The time has finally come for me to rate every single t in the universe in the ultimate ultimate ttl list. Now you might be sat there, thinking spiff, why do we need a tt list? What is its purpose? Why must we follow it religiously? Ladies and gentlemen, you need the ttl list, it is the one guide and a complicated, nightmarish world. You need the detail list. It will, of course, create wisdom. It will bring you knowledge and potentially it will be the source of immortality to you thats right today we not only discover what is the greatest tea. We also discover the source of immortality and community and humanity thats right. Ladies and gentlemen, the tea time is upon us, the tearing it shall be glorious, absolutely glorious. I know yes, it is here the coffee drinker shall quake and fear. I love it anyway. I hope youre all ready um if youre there in chat. Ladies and gentlemen, give me a hell yeah, give me a hell yes and a good day as were about to begin with, quite possibly the greatest video. The universe has ever seen, um its going to be fantastic, make sure to bring all of your friends. Of course, um, every single friend you have all five of them need to be here: uh, it will be lovely itll, be absolutely lovely to have them here anyway. This is it, ladies and gentlemen, the ultimate tea list of 2022. The time has come so, ladies and gentlemen.

Welcome today welcome, i hope, youre all having a grand old time, thats all of the uh budget of todays stream spent, though im afraid uh, like that song alone, that was like 70 of the licensing fees. Uh thanks for the donations uh that is after that were bankrupt, though so i appreciate it um, the the like quality level from this point on is going to take a sharp downer. Dont worry everythings great now i have created a giant tier list of lovely teas and were going to be sorting them into well the right teas from the wrong teas, basically its going to be a glorious, glorious experience, i hope youre all excited and ready for the Wild ride that is going to be the yorkshire tea tea list. Wait did, i say, yorkshire tillis. That makes me sound, biased, um, maybe the best hes, not yorkshire, tea theres. Only one way to find out and thats to continue watching now, of course, were not just reviewing. The tea brands of the world today were also going to be reviewing your teas at home. Thats right, those of you live in the chat, have been submitting your cups of tea to the discord, and we have a little tea review. Chat set up, our lovely admin, connors then be taking the or has hes been taking those images and videos and putting them into a giant lovely uh experience for us to enjoy. That is the only way i can describe it and were going to go through that experience and review your teas uh as we go on its its a nightmarish fever dream from what ive seen so far.

So i cant wait to see what cups of tea youve made – oh my god um but hey, i hope, youre all having a lovely time hello there, patrick human, in chat, um, hello, there christy newbold, i hope youre all having a lovely day. Now we got a lot of teas, but its not just about the cups of tea, because theres actually something going on right at the moment, uh from the 1st of april until the 4th of april reddit has been doing this little thing called our slash place. Now this is our slash place right here, give it a second to load on in uh. Here we go look at this crazy production technology. I know im like premium levels of production. This is our slash place um. It is a very interesting location, indeed uh its its pretty jazzy, as you can see, theres a lot of stuff on here. Weve got star wars, weve got a giant union jack isnt that lovely and basically every five minutes. One person is able to place a single pixel onto this giant board of art. Now heres the thing theres a lot of people out there shilling lots of different things. Youve got a whole bunch of people. Uh spamming game, stop stuff good for them. I guess uh theres star wars, um theres, whatever theres foxhole. I remember that game. What a great game brazil has been eaten by the void, apparently anyway, its our slash place its an interesting thing.

Indeed, we because we have like 2 000 people here now watching currently and that number will go up as the stream goes on. If you want to interact in a way that isnt just the chat well in the ttl list, just around the union jack, we shall have a little screen in the corner. So that way, if you want to literally send art to the stream, you can do it. Thats right theres a space around the union jack where you can just add as much art as you like and hopefully, by the end of the stream. Well, have a giant yorkshire, tea um, because we have 2 500 people here i reckon we can probably graffiti a giant yorkshire, tea, so thats exactly what were going to be doing as the stream goes on, of course, but hey time to dive into the ttl list. Here we go were bam. This is the tea tier list and in the top right, loading in this is the section of our slash place, which you can mess about with im, probably going to suggest, because we of course have to destroy art in order to make art uh. We should probably destroy something: something: lovely and small, like um, like that lovely little clone hero logo and just replace it with a box of yorkshire tea. Now, if you dont know, of course, what a box of yorkshire tea looks like thats, okay, because weve got to begin the tea tier list – and i think the greatest way to start is with the base level of tea, that is yorkshire, tea red label.

Here it is, ladies and gentlemen, this is going to be the staple of the tea till list. All teas shall be based off of yorkshire tea red label if youve never had it its very nice, its a great english breakfast tea, it makes you feel happy makes you feel nice and calm. You can go to bed with it. You can wake up with it. Its just absolutely fantastic jesus christ, marshall maker, michael mika, thats, a hundred dollars. Thank you for the ridiculously generous donation, um philip says, destroy the arsenal banner i mean we could destroy the arsenal banner. We could entirely get rid of the arsenal banner and put the yorkshire tea logo instead, but no, i think the uh, the clone hero works better. I id like to see uh because i imagine more people know what arsenal is than clone heroes, so it just kind of makes sense um anyway, this is yorkshire. Tea were going to be basing everything off of it. Now many of you in chat are saying s. T a plus t – i would love to put this in s here and a plus two, but the issue is this: is the staple this is the staple of us putting all ts around meaning if we put it at s here, we kind of make it so That all subsequent teas are either at the same level as it or worse than it, which makes it challenging. So, even though, in the grand scheme of things this is one of the greatest teas and one of the best value for money teas, the world has ever seen, we cant put it in s.

