Well, at least today, it’s not snowing guys still cold, but at least it’s not snowing. Today i got a real nice quick uh. I won’t even call it unboxing, because it’s not really too much to unbox, but we’re. Just gon na uh take a look at what comes in the case with this guy because it comes with this nice carrying case. This is the csj toys um s 161, slash cool, rc mini pro drone, all right, it’s, one of them another one of them. Little mavic mini looking clones, and it comes with this nice carrying case here guys pick this guy up on amazon, for, like 50 bucks check out all the little goodies you get with it all right, ain’t going to get too extensive with it. You get the instruction manual check that out. If you want get some nice pop guards here, all right with some hardware to install the prop guards. You get a micro usb to usb charger to charge the battery, and this guy came with two batteries guys and you get two spare uh foldable props, all right, here’s, our extra battery right here this little box right here and his battery looks like it has little Indicators, little bars that light up. I don’t think these actually light up, but there is a led inside the battery when you charge this guy up by micro, usb on the side here: there’s a micro, usb port here on the side.

So when you stick it in there to charge, this guy will actually be red. It’Ll be like a red light inside here and then it’ll turn green when this guy is fully charged, okay, guys so there’s, no, actually not no, like little bars, that’s going to light up that’s what i actually thought when i first started charging this guy and that’s, Not the case so just uh know that, but guys does come with two batteries all right. This is the s161 also known as the google rc mini pro drone. Look at that nice foam padding around the case all right to protect the drone. It’S nice foldable, mavic mini looking clone. I haven’t even looked at the instructions guys, but look at the transmitter, it’s pretty well labeled. You got your one key return like you got your headless mode right here. Your forward and back trim. Um let’s see you got left and right trim right here looks like you got 3d rows right here: emergency stop, hold hold short press, take photo long press take video right here and you got your speed control your rate, so this guy is very well labeled. Altitude. Whole got a fpv foam mount underneath here and you got some fake antennas up top there’s, no wire or nothing running through these guys. So these are just pretty much fake. You can leave them up or leave them down. If you want on and off switch right there with a blue led indicator, letting you know the transmitter is on guys pretty simple remote.

I think it took three double a batteries for the back, and that was it now let’s get for the gusto of this drone. All right, here’s, the s161 now they’re, boasting that this guy has a 4k camera i’m, not too sure about that, because there’s no sd card to go in there to capture that chris 4k image. But look at this with a word where there would have been an sd card there’s a ribbon in there. So you know you can’t put that that’s the ribbon to the actual camera for the um optical flow, underneath this guy does have optical flow play like we got some leds underneath the motor pods. You know i’m saying like we got some leds out front here, and maybe i don’t know if this is going to light up this battery here, here’s the battery compartment, so proprietary battery, but i like it. This is a really nice. Looking clone the only thing about these clones, you got to just hope that they fly well. You know what i’m saying you just got to hope they fly well. We got an on and off switch here on top so let’s fold out. This guy you got front arms first, then the rear, and then you have this nice. Looking mavic mini. Looking clone guys check this guy out check this guy out. I want to make sure my battery is nice and snug in there make sure my battery is yeah.

Nice and snug in there for a nice snug fit look at the camera. The camera does look like like it’s. A pretty decent lens, though, might be a 4k sensor but i’m, not too sure how it’s going to capture 4k with no sd card, not like that via directly wi fi. You know what i’m saying so but we’re going to see what this guy does guys it’s getting cold out here, but check that out check out the little extended landing gear up here and a staggered leg design. Just like the mavic mini. You can adjust this. Of course, manually we’re just going to leave it uh leave it like straight horizon view. You know what i’m saying leave it like that. That way, we ain’t getting too much of the props in the way. The app for this guy is the csj toys app. You know uh csj toys app right there, but before we get into all that good mess, let’s go ahead and um let’s go ahead and turn on the quad first. Actually we got let’s turn this up. All right. The lights are on look at that. We got blue leds, the front green in the rear, it’s, pretty nice go up and down binds it. We should be bound so let’s go ahead and get my um phone and get an amount here oops. I did not mean to do that. All right put it in the headless mode for a second get my phone in the mount without shutting it off and that actually worked there all right now, let’s try to get into the wi fi this guy let’s get into the wi fi.

