DJI Air 2S. This model is the successor of the previous Mavic Air 2.. The size and the weight are almost the same.. Also, the controller is almost the same.. The battery is exactly the same, so it’s compatible with Mavic Air 2.. The exterior hasn’t changed that much., But the new tech built in this is just amazing. To begin with. Mavic Air 2 has 12quot sensor, but DJI Air 2S has now 1quot CMOS sensor.. Speaking of 1quot sensor, Mavic 2 Pro and Phantom 4 also have the same size. 1Quot sensor. Resolution is 20MP and the focal length is 22mm35mm equivalent. It’S got a little bit wider than Mavic Air 2 and DJI. Air 2S has the widest focal length amongst all the camera drones from DJI.. It can shoot 4K60fps and 5.4K30fps.. I brought this drone to Amami island last month and shot a bunch of 5.4k10 bit D log footage there.. I was quite surprised at the quality of the 5.4k footage, even when I was looking at the phone screen. While I was shooting. After I got home, put the data into PC and do color correction and so on, and then the footage was just stunning.. I have been quite satisfied with Mavic Air 2 since I got it, but … DJI always exceed my expectations when they release new product.. I wasn’t expecting that DJI was going to put 1quot sensor on Air series.. Not only videos photos come out of this. Drone are amazing, too.

. I took these pictures in Amami island and it looks amazing. They added new feature called quotMaster shotquot. All you have to do is just select the obstacle by dragging the screen., Then your drone will do all the shooting automatically. It takes about 3 minutes in total., Plus you can even let the app edit the footage by selecting a theme.. Of course, you could edit the footage by yourself.. Let me show you., I didn’t do anything. The app edited the footage. It’s, not bad actually.. The way you fly a drone gets more complicated if you want to shoot a cool drone footage. And if you are not so good at flying a drone or editing drone footage. This new feature might be for you.. There are many templates., not only one.. Everything is automatic. It’s interesting. Anyway. This is a review video, so I assume that I probably should say some cons about this drone, but …. Well, I don’t have anything bad to say about this drone.. Oh, this is a fly more combo by the way. Drone controller charging, stuff, …, Three batteries, USB adopter and ND filters.. I hope it comes with PL filter as well, since I often shoot above the sea river and lake.. I wouldn’t mind if I had to buy it optionally., But you know it’s super small super light and can shoot amazing footage. I don’t wan na complain. Anything. It’s like thank you so much.