T we have to instead use this as the the like, stable the stable t, thats right. In the same way, you have a stable coin in cryptocurrency. This is the stable t, so its going into the beat here, ladies and gentlemen, its wonderful, its refreshing, you can have it in a multitude of ways. Add a bit of milk to it. Youve got a milky, tea. Have it without milk, you have a nice dry. Black tea add a bit of honey to it, soothes your throat. This is the staple foundation, tea of which all other teas need to be taking influence from so bam its into the bt um. Also ive realized. We can have a nice little bit of afternoon jazz on in the background. Oh yeah, oh dinnertime, jazz! Here we go. Oh! Oh! Oh damn, Music! Yes, dude! Oh doesnt! This just make you want to drink tea, a nice bit of afternoon jazz on in the background. Whilst were talking about tea gosh, i love tea, um now heres the thing of course, yorkshire, tea red label is in the beta well get to yorkshire, tea gold. Later on dont, you worry but its time for us to reference the brand of tea, which, up until recently, was the most drunk tea in all of the uk. This is pg tips, ladies and gentlemen. This, for some reason, was the most consumed tea above yorkshire, tea, red label, pg tips for those of you that dont know is hot garbage and its going straight into the detail.

Yes, this is a dt, its, not very good, its just objectively, not a good tea. It doesnt hold much flavor. It takes ages to brew in order to get flavor out of it. You add milk to it and suddenly youve upset the balance immediately. It is not a good tea. Okay, its a garbage tea in the bin. Someone if i go to someones house, okay – and they say oh – would you like a cup of tea and then they serve me this. You know what i do. I immediately take the cup of tea. I say: oh excuse me, excuse me, sir, could i uh i dont suppose i could borrow your bathroom perchance, so they go of course yeah its just around the corner there. What ill do is i will. I will take the tea okay, i will go and bring the tea to the bathroom and theyre like yo. Why are you taking the tea to the bathroom thats thats, strange, oh, come, follow me and ill pour it down the toilet, because that is where pg tips belongs: okay, thats, where it belongs also hi, rt, hope, youre having a lovely day. My friend, where is rt game on this ttl list? Artie game is hes hes straight up in the s t, because hes got t in his name: rt game, thats right, also, hes lovely he doesnt drink that many teas bless him, but the teas that he does drink are very nice.

The boy knows premium teas, okay, but then you think pg tips is the worst staple of ukt culture. No, no! No! No! Allow me to introduce you to tetley. Ladies and gentlemen, now ted lee tea, its been going since 1837., youd think for a company thats been going since 1837 theyd at least have a goddamn idea of how to make a good cup of tea, but they dont. Apparently, this is full flavored, vibrant and refreshing, but in my opinion its full flavoredly vibrantly refreshingly pile of garbage and deserves to go into the pile of rubbish from whence it came. This is eater, tetley does not have flavor. Tedley is literally the worst tea in the uk that you can buy this. I have like okay, it cant go into the f tier, because i will get to that later. Okay, the reason tetley is in e tier is because of the like uk consumer level, teas that you have to pay a little bit of money for were actually talking about. You go into a supermarket and you have to pay more than one pound for a box of them. Tetley is by far the worst. It is just flavorless flavorless rubbish straight into the eat here, its its useless. What about what about, though? Okay? This is important. Its very important i recently went to america, ladies and gentlemen, for those of you that dont know i went to san francisco and i asked multiple times for a cup of tea.

Now the americans, the americans, instead they they dont, they dont quite get it. I got this what what the f? What the is this? What is this america? What is wrong with you? What is what the hell is wrong with you: sweet leaf, sweet tea, trade, wind, slow, brewed, iced, tea, 110 calories per ounce serving im. Sorry, tea should not be served, half tea and half lemonade and give me diabetes what the hell is this. This is why you shouldnt have been given it: okay, sorry, um, okay, look its a calming its a calming tea tea list! Okay, you know what happens when the americans serve me this, it doesnt go in the bin, doesnt go in the bin. This syrup, which claims to be tea doesnt, deserve the bin. It doesnt even deserve being dumped into the ocean. This deserves to go into the book of grudges, the great book of british grudges and when the time comes, we will remember, we will remember the time america invented that goddamn ft garbage tea literally the worst cast it into the fire from whence it came. Fluffy giggles im a cool kid. Thank you very much for 100. You want to say thank you for the wonderful content. I do apologize that im, sacrificing my ability to buy five tea bags of yorkshire tea as you live on the other side of the world and everyone hates tea. Oh terribly sorry, my friend, well dont worry.

There are actually ways to order yorkshire, tea, also im, loving that in our slash place we are starting im starting to see the formation of yorkshire tea, but dont worry. There are ways to get yorkshire tea in america. It is more expensive, though i dont blame you, but i think there are nice american tea brands, but of course you miss out on lovely yorkshire, tea, oh yeah and also um. These are im pretty sure owned by nestle as well. So not only are they serving you syrup, theyre, literally serving you syrup, which they probably punched like just a child in the face to get okay, nestle is the only company which is actively killing the people that is getting its products from to then serve products that Will kill the people that are buying it and, if that isnt, the most 5000 iq business model, i dont know what is okay get in the bin straight in the bin. Speaking of bins, though its time for lipton lipton tea. Now this is an interesting one. For me, because uh this tea right here, apparently americas favorite, tea, lipton lipton black tea, apparently can support a healthy heart and is sponsored by the american heart association im. Sorry, but america like. Why are you tea, isnt, some kind of like mystical health product, its a nice drink, its a lovely thing to drink and why? Why is it in a jug with ice in the goddamn picture? Why straight into the eat here? Why is it not an ft, because f tier is for where f tier is where we cast the nightmare? Abominations whats rt.

