Im here to tell you that sony has just changed the game with their latest product release that will have your video production soaring to new heights. Introducing sony air peak Music, Music, thats right sony has joined the drone game and we got a first look at the new incredible air peak capable of max flight speeds of 55.9 miles per hour and a max payload of 5.51 pounds. The air peak is able to outperform some of the best professional drones on the market and did i mention it can carry an fx3. The aircraft is super, stable handling, winds of up to 44.7 miles per hour and thanks to the grimzy built t3 gimbal. Your footage will be rock solid, even when shooting in most adverse conditions. Air peak has an optimized design for exceptional performance and sony is calling it the worlds smallest class aircraft to mount full sized alpha mirrorless cameras with a rapid acceleration of 0 to 50 miles per hour in just 3.5 seconds with no payload. You can assure this thing can keep up with moving subjects. Airpeak can achieve 22 minute flight times with no payload and 12 minutes when fully loaded. It comes with two hot swappable batteries, making changing the batteries out a breeze and cutting down times on set dramatically. One thing i really liked was: the gimbal is also hot swappable, which allows the ability to switch out an entire camera system like a different camera and lens combo.

In a matter of seconds, you can take control of air peak and camera settings via sonys app air peak flight for mobile phones and tablets, or you can take control on the airpeakbase web app on a laptop on location. I found the drone to be super responsive and the dual control setup sony had for us gave me the opportunity to man the camera, as our pilot kept us on course. Thanks to the independent onboard fpv camera, i had full unrestricted access to the camera and gimbal settings. Now you cant just throw any camera and lens combo on the drone, so put your 70 to 200 away. But sony has a list of camera bodies and lenses. They recommend within the payload limits. Some of the smaller lenses i would recommend, are the 24 and 35 millimeter g master lenses or the new compact g series, prime lenses like the 20, 24 40 and 50 millimeter. If you guys want to learn more about them, make sure you check out our first look, video in our sony playlist. So as a part, 107 drone pilot, i understand how important safety is when flying a 50 pound aircraft around a set or property thats. Why im happy sony has added high performance sensors all around the aircraft to work in conjunction with sonys ai technology, to bring multi directional sensing for obstacle, avoidance, slam or simultaneous localization and mapping is sonys real time sensing technology and consists of five way: stereo cameras, sonys Vision, sensing processor for edge computing and slam software with deep neural networking airpeak is also capable of automated flight for workflow efficiency.

With the help of airpeak base, you can create flexible and advanced flight plans and automatically fly the aircraft based on the flight plans. You created, you can also upload flight logs to the cloud using sonys air peak plus plan. Now sony also offers an extended service plan that covers malfunctions and even accidental damage, replacing your aircraft with a new or same quality refurbished unit, now thats peace of mind. The sony air peak is now available for purchase through our website or fairfax location, and, if you guys would like to learn more head on over to and remember folks, here at samis were so much more than a camera store. You guys stay safe, have a great day.