This guy see what that is, my hands are getting cold already guys see what the wi fi for this guy is. I have not flunked csj 4k. All right. This is my maiden flight with this guy. I have not flown this guy Music, so let’s go to that should be connected to the wi fi. Now let’s get into this csj toys app. Oh, my gosh turn around. Tell me you’re gon na flop. Over i mean you’re going to rotate. Are you going to auto rotate initialize? The resources? Please wait is what it says: uh calibrate the gyros calibrating my phone is upside down. I thought i would rotate. I really didn’t want to have to stick it in the other way, because i don’t want to be hitting my power button when i stick it in there. Somebody just set it on top like this, i don’t want my power button to get hit. If you guys can understand what i’m saying, because sometimes these little mouse be shutting off my phone, when my phone is in, there see look that’s doing that there and i was afraid that was gon na happen. Huh man, i hate these little mouse when they do that. So let’s go ahead and just click play let’s get inside the app. Are we there we’re inside the app nice see we got the joysticks inside the app i’m, not sure how we get those off. How we get the joysticks off huh that’s, weird i’m gon na, have to sit my phone up right here, some type of way and without having it falling let’s see i can’t really because of my phone it’s gon na shut off we’ll.

Do it like that all right now, let’s see, i got my phone in there? Hopefully it doesn’t shut off guys. Can we is there automatic takeoff, not sure, or did we just let’s see down and out starts the motors guys down a lot stops the motors look at my phone is my power button. Instead of getting hit i’m just gon na have to just set my phone down and hopefully it records so let’s see. Let me see if i long press the photo button that started a recording on my phone, so i’m, just gon na have to leave my phone set down there, guys i’m, sorry, but let’s do it down and out. That starts the motors and go up. So i have my phone down there on the ground guys i apologize but it’s not fitting in this little mount because it’s fitting, but the way it is is making my phone shut off so there’s optical flow right there guys i’m, not touching anything. We are in a first rate, it is code as heck. First rate code is heck, it is for the most part it’s holding for the most part it’s home, so two four flight first rate, not too much pitch at all. Look at that i’m full of pitch. I got ta get some speed all right. Second rate let’s, see if i got any more pitch still not third rate all right, so this is not a speedy little guy.

I had to go right into the third rate to even gain any kind of speed. Any kind of pitch to get this guy back towards me, so we’re just gon na stay in that third rate for right now my hands is cold guys. So we’re, just gon na get a little bit of filming done right here. Checking out the camera see what it does. A little quick, quick review i’ll come back out when it’s warmer, because my hands are already cold from gentlemen. With this uh phone trying to get this phone to be in here i’m letting go to controls, we don’t go into that tree. Don’T go into that tree, baby don’t! You do that. I like the way it looks. I, like the leds, they’re, nice and bright and visible i’m, not touching anything right now, i’m, going to see the optical flow grass it’s kind of grabbing, not the greatest optical flow, but for what it is. It’S working check that out i’m, not touching anything on the sticks, so it’s working for the most part, let’s try and flip really quick. So it did not like that. Flip. Oh i’m. Scared to do another. One let’s go up a little bit. Let’S go up a little bit on the flips yeah. It loses a lot of altitude on the flips yeah. This is not a great flipper. This is more fulfillment and that breeze is kicking up. That breeze is kicking up i’m gon na um.

Stop that recording, hopefully and take a couple photos so should i take a photo face it this way simply took a photo, should take another photo start the recording again. This is going to be a quick one guys my hands are numb can’t feel my fingers guys, but the cssj is still flying, so this won’t be a full flight test either because i’m, just gon na really probably be landing this guy really quickly here, because it Is cold its head wanted to give you guys a quick flight test? Let me bring this guy down. There is no landing, so i guess i got ta just throttle it down. I guess so i come all the way down. So let’s just throttle all the way down until we can land this guy stop. So i thought all the way down motor shut off. That was good, csj, quick flight test, the mavic mini clone your boy, drones and dogs. You know what i’m saying. Let me stop that recording so that’s, not the recording, appreciate you guys for rocking with me it’s cold, as heck i’ll see you guys for another review of this one in the future.