I appreciate that. You also agree with my opinion that nestle probably run by satan um, well that yorkshire, tea is really coming along nicely. Thats. Wonderful right next, one next one, this ones interesting: okay, this ones interesting, pooka, tea, um, pooka, tea, elegant english, breakfast organic herbal, tea comes in 20 sachets pooka. Tea is a relatively nice cup of tea. You can have it as a lovely, refreshing beverage. In whatever way you like it now, i will say this: tea um, its a its a nice tasting tea, okay, its no pg tips or tetley. Where id be like actively asking for a refund the issue, is god damn? Is it ridiculously overpriced? It does not taste better than yorkshire tea. Consequently, it cannot go at bt and at the same time, if im having to sell four of my kidneys in order to get this tea thats a problem thats a problem. Okay, a tea should not be like ridiculously expensive. Tea is a drink that you should be having multiple times per day like jeez come on. What are you doing? I know it. Doesnt cost you that much to make 20 sachets of tea, stop lying to me. Stop lying to me: pooka, okay, pook yourself, together or puka off thats, what i say: ct tastes, nice, but god damn next up here we go! Oh yes, its diplomat, ladies and gentlemen, diplomat red label. You dont know what diplomat red label is you dont know what diplomat red label is full flavored, everyday tea.

This is aldis own brand, tea which you can probably buy for about half a penny, thats, probably how cheap it is. Half a penny 160 round tea bags, theres just one problem. You can literally like just look at that image there. You can literally see the scum in the tea what this isnt even t, its just orange coloring audi. What the hell were you thinking, what the hell? Its not even tea, the only reason this isnt going straight into the f tier its because its at least affordable, and it kind of also tastes like deadly. This is just cheaper, tetley. Okay, i dont like it. I dont, like it whos audi audi, is a very nice supermarket that we have in the uk, which has very very nice, highly affordable products. Some of those products absolutely amazing, great value for water, so great value for water, great value for money other of those products, not not so good, um, audi red label, tea being one of them. They have a gold label, tea which is okay, but that red label tea, literally probably made of pond water, in fact actively made of pond water. I imagine this next tea. Oh dont move the tea to a list say hello to the asda chosen by you. Breakfast tea thats right now with an improved recipe, thats right, those goddamn bastards owned up to the fact that they uh their recipe sucked garbage. Now now, okay theyve improved it theyve even made it red so that people who, like yorkshire, tea thing, oh maybe ill, try it maybe ill.

Try it red red, makes me think of tea id love to try it. Why not no dont, try it get it in the bin eat it literally. Why why theres like fire coming out the top of it? My tea isnt meant to be on fire literally like. Why are there flames coming up my tea also wheres the mug. Like im? Sorry whos having tea in fine china mugs, i dont get whats going on with this. We have it in mugs, okay, if youre selling tea that is affordable and cheap and is like meant to be drunk in bulk youre, not drinking it out of your finest china. Okay, real civil engineers, saying sainsburys red label better, better, be up there; okay! Well, if thats the case come over here and actually brew me as sainsburys red label that doesnt taste like excrement: okay, real civil engineer, god damn anyway, this is another eat here. Um, im! Sorry, if any of you as the stands out there disagree with me, um asda made a mistake. Their t sucks garbage now for something a little bit different, something a little bit different, say hello to gingerbread chai, created by burden blend youll notice that, unlike any of the garbage teas down here, this actually won a great taste award thats right. This is a gingerbread chai, tea. Dont know what chai means literally just means tea, thats right, um. We we couldnt come up with a better name for it, but we say: okay, we say chai to make tj sound, more fancy its great Laughter.

It is mostly a lie, its just tea, the taste of gingerbread, its ridiculously sweet, so i dont recommend having it with milk, but i actually quite like this tea, i think its a solid bt. I wouldnt have it as a staple tea. Okay, like if im having multiple cups of tea or something in a day, im not gon na, be having seven cups of that a day. No, no, no, no, maybe one cup and then 27 cups of yorkshire tea as normal. Its a nice like palette, cleanser. Okay for when youre feeling a bit spicy like because its of course chai tea, chai tea or chatty um, if youre just feeling a bit – northern, oh dear chasmi carly, says im from america, and i can tell you that both of those uh iced teas taste like Trash? Yes, they do they do. They really do my god salia. Thank you very much for being a member for eight months. Um, you hope, im having a glorious saturday im having a glorious saturday chat, i hope youre having a glorious saturday. Someone says clone hero gang. This is no longer clone hero. This is yorkshire, tea, logo creation, society, okay, um, we im sorry clone hero. You were great, but yorkshire, tea has to have a place on our slash place, loose leaf or bag tea, both okay theres, no, like you can have bag tea, its really convenient. You can have loose leaf tea, thats, a great way of getting more caffeine out of your tea um and sometimes more flavors.

