My snaptan sp300 mini drum and we’re going to be doing a lot of flips with it. So first let’s place it down turn it on. Let gon na do the same, calibrate overall tonight’s run overall. I think this is a nice drone and it has a mini remote. A g sensor watch remote, which you control. If your hand, if i can even get this thing on like this, you can control it using your hand or one of the scariest ways which i’ve tried for some reason it didn’t work. For me, the teardrop shaped remote. You turn on your drone. You click the button and throw it up in the air and it’ll scan the area and move on its own, which to me is pretty scary, because i did it and it almost well. I went to land it and it just crashed into my blinds and just wouldn’t stop until i grabbed the thing with my hand, and then it almost cut my finger so yeah there’s a lot of things about it that are fun, it’s, a pretty fun drone and The good thing is that if you do stick your hand in the propeller, which i would prefer not to do not do that it hurts, but it can’t cut your finger off because it’s not as strong as you would think like. It can probably do it, but never has happened to me and it is a very nice drone. You know i like it.

I have two drones and this is one of the only one. This is the only one i’ve actually flied, because the other one is so big. I can’t even fly in here. So this is an amazing drone. After all, and i love it, it’s got a nice it’s. Nice it’s got some nice tiny propellers. It comes with spares and a screwdriver and some extra screws and a spare battery which i’m using right now, oh, oh, it comes with some of these little batteries. I forgot what type they are. They are. Why minus? Why something? Y 902240, 3.7 volt, 5.50 m, mah, i’m, pretty sure, plus 2 2.03, wh 200810 that’s. What it says in the back right. There might be hard to read but that’s what i said. So i guess that’s the battery. Oh, my god. Okay, i i like using the emergency landing where it just stops propelling where the motors stop and it falls. I would not recommend to do it from a high height, because this is very like it can. It can withstand lots of damage, but it’ll eventually break. So i would say, lower it down low and then you would use it because if you use the other one pressing down the left joystick where it goes lands on its own without stopping the propellers it can it just goes it likes to go and then sometimes Run into a blanket or something and go right and eventually stop, but it keeps on going Music and a lot of stuff.

But overall i like this drone let’s start it back up and go off again now. This is how i like to land it like that. I usually only fly it in here because it’s, a small area, and overall i like this drone it’s, amazing and there’s a lot of stuff that comes with it. There is the watch charger. There is the battery charger and by the way it comes with a spare battery and then, if you empty out this thing it has the tear drops, you promote, six extra mini teeny screws and three of each propellers. But i have one missing because i was trying to use it for sewing, but now i have to take out something of this one, because i was using this one too for something else. So now i got ta like fix this one, because i put a screw in it backwards and whatever, but it’s got all the propellers are labeled. There is a 2a and a 2b for the wait: no there’s a b3 and an a3 on the bottom of the black ones and then there’s a a2 and b2, but the spare ones i’m, pretty sure yeah. This one is a no. This is an a2, so it would go where that blue one is the spare one. So that’s, actually pretty cool, looks like you can put black propellers only and then a b1. I don’t think there is any b1 b3 a3 yeah there’s, no b1 huh.

I don’t know where this one would go pretty weird. Hopefully i never have to worry about replacing a propeller, because that would be a pain, although it’s pretty easy to screw them in. It would be a pain because i don’t have a lot of them right now, because i have all of them, but there’s something wrong with two of them, so i can’t use them and and there’s a whole bunch of stuff, but otherwise there is. It comes with this and all the other stuff i just showed you and teardrop shape remote. I don’t really like that one. If you want me to use it in another video comment and i’ll, do it. If you want me to use this remote, which i’m not going to use for a while until i know all about it, which i’m pretty sure i already do, then i’ll use it whenever. If you want to see that and let’s see by the way, the battery only lasts 8 minutes, but it takes 60 minutes to charge. But with the g sensor remote that one takes 30 minutes to charge and i’m not sure how long it takes how long it lasts. But i know there this remote i’m pretty sure it takes two double a batteries, maybe triple a pretty sure, it’s double a, but the drone has pretty small batteries, actually they’re 3.7 volt, but they’re, pretty small, so it’s it’s amazing. I really recommend this for people.

It says, like it says, it’s for people 14 and up, but seriously it it’s a great toy for kids it’s, just it’s, not a toy toy. You don’t want to mess with this thing, but it is super hard to break if you ran into walls or something like i don’t want to run into my wall, because i have a whole bunch of stuff on it, but i’ll run into an empty spot on It you probably can’t, see the stuff there. You can probably see some of it, but not all of it. So if i do this completely fine, the drone was complete completely fine and i ran it straight into the wall. It is a super good drone and you might want to make sure the screws are tight and nothing’s wrong with it every time you use it, because it is very amazing and stuff, and let me show you a review on my other drone in the next video, But i’m not going to fly it and i’ll make another video on flying it.