If you’re new here feel free to subscribe, it would mean the world to me if you enjoy the video go ahead and like it feel, free to check the description as well, because i’ll leave the links to my twitter and twitch down there. Twitch i’m going to start streaming on a lot more in the future. I started my first stream the other day on the weekend. I think it was sunday turned out to be a lot of fun. I enjoyed it. You know it was nice, so feel free to come over. There watch me on twitch. In the meantime, though, this is going to be episode. 3 of my rank review so without further ado i’m just going to get into it. So let’s go ahead and have a look at round one heading on into round number one. You can see the enemies left us a little bit of a freebie right there by leaving the attic wall soft. In hindsight, i could have probably got the ash or there’s a fear to come and open it up, instead of me wasting selma breach on it, but they were actually random that we weren’t communicating with so that’s our own fault, and i go ahead and open it Up and then just rotate round, so that can go into the master bedroom and try and open up the closet wall. Instead, on my way around, i see that the main doors open and get quite a lucky kill onto chanka right there and i go ahead and use the uh, the old vanvault trick so i’m sure most of you know about that by now.

If not, though, then go ahead and use that don’t waste your time repelling or risking your life trying to repel and then swing into the balcony, just vault up on the van and then vault over onto the ledge and then that’s it you’re there. So just doing my job there, i drill myself in very badly missing the cap. Can traps because i’m not even looking for them, and all of that just amounts to me being quite stunned. You see i’m now checking for them to make sure i don’t die to a second one at which point capcam takes out ash and i’m just getting cold feet. At this point you know i decide to stop playing aggressive. I just sit there hold angles play passively for the rest of the round, which isn’t really the right play. Given we knew roughly where the defenders were. I should have been making moves. I should have been pushing them, pre firing. Just you know trying to trying to rattle their cage a little bit, but i didn’t – and that was a bad play by me right here. You just see i’m holding angles too long. If i’d have swung that a little bit sooner, i could have caught that cap. Can instead, i just end up pre firing at him and he sat there, saving his life playing it smart and it’s, just a lot of a lot of cold feet and a lot of jitters here, just running back and forth peaking different angles.

Eventually, i do decide to do the right thing in situations like this, where you know you don’t have a lot of information on where the enemies are anymore. If you’ve got a drone, spare go ahead and drone out the site. I drone it out here, which was the right move. I just went about it the wrong way so you’ll see once i go into this room here, instead of leaving my drone looking through that hole behind the bunk bed, i just leave it looking at a wall. Quite pointlessly, if i’d have kept it looking at the bunk bed, my teammates could have spotted doc. Who kills me later on no idea what capcom was doing there? I think he tried nitro selling me or something, but here it is look doc’s playing that spot. If i had the prior knowledge that he was there, if one of my teammates was watching a drone that i placed there, they could have told me where he was sitting and instead of me running around looking for him and trying to react to him. Shooting at me i could have pre fired him and maybe won that gun fight, winning us the round. At the end of the day, though, we lose the first round here, so let’s just go ahead and move on into round two. So in round two um, i go ahead and just waste my drone, like a something that i have been working on, and i remember in this session, where we played this game the games before i was actually you know using my drone better it wasn’t paying off, Though – and i think at this point i just got sick of it, so i just decided to go in, find sight and id a few people and that’s the wrong move.

You should never do that. You should always save your drones. You know most times you can figure out where they’re going to be defending, so you don’t need to spot sight and you can get a feel for what kind of operators people like to play on each site. So you don’t really need to id people as often or it’s, something that you can just do later in the round. So don’t do what i did there save your drones, put them in smart, hiding spots, places where you can watch flanks just play a little bit. Smarter than just droning straight into sight and getting shot straight away right here, i’ve brought iana to attack basement it’s, something i do quite often she’s got the grenades, which is nice for taking out things like maluses if they bring them and they’re good for pressuring mira. If she’s on the wall – and you get the infinite drones, which is always a plus side, especially for a site like this, where people just hold up in corners, hold up on pixel angles, it’s good to send it send a hologram in there and get that shot. Rather than going in yourself and getting shot now right there, i had the right idea by leaving the diffuser with my team, because i was going lone wolf over this way, and the last thing we want is for me to walk in get killed in there and Then the defenders all just come and sit on the diffuser it’s better for my teammates to have it who are all together by the way i’m, really really happy that that is nitro proof.

I had no idea at the time. I thought that was it. I thought i was just gon na die, so you know five years in and you still learn something new every day about siege, but i decided to go back and push with liam so that we don’t have a situation where he dies and i have to get The diffuser or i die and he’s on his own with it i’m. Just you know making my way through trying to find out where they’re at, and i noticed that cavs in freezer. So i call that out to liam – and i say you know you could probably plant capcom – i don’t know where he is, but you know he was last seen upstairs in the small tower. So i’ll just hold that and caveira was in freeza. So you’ve got enough time to plant um. He he waits it out, which was to be fair. The right call, because it turns out caveira, was being a little bit sneaky as soon as he starts planting he hears the footsteps and caveira has come around the side. I get really lucky to get that kill um. I go and pick up the diffuser and then pick liam up before planting, because it makes more sense to pick him up and have him cover me so we’re in a 2v1 rather than me plant, while he’s just down and he dies anyway, though, and it just Becomes a bit of a cat and mouse game between me and capcam i’ll light him up a little bit.