Some teas work really well loose leaf. Some dont um, so yeah a little bit of everything. Whatever floats your boat. Okay were bam. Next up, weve got twinings english breakfast tea, uh golden and well rounded. Now twinings english breakfast tea uh is by appointment to her majesty the queen of uh elizabeth ii. This is legitimately a tea which the queen herself uh use, thats right. She she likes twinings english breakfast tea good for her great uh, shes, actually kind of wrong, though, because whilst twinings english breakfast tea is a nice tea and if i get served this okay im not going to be upset im not going to be complaining im going To be like its a nice tea, its no yorkshire tea, but its a its a cup of tea, so um heres a problem, though twinings. You know, youre going to need to probably mortgage your second house in order to buy a box of twinings twinings. Look right here on the little logo. Well, on the box, youve got a man and a woman walking with a dog theyre the target audience. Why? Because they dont have children, meaning they can actually afford. Twinings english breakfast tea, this goddamn tea, so expensive, so expensive. If you are buying this tea and drinking as many cups of yorkshire, tea as i do, you are literally throwing money down the drain when you could just be buying yorkshire, tea twinings, what the hell! Why are you so expensive? I will put you in the seat here, though, because i dont find you flavorly offensive, so youre acceptable, youre, acceptable, ill, accept drinking you, provided i didnt have to pay for you, okay, thats, just how it is about next up.

What have we got? Oh clipper team. Okay, now this this, ladies and gentlemen, this is clipper t now i dont think clipperty exists everywhere in the world, but thats okay, clipperty is special um, its comes in a big box, its fair trade, which is always nice. Now i kind of like clipper tea, its natural, its fair and delicious. It does exactly what it says on the tin. It is slightly expensive, but this is a kind of tea that i do actually enjoy drinking um generally, if im at like a hotel, because most hotels, dont stop yorkshire tea, they stock, something like either clipper tea, twinings or pooka. If its clippety im at my happiest because its slightly more expensive, but i believe for that price, it is worth it. I would still argue, though, that yorkshire tea is still the best but thats why we put it in the front of bt next up biscuit brew. Ladies and gentlemen, yorkshire, tea biscuit brew. Now this is controversial. This is a controversial tea. Many people out there you see yorkshire, tea, biscuit brew. You think hang on a second has science gone too far, no its not gone far enough. This is really really damn nice. This is a multi biscuit brew. It tastes like tea and biscuits. You dont even need to buy biscuits for your tea anymore. It is amazing. I kid you not. It is absolutely fantastic. Yorkshire, tea, biscuit brew! God! Damn like this amazing.

I literally cant even express how fantastically amazing this tea is. Every single person ive introduced this tea to has been like what the hell, a tea that tastes like a biscuit that sounds disgusting, im, never going to drink that, then you serve them a tea of it and they are going to love it. I kid you not! The entire yorks cast office is okay, god damn they were like what the hell never gon na drink this stuff, then we got a bunch from a like sponsor event. With yorkshire. Tea duncan tried some yorkshire tea, biscuit, brew, loved it introduced it to lewis, he loved it. Now everyone loves it. The only person i know who doesnt like biscuit brew is: is my fiance and thats? Okay, she doesnt like sweet teas as much as i do. This is god, damn amazing. Okay. This is straight up eight here uh, it is expensive, but its not like an everyday tea, but its like a one off treat tea god, damn biscuit brew is doing something right. It is really doing something right. Ah, yes, Laughter interested to know smish take on mint tea. Minty is i i just hate mint. So for me personally, mint tea would be like deet here uh, but i understand that, for some people, mint tea would be mint. Tea would be like a tear its not for me. Its literally just not for me, smith is just wrong on this one.

James, sam sanford, youre wrong. Okay, youre, a wrongan youre, a wrongan, okay um. Also, apparently, im hearing were losing the our slash placement. We need more accounts chat if youre not already on our slash place and helping us build a yorkshire tea logo over clone hero. Do it get there now were making the yorkshire tea box over clone hero. Im, sorry clone hero. Your time has come its yorkshire tea time all right next tea. Next tea, Music – oh, oh, yes, god, damn its actually gold, oh yorkshire, gold created by taylors of harrogate by appointment to the prince of wales, thats right, the queen has twinings, but the prince of wales. Yorkshire, tea gold, baby tailors of harrogate yorkshire, gold, its a blend of freed leaf origins from the top 10 tea gardens in the world, its black tea and its in lovely tea bags, my god! Oh yes, this straight up s t if i could have a like quadruple s plus two: it would go into it, but no words needed this t literally amazing. It is so good. I cant like whoa, you havent had tea until youve had yorkshire, gold and some of the churches saying i just heard a british fan come look. This is the only tea that can do that. Okay, this is the only tea will bring you happiness. Fluffy fleet says heres ten dollars from coffee, fantastic money going to me instead of coffee is a good fun.

Thank you. Fluffy fleet, garen davis, five dollars for wheres the coffee tier list, uh its down here, its all in the f tier, its all in the ft. Um clay venzura. I apologize on behalf of the west coast for garbage for the garbage they gave you exactly. Yes, garbage sweet teas on the west coast. I hear that south of america is even worse for um, sweet, teas, yep, literally terrible uh, graffon turol, says what, in terms of herbal teas, chamomile, hibiscus or rubios a chamomile tea is really nice to sleep too um. I quite find like oh what? What is it? Whats, the like lavender ets are really really nice. Theyre, like the perfect tea to have at night uh yorkshire, tea bedtime, brew goddamn, i havent even got it on the list. Let me get it. Yorkshire, tea bedtime, brew uh, i dont even know if they make this anymore, but by god like for a while. I was just addicted to this stuff. Yorkshire, bedtime brew is its a gift, its a downright gift, this tea, four straight up into the um into the. Actually. We can have a discussion about this one. So if you dont know what your actually bedtime brew is its a its a decaf tea, no decaf tea might make people panic theyre like oh, no, oh, no, decaf, oh terrifying! I like tea with caffeine. Look thats great tea with caffeine. Wonderful gives you energy decaf. Tea, i agree, normally tastes terrible, but yorkshire, tea bedtime brew its perfect to go to sleep with okay.

