going to last very long. I think we need to take this in the forest and see how i get on right. So weve done the line of sight test. Weve also tested this out in the open, and i know for a fact, ive got some basic control over the drone lets get this thing switched on and lets see if i can control it now that weve got all of these obstacles in the way. All of these trees lets see how i get on ive got the monitor running as well, which is going to record my flight. I forgot to mention. I have been recording my footage today, using the eachine mon eagle, a great little fpv monitor and it has an inbuilt dvr, which is ideal for you to record your flights.

Ive just put the goggles on lets arm this drone and lets see how we get on. Well, you definitely need to concentrate a little bit more compared to uh when we were in the open field. Oh really crashed it already again, i am flying in angle mode. I can see myself at the back. There say hello: now: you do need to be in constant motion, constant forward motion if you want to have proper control over these little drones, because the camera is angled down a little bit. Oh nearly hit a tree. I am an absolute beginner when it comes to this youre not going to see any crazy skills off of me. I dont think im doing too bad. Considering lets see how fast this little drone is. Oh, i think its fair to say. Ive got a lot of time to spend on the simulator. Certainly a quick little drone now im getting very minimal noise on the headset itself on the goggles im, not sure if the monitors picking up any noise Music. This is a lot of fun. Oh im super tempted to switch the mode, but im going to be uh im going to be sensible here. Oh, i nearly hit a branch there, so weve got the battery level flashing. Already batteries dont last very long on this, so you will definitely want to pick up a few extra batteries. Weve been going two and a half minutes yeah. This is a lot of fun.

I just want to say a huge thanks to emacs once again for sending me this drone. Oh, i think that is us yeah. We managed to get about three minutes of run time. Lets go and find the drone here. It is and its still in one piece. So there we go, then guys that was the easy pilot pro by emacs a great little machine, great little starter machine as well, and, like i said at the start of the video i always wanted to get into fpv, but it just looked a little bit too Expensive a little bit too complex, but look youve got flight sims out there. Youve got packages like this theres. Absolutely no excuse not to get into fpv these days. This thing is epic, so let me know in the comments section down below what you make of the easy pilot pro. This thing turned out to be a really really good fun little drone and its an excellent way for anyone to get into the fpv hobby and, like myself, you know, ive, never really ventured down the fpv route. This thing is ideal. Im gon na get back on the simulator and hopefully, one day ill, be able to fly this without any stabilization, cheers for watching guys and ill see you again soon on the next one.