Looking footage from this drone when exporting them to upload to instagram reels im, also going to share a top tip to make sure them videos. Look extra sharp and a setting you need to turn on that. Not many know about on instagram to make sure you get high quality. Uploads lets jump right in so welcome to premiere pro now its important to mention, if you dont use premiere pro dont. Think this video is not for you, the settings and export settings. I will be explaining in this video will be able to be used on any video editor, so simply write them down and plug them into whatever video editor you use. If you do use premiere pro youll be able to follow along step by step now. The first thing we want to do is create a sequence, and we want to make sure the settings are right to make sure we get the best quality instagram reels. We can so, how do we create a sequence on premiere pro? Firstly, go to file then go to new and select sequence. Now were going to be creating a custom sequence, but we want to start with some placeholder information in place. So select digital slr go to 1080p and then select dslr 1080p 25. click across the settings, and you want to make sure that editing mode is set to dslr for time base. You want this frame rate to be whatever frame rate. You have your drone set to and record your video clips in so i record in 25 fps, but if youre, recording 30 or 60 fps then select either of these settings im going to select 25 fps, now very important for frame size.

We want this set to 1080 by 1920.. This is the frame size, instagram reels uses, and it will make sure that your aspect ratio is correct for vertical video. You want to make sure that it shows 9×16 next to vertical, also very important. Make sure your pixel aspect ratio is set to square pixels? I sometimes find this is set to something else, and it can mess with the aspect. Ratio of your sequence so make sure this is set to square pixels. Now, if you want to save these settings so that you can create these sequences going forward without having to change this information every time simply, click save preset enter a name im going to call it instagram reels and hit. Ok, then, next time, when you come back to create a sequence, go down to custom open up the folder and youll, see your sequence saved in there. So were going to select that and were going to hit. Ok, so youll now see we have our sequence ready to go to add our clips into to create our instagram rails. Now, im going to show you the few changes you need to make if youre importing a video that was shot in normal wide 4k video mode or if you shot in the new vertical video mode of the dji mini 3 pro so well start with the normal Aspect ratio so ive just dragged the clip in and youll see. This clip mismatch warning now the reason youre getting this is because premiere pro has realized: hey youre, adding a 4k video clip into a 1080 by 1920 vertical video sequence.

This is wrong. This is a mismatch, but we know what were doing were creating a vertical video reel, so you want to click, keep existing settings. If you click change, sequence settings, it will undo them. Custom settings you plugged in and it will change your sequence to be a 4k video segment. We dont want that. So lets click keep existing settings now. The first thing we want to do to this video clip is: we want to reduce its size slightly. The reason for that is this 4k video clip is 2160 pixels high, but our instagram reel is 1920 pixels high. So we want to reduce the video clip slightly so that we get all the video in the frame so im just going to click. The video clip go up to where it says scale and change this to 90 and youll now see we have our entire video clip m. The next thing – and this is a top tip i like to do – is i like to add extra sharpness to the video clip to counteract the compression that happens when uploading to instagram reels. So how do we do this simply select your video clip go over to lumetri color go to creative and then i like to add about 20 or 25 sharpening, so simply click next to the sharpen and type in 20 or 25 and youll see this adds sharpness To your clip – and i think this just counteracts the compression that happens when uploading to instagram and make sure your videos look nice and sharp on instagram rails, so thats what i do for a normal video clip taken with my drone.

But what have you been? Shooting? A lot of videos in vertical mode of your dji mini 3 pro well ive got a vertical video mode clip here that im going to drag onto my timeline, and we need to reduce this down again so because this video clip is shot in 4k vertical. Its actually three eight four eight pixels high, but this is a 1920 high sequence, so we need to reduce it by half. So we do that by clicking on our clip going to scale and typing in 50 or 50 height and youll see. This now means we get all or clap in this sequence and again i add that extra sharpness just to make sure it looks nice and crispy on instagram reels. So again, click your clip go over to the matrix, color go to creative and sharpen and add 20 or 25 sharpening. So these are now or clips ready to export, and this is when were going to get into the export settings, and this is the most important part if you want your instagram reels to be as high as quality as possible. So you want to go to file, export and then media. So these are the export settings for or video clip. Now we need to go in here and make several changes, but the first thing you want to do is make sure that your format is set to h.264. Now youll, maybe see custom and preset. You might see some other of the presets selected.

You want to make sure that its set to match source high bit rate to begin with before we go in and make these custom changes. Then, with video selected, you want to scroll down and you want to make sure that your width and height are set to 1080 by 1920.. Sometimes these get changed and you just want to make sure that it matches what we originally put into our sequence. You also want to make sure that the frame rate is what you set it to. I set it at 25, make sure its 25 and, lastly, make sure aspect ratio is set to square pixels. You then want to make sure render at maximum depth is selected, and then you want to scroll down to bit rate now. The key with that rate is we want to find a bet rate which is high enough, that the quality is really good but not too high. The file size is so big that instagram compresses the absolute daylight site off it now ive been playing about with a bunch of different bet rates, and i find the one that i think is the best compromise. So, for about rate, you want to set it to vbr 2 pass and you want to set target and maximum bit rate to 20.. This is the bet rate i find gives the highest quality video whenever you upload it to instagram. The next thing you want to do is you want to select use maximum render quality now for audio.

If youve got sound effects on your reel, you want to click audio. You want to make sure that the sample rate is set to 48 000 and that the bet rate is set to 320.. The last thing you want to do is make sure that the audio is normalized, so you dont get clipping or a really loud, sound effect and then a really low, sound effect. We want it all to be one nice, consistent, audio level with no clipping, because your sound effect has been way too light. So we can do that really easily by going to effects scrolling down until you see loudness normalization, you want to click loudness normalization. You want the lightness standard to be set to itu bs, 1770 3, its a mouthful but thats, the one you want to select for target lightness. You want this to be minus 14 for tolerance. You want this to be zero and for max tree peak level. You want to be minus one now top tip if you create content for youtube as well. If you make youtube videos as well, this is the loudness target that youtube actually uses so its worth doing this loudness normalization on your youtube videos as well. Now, if this is the first time, youve plugged in these settings into premiere pro make sure to save them so that you can quickly select them every time you export a real going forward to do this, go up to where it says preset go across to the Save preset button click save preset put a name in for this export settings.

Youve just added im going to call it instagram reels. You want to make sure save effect. Settings is selected, click, ok and then next time you go to export your video. You can simply select instagram rails or whatever you called your preset and go ahead and export your video clip. All thats left to do is click export to export your reel now. Lastly, there is a setting within the instagram app that you need to select to make sure youre getting high quality, instagram uploads whenever youre uploading your videos, that not many people know about to get to it to change it go into instagram. You want to go across to your profile, select the settings menu on the top right of the app go to settings. Then you want to go to a kind. You want to scroll down to data usage and then the second option youll see, is high quality. Uploads upload higher quality videos on mobile or wi fi additional processing time may be required due to larger file sizes. You want to make sure that is ticked, to make sure that when you upload your instagram reels your drone videos to your instagram that its uploading in the highest quality possible. So those are the sounds. I use to try and get the highest quality uploads to social media, such as instagram from the drone clips iteg, with my dji mini 3 pro and all my drones. Are there any tips that you have discovered, which mean you get very little compression and high quality uploads to social media, then id love to hear what they are drop them in the comments down below now.

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