You dont want caffeine in you when you sleep okay, so this is why we have bedtime brew. Its got hints of vanilla and nutmeg its fantastic once again. Prince of wales eats this up um, i love it. I think its amazing straight into a tear. No questions asked what a great tea, what a lovely tea, absolutely fantastic. What do you mean were losing the tea war? How can you possibly be losing do i have to like refresh it is like the uh slash place needing to be refreshed? How is it going, oh, my god? Well, we lost that entirely. I didnt realize that was how bad it was. Okay, yeah okay looks like we cant. We cant take on clone hero, um guess. If thats the case chad hold off on placing anything for five minutes, and then i will give you a new location and in five minutes time we will just quite simply bombard that location. Okay. So if youre on our slash place, dont place anything for five minutes, let your cooldown refresh, then after a few more tea reviews were going to absolutely carpet bomb somewhere. This gives you time to get set up. If you dont have a reddit account on our slash place, its very important you do, weve got to make a stand. Speaking of making a stand bubble, tea bubble, tea, calling this tea feels wrong. I know, probably scientifically this might be tea ill. Tell you what this is, though this is a goddamn choking hazard.

I have ive had bubble tea, ive had it i almost died. There was an attempt on my life. This thing tried to kill me. Why on earth? Do you want to put tiny asphyxiation pellets into a beverage? Why what why would you need asphyxiation pellets in a beverage este chat, youre wrong? I dont want my drinks. I dont want to be like i dont, like i dont want to die. That way. Have you had real bubble? Tea wish? Okay? Yes, i have had real bubble tea tea. This is like what the hell, okay, its like its a creamy tea, the flavors often really quite nice, its a very milky, tea, often very sweet flavors. But as someone in chat points out, spiff cant handle balls in his mouth. I cant goddamn, i cant its so its so like its like the balls taste, horrible theyre like licoricey squidgy, blah its horrible, its like giant caviar except caviar, at least explodes into disgusting fish. Flavor this just like sticks to the inside of your mouth and makes you feel like youre choking on on just licorice balls. Oh god, it was horrible. Like literally i, like. The only reason i cant put this in eft here is because at least it tastes nice. Yes, it kills me, but it at least often the flavors are nice and theyre getting more people into tea, okay, so its an eat here. For me, its an e tier. Potentially, it straddles the line of detail, um thats uh yeah.

That is actually its a discussion. I think it its not as bad as like tetley, at least it has flavor. So, okay, it can straddle the line its allowed to straddle the line thats it um ive, never choked it for your entire life and you drank a fear, its good for you acorn, but one day, one day, its gon na kill you, okay, thats, not my fault. Thats, not my fault um, you can get it without boba. Well, then, its just t its just tea at that point, then its not boba tea, its just tea and i can get just tea anywhere. Okay, how large are the balls? The balls are giant giant balls. Gagging you will gag on those balls. Do not clip do not clip that they were the size of tangerines. Oh god sounds like hes experienced in handling balls um. I was. I was going to try and come up with, like a quip back to that, but ive got any. I havent got any, oh god. Oh dear dear all, right next up, we have now this one was a this one: someone paid to get onto the ttl list. Thats right, someone paid to put this on here: weve got a 20 donation to add this to the ttl list. Ladies and gentlemen, its bovrel, now many of you might be thinking, hang on a second spiff thats that doesnt look like tea to me, uh, because it says beef bottle high protein beef paste um its its a its a dubious thing uh.

I know um, but technically this is just like meat tea, its tea from from cows, its county um, its ball for all savory savory, tea uh. It looks like marmite vegemite thats because its quite similar to marmite and vegemite someone paid money to put this on the tt list. Okay, so if youve got any complaints, give them to them not to me. Okay, so bovrel high protein beef paste made in the uk since 1886.. If i could id put this in left here, but i wont because its high in protein, so at least its good for you and apparently liptons good for you too, because in america apparently drinking lipton, tea is gon na not make you have a heart attack. S t ch: are you saying s t well theres only one way to decide it its a its a pole, um both rule its going to be its going to be extremes, s t or f t there we go lets start. The poll chat its in your hands. Now is bothering s t, t or f t b, for bothering, oh god, oh dear dear gravy, tea tea of the north, yes good old, good old gravy, tea, its my favorite kind of tea, oh dear, oh dear, also chat. You can like the stream, it massively helps us out. It breaks youtube slightly by forcefully recommending the stream to far more people than are actually interested in tea, its fantastic. I know this is cursed, well its looking like its going an f here, 54 of the way to estee yeah ill, give it another minute: weve had 2 000 votes, yeah thats.

Looking like an f tier to me, i will say over a thousand people have said the bovrel is st um forty eight percent of your absolute animals. Okay right well end. The poll bothering im afraid you lost the pole straight into left here, beef paste, apparently its, not an s tier of tea um. I appreciate that, if you mixed all of these together, what would it be uh the result is. It would be something that tasted of beef would simultaneously give you diabetes and youd, probably choke to death on it, um thats. What would happen uh, oh god? Oh god, lipton, yellow label needs to be a high rating. Lipton is not a higher rating because they put it in a jug with ice on the logo. Okay, johnny its not allowed to be there its not allowed to be there right. Next to this, its lancashire tea. Oh, oh lancashire, tea! Oh thats, interesting! Oh, like its a its an independent tea, its nice, its local, like yorkshire, tea, no, its, not lancashire. Tea is a god, damn scam! This is a scam. This is a scam tea. Okay, it tastes, garbage tastes, absolutely gov. How do i know that it tastes of rubbish? I know it tastes of rubbish, because one time, one time bless, bless my mother, okay. She lives in the north of england and she went to a lovely like lovely little fair, okay and she got a nice. Nice lovely box of lancashire tea for free and she thought.

Oh, you know what spiffle liked that so she posted it to me and i was like well ill – have to try it. Okay ill, try it so i did try. It tastes horrible and its literally just a copycat uh. It started really recently it doesnt taste nice. It is horrifically overpriced, for what it is. Its only gimmick is that its lancashire, but its not even made in lancashire, okay, like, of course, the tea isnt grown in lancashire, but the blend isnt mixed in lancashire. Also, i dont want to see blackpool on on a tee im. Sorry, its blackpool, okay like and the m65. Why do i need to be reminded that the m6 and the m65 exist? I dont want that in my life straight into like lancashire, tea is just a horrific copycat scam. Tea made to try and be as popular as the yorkshire tea and for the crimes of being a scam, its being put next to bothering where it god damn belongs. It belongs uh. My missus was asking about dorset tea. She says its nice, oh, i have actually tried. Let me see if i can find this. I have tried an interesting tea, its not dorset tea. It is slightly different. This is smugglers, tea, cornish, tea, smugglers, brew, a refreshing daily brew from the west country, thats right. The west country in uh in the uk, it is a really nice cup of tea. I actually quite like it ive had it a few times when ive stayed in b bs in the west country area and its always a welcome surprise.

It is a welcome surprise to be sure, and it actually deserves, in my opinion, to go into ill put it in the seat here its not quite as tasty as something like, maybe pooka, but its a good decent tea, its acceptable. I accept it its a good tea if you live in the west country youre fortunate enough to have it thats great good, for you, r, slash place, okay were ready for our slash place. Okay, let me load a bar, slash place. Lets see how its looking from the grand scheme, the grand scheme uh its looking uh, quite okay, um, of course, clone hero. We have no chance of getting any space on. So i mean there is the arsenal logo. I mean how how popular is arsenal in comparison to us id. Imagine quite popular. To be honest, our slash, belarus might be a challenge um, but you know what god damn it its arsenal who cares about arsenal? Ladies and gentlemen, you see that arsenal logo with the canon make it yorkshire tea, go your job, yorkshire, tv, red label, youve got to make it a yorkshire tea red label. Do it do it easy wait? Coffee is in the top right. Sorry is that true, is that true? Is there actually coffee in the top right place? Music? I cant see it, but i might be blind either way. Im literally watching people live action, destroy arsenal which is great because it means i dont have to turn my tv on.

For that wa bam. Yes, yeah. I cannot see the cup of tea so yeah. What about thai food? Tea? Good question good question: thai food: tea uh: let me get it thai food tea. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a interesting tea uh. I like it for one reason and one reason alone, and that is that it has a pretty cool logo. Thats right say hello to a pretty damn cool logo, its thai food tea. What is it its? An english breakfast tea, in my opinion, its a its a detail, its a its a pg tips level, t the only reason i like it as much as i do, and why id potentially say its better than pg tips is because its got a pretty cool logo. Like i like that design of logo, in fact i like it so much um, i even stole it thats right. We straight up stole that logo. If you dont know we just we just literally stole that logo and put it on. Where is it? Can i even i want an image of it? I dont want a web link, god damn. I have to open up snipping tool now snipping tool. Do your thing snipping tool uh, because basically we completely stole it. Um because you know were good. People were good people. We steal things: were the british, we love stealing things its kind of like our thing, if you didnt know, but were bam, heres what i did uh legally, distinct, of course, legally distinct.

This is the smith cote logo, thats right. We put it on a mug, legally distinct, legally distinct. Oh my god were demolishing arsenal rest in peace arsenal. I mean they made it easy for us by having all of the red there, so we just needed to turn it to green um, but look its legally distinct. You can even buy it and its its nicer. You can have you can buy the smifko tea mug get best of both worlds: the kick ass typhoo kind of design, but without the garbage taste of thai food tea and instead you can put yorkshire tea gold into it, thats right or whatever your favorite tea is, But of course, its the yorkshire tea gold um. So of course, im going to put my mug into the a tier, because i think my mug is great and im going to put thai food tea into the detail because its tea isnt that good its just. Not that good theyre pretty different, exactly theyre slightly different theyre, slightly slightly different uh bother or boba. Tea is s here, i mean of course, but thats why we cant put it on the t tail list, because its just too powerful, because who doesnt like bothering boba tea, amazing, you dont, know whats happening. This is the t tier list. Okay were reviewing every t to a live audience and thats exactly what were doing its wonderful but spiff. Where do i buy this mode? What a splendid question? Zadia drakken! Why, if you go to freshmerchko.

com, spiffingbrit or down in the description, you will find my mug uh theres, not a picture of my face. It is just natural. Mug weve got multiple mugs, including a big mug. I like it its its 25 different from the thaifu logo. For legal reasons, Laughter, i love going on youtube and just seeing you right tea, its a lovely thing to do. Okay, someones saying get out of arsenal. Please! No yorkshire, tea, yorkshire, tea deserves the place more go to our slash place, remove the arsenal logo and put yorkshire tea in its place. This is a rep. We are representing the uk on a national stage, and so we are putting our best forward. Our best foot forward first and our best foot is yorkshire, not arsenal, okay, its not arsenal its yorkshire tea. Oh dear, i got your mug and i have a coffee in it every morning fluffy feet. I will find where we ship that mug too, and i will i will order a goddamn yorkshire, tea drone strike to your property. Okay, how dare you ben donates, five pounds to say, auto glass, repair, auto glass, replace hi, im gavin from auto glass to to here to tell you about our companys first repair philosophy? I i cant wait to hear ben. Tell me what auto glasses repair philosophy is uh. You should try matey um. I think i have actually had mate. Why am i attacking arsenal, because its not as good as yorkshire, tea its done less for the world im? Sorry um also has arse in it and im also a newcastle supporter.

So oh no weve, let that out the bag. Now everyone knows that wheres the arsenal logo. Next, the union jack see that union jack just next to it to the right murder. It murder. It chat, uh, tasker, says: im a british admin in the discord. Please leave arsenal alone, weve been allies and theyve helped defend the uk flags. Please go hit on someone else. Who else taoska give me another target and we will demolish them. Taoska give me another target and well remove them, but we cant. We need space for yorkshire, tea, give me a land tauska. We need we need. We need breathing room, okay, tell me where taska and it will happen, but until then arsenal is becoming yorkshire, tea, coffee in italys flag. What? Where, where lets zoom in now zuma, now wheres italys flag, um, thats, irelands flag? Where is italys flag im blind it doesnt help. There are so many flags on this board, like our slash place, its cool. They shouldnt have put so many flags on it um. They should have had like a limit of just like one flag each, but then again there would have been still been too many flags um. I know we have pit. Oh, you want pitt and clone here underneath the union flag, okay, tauska heres, a question then which of those is more likely to respond, which of those is more likely to respond chat. Okay, oh youre, right there is a coffee logo yeah its its right there on the italian flag.

That is um i mean the issue is. We would then be angering the italians, and last time i checked there were more italians than subscribers so um. That would be a problem. My god arsenal is really it is getting turned into into yorkshire tea currently, and that is kind of beautiful um. I mean its its your choice, where we, where we annex, but currently its looking looking like arsenal, is becoming yorkshire, t okay, unless you can tell me that its easier for us to take over pitt, but i mean we tried clone hero that didnt work. Okay, that did not work arsenal. Is british go somewhere else? Who owns arsenal? Okay, who actually owns it? Sports entertainment is an american sports and entertainment holding based in colorado arsenal is not british, its not british, come on guys. I mean most of our football clubs are owned by really dodgy russian oligarchs. Pits are a very small faction. Okay, fine are they pittsburgh? Is that thats in america right fine chat, thats it arsenal will leave arsenal alone, but only because the person who manages the brit discord says its fine okay, we shall go after after pit. Instead leave arsenal alone, weve demolished their lovely design. How does our slash place? Work um every five minutes. Anyone with a reddit account can place a pixel on a giant canvas and uh its one of 16 colors, its wonderful um, so instead were going after. Whatever pit is im, sorry, maybe its pittsburgh, maybe its pits – i dont know leave foxhole alone, of course, foxhole its a fun game.

I actually played that game back when it was free to play the dev set up a private server for myself and a few other youtubers. It was really nice. The devs are really friendly. So of course, of course, we will well leave them nicely alone. Um. You know what we can do a very important thing to do. Oh my god, wow the reddening has begun. Uh weve got some other teas to review, of course, so we shall review tea. What other teas can i find to review? I you know what what if we do, teas of the world like what is uh, what is japanese tea? Let me just take a look at japanese tea that looks interesting. Ive had i have had matcha tea before um, so i can actually review it. I can review matcha tea um bam. Oh yes, i can do that. Im qualified, look at me, random british person, making assertions about about other nations cultures and how how valuable they are to me. Um machete, in my opinion, tastes horrible, but that is because i hate the taste of matcha so for me, easy easy, eater. I 100 believe, though, that if you like matcha goddamn, this tea is probably the greatest thing in the universe and probably easiest here for you. This, no not for me not for me, matcha its just, not tasty its like i, its kind of bitter, and i like bitter things, but this is not my kind of bitter okay, oh my god.

The pit logo is being demolished. Yes, yorkshire. Tea has arrived, perfect Laughter. What about m s? Gold t? Oh! I have had that. Let me get a picture of that for you guys m and s gold t look at this. Oh, yes, m s, gold t its not just its, not just tea! Its m s: gold, tea, now um heres, how i rate m s: gold tea. It has a few advantages, number one, its fair trade number, two, it tastes nice, but it is horrifically expensive, and so it goes straight into the seat here. Im, sorry, but good! Lord t should not be pri, t shouldnt, be something okay that and that no one in the uk can afford. Okay, if you live in the uk, you should be able you should be able to have. You should be able to have a tea that you can buy and drink leave pizza on we cant leave pits alone. Look we tried clone here. It didnt work. Then arsenal bargained with us to go away. Pittsburgh im. Sorry, i dont, i think youre pittsburgh. I dont know but youre right under the uk teapot, so it just makes perfect sense for you to be yorkshire tea. I wish you luck in your relocation to somewhere else, Laughter god that is the most horribly british thing. Ive said its just so british, oh yes, i dont, i dont! Yes, oh youre, not youre, not as large as the british empire.

Yes, you mean nothing im. Sorry, i dont mean to be like that at all, but i would like to put yorkshire tea somewhere on this uh giant board. Chances are well put it on there after the stream stops itll go away. In my opinion, if youre part of if youre part of the pits just leave it for 30 minutes and after the streams over just come back, uh were were definitely not gon na be keeping that bad boy around after the stream. So were just gon na. Be borrowing it for rental purposes, its the university of pittsburgh; thats, amazing, guys, thats thats good for you good for you um, but uh for the moment were gon na, be borrowing that yorkshire, tea jam and toast. Okay. Now this one, this um uh yorkshire, tea jam and toast brew now youre gon na be thinking, hang on a second um. What the heck uh this is uh whats going on here. Why now, yorkshire, biscuit brew, we said was really damn good, uh and thats for one simple reason: uh. It is really damn good yorkshire, tea, toast and jam. It tastes like jam on toast, yes, theres, a problem with that, though um tea, shouldnt taste like jam on toast um. I know its a problem: tea, shouldnt um pittsburgh is just ptex sheffield, thats, a reference. No one from pittsburgh is going to get okay. Look tea, shouldnt taste like germ on toast thats, not right its wrong its! No.

Why why? Oh god, why um so, instead its its i, i have to put it in seat here i actually have to put nct. I would much rather have red label tea than yorkshire, german toast i have had it, though, and i think its actually nice, i think its actually nice theres just an issue its just, not good enough, its really, not good enough. Oh dear, how does nelsons el gray hold up youre, not much of a tea person? Well, we can go for like a general algorithm lets go for el grey tea, and i can actually. I can write a few of these, because ive had quite a few. Oh great teas um right, so we have uh. We have twining so great. For me, this is not very nice uh. I dont like el great tea that much it can be nice on occasion, most of the time ah try to have over tea straight to detail. Im sorry uh its just yeah its not enough what about tesco tea, thats right, tesco has their own tea. Oh my god, theyve got their own tea, oh wow! This is hilarious. I have had it ive had it, and also i love the fact that they deliberately make it red to make it kind of, like yorkshire, tea bam uh. This is apparently smooth and grounded carefully blended tea, uh a master masters for full flavor. Oh, they have tea masters. What does it say? Tim clinton made this or something made by made by tim clinton.

Tim clinton is that his name um, no tesco, tesco tea right, i want to see who their master blender is master blender. I have to go to tescos own website for this carefully blended by our tea masters for full flavor yep youve said that whatever a tea master is um, tea was one of the first things your your founder sold, jack cohen, great great for him uh, who is Who is the tea blender of this? I need to know. I want a picture of his face. Dont ask why oh tim clifton, there we go tim clifton t master. This man has the job title that i won. Okay, so i need to know what he looks. Oh whoa, what a dude wow, let me get a. Let me get a picture of this dude damn four here he is thats him sniffing tea leaves looks great here. He is standing next to um some chef, which says awaken your senses. Nothing! Oh lint! Okay! Is they making lint tea or something i dont like the like whole branding of awaken your senses? It feels feels nightmarish, but here we go. This is um. This is team made by um the legendary tim clifton um team master thats right its due to t master. Whatever that means uh and, alas, it has to um, it has to go straight into straight into the e tier, its not very good. Im. Sorry tim clifton team master. No, i think you need to awaken your senses to the truth that um people in the pitted arsenal discord are calling you very rude words.

Thats. Okay, look understand that there is nothing malicious about trying to draw something on our slash place. It is literally a place for anyone to express anything and just because you have something there, doesnt mean anything: okay, its just an art board to express art and have fun. I am trying to put a yorkshire tea logo onto it temporarily for fun. I did not piss into your face just this isnt your lifes work, its okay, its okay were putting the yorkshire tea logo there for like 30 minutes and then its going away. Dont worry your life is not going to end all of a sudden, its not like. Im griefing your house in mind. Well, i pretty much am griefing your house in minecraft, but dont be the person who gets upset when the house is griefed in minecraft, wait for the dude griefing it to go away. Just build your house back and its better. Dont worry its okay im, literally just a dude reviewing tea on youtube. I dont hate you, i think youre all lovely people and i love the stuff youve made im just temporarily trying to put something that i like there in the same way that the stuff you like is there? Okay, its not because i hate reddit, or i hate you in particular, i am just trying to put something there. In the same way, anyone can put something there as a way of expression, enjoyment and showing off something.

I love: okay, its okay, dont, worry. Dont worry now. The only thing you can hate me for is the fact that i put most american iced tea into eft here, but thats, simply because im trying to save your lives um, oh dear, let me get rid of cliff what a great guy uh, not a great guy, Though, because he did make tesco tea and that was a problem – um im, sorry for ranting, of course, as always lets get a quick refresh on our slash place, just to see how the general things doing the general like scope of things um. One thing i always find amazing about our slash place. Is this like osu thing, um its a very um, its a very interesting thing? It was like there instantly because it was incredibly well coordinated. They had like loads of streamers, with like set places for people to put stuff and just happen instantly, really impressive, stuff, a whole bunch of these communities terrifyingly impressive. I love the fact that yesterday this was pretty much just entirely world flags and then today all of the people who put the world flags theyve got them buggered off and instead we have people that have made art good for them.