There just keep pushing slicing the pie, and i end up getting the kill and winning the round that right. There is just something that comes with time and practice it’s really important in this game, especially to find the sensitivity for you now. A lot of people will just jump around from different sensitivities, all the time, some high some low and then they’ll keep changing it by a fraction, a hair each time there’s no need for that. You sure you’ll have your honeymoon phase where you’ll change your sensitivity, it’ll feel really good. You know you think you’re bolo you’re hitting all your shots and then it quickly goes downhill. So you change it again and just keep rinsing and repeating you’ll get a lot more benefits out of it. If you just pick a sensitivity and then just keep practicing with it, so just keep going in terrorist hunts and keep running it over and over and over so that, eventually you just get used to that sensitivity, and you know exactly what you’re doing. I can’t recommend that enough. You know it’s something that, after five years i’m, finally getting used to my sensitivity, because at first i was changing it all the time i was looking for what youtubers were using as their sensitivity back when a lot of them were on controller. I was asking my friends and, at the end of the day, just pick something and practice it you know make it your own sensitivity, don’t copy anyone else, you’ll you’ll reap the benefits.

After that i swear heading on into round three. I i actually use my drone. A little bit better this time, which i’m quite happy with after getting it wasted last time and it forcing us down to the final 10 seconds of the round. I decided to try and use it a little bit smarter. I set it up on these boxes here and, as you can see, caveira just comes right up to it. She has no idea it’s there. Somehow i i don’t know surely should have seen the light, but either way i just i ping it and i run over hoping that maybe she’s still stood there. So i can just swing and pre fire the door and get an easy kill, and i think my friend liam checks the camera and says no she’s gone so i’m like okay, then i’ll check it and see what i can see and it’s at that point, that Doc comes up these stairs. I think i tell anthony to open the door and i’ll join him in here comes dark and i’m just yellow pinging, constantly saying anthony he’s crouched on this spot. If you swing and pre fire him you’ll get an easy kill. It’S, a freebie anthony, swings him and gets headshotted. I i just peer pressured anthony into selling his soul to the devil and from that point on, i start panicking. You know look i throw a grenade to try and get rid of the barbed wire doesn’t work.

I threw it badly that’s my fault and i’m just panicking here, because now i know that this duck’s just gon na heal himself and come right back for more. I feel quite bad for getting anthony killed then, but you know it’s one of those things stuff happens. I drone out dark and see that he’s still watching it, but then i see that he gets a kill on someone else in the kill feed. So i go back there and i’m just holding the angle waiting for him to peek me. Eventually, i get bored of it, though, when i peek at him saw his arm sticking out and now i’m just waiting i’m thinking, he’s got a peek he’s got peek me back nope. He waits until i throw the grenade to try and peek. So i just get sick of it and i end up pushing him and i managed to take him out. You know i get lucky and then from here on out the play that i made was absolutely the wrong one: the randoms of fear, stun someone in this room, and i think okay he’s going to be watching it then he’s going to try and come and get The kill on the person he’s stunned nope, as i’m planting um bandit just runs around the corner after a stump wears off shoots me in the head and then pushes right back and kills the sophia who, for some reason, waited to push him.

So again we failed there because of not communicating with randoms it’s it’s, one of those things it’s going to happen. You can’t, really, you can’t really change it. You know if you’re not willing to talk to them, then you’ve got to be willing to put up with them. So so that’s my advice with randoms, you know don’t don’t stress out over it don’t be too aggressive or mean to them. We all like to have a moan about it, sometimes, but at the end of the day, they’re just trying to play the game and have fun as well. So if you’re, not communicating with them, don’t be toxic to them. Just you know, let them do their thing. Now i’ve skipped ahead to round five because all of round four was just awful. We played it so passively and i don’t even know if any of us really got a kill that mattered and we all just ended up dying. It was a boring round. It’S pointless there’s, nothing that i can talk about and show so i figured i’d show the preparation for round five. So i like to play mira when i’m down here in basement lately um and right there i’ll talk through that e box setup a little bit more, but over here i’m deciding which wall to reinforce and i’ll pick. This one makes more sense. So i reinforced this slap a black mirror on there. That makes it nice to just sit and watch laundry in case anyone’s, pushing down the stairs which, if i remember right, pays dividends because they do come from down there.

And here in ebox, you see, i reinforce one wall and open up a hole here, that’s, so that i can look out onto the big tower stairs and then i reinforce that side looking out on blue, put a mirror on there, just watch them and peek them. As they peek you it’s nice and easy it’s, a nice little setup and it pays off. You know more more times than not and i’m just sitting here. You know waiting for them to come to me going between each one, and i noticed that the droning out laundry i failed to get that twitch drone, but i block it with my body before it comes up. My mirror canister so i’m, just sitting here, knowing that they’re pushing twitch gets a little bit giddy. I managed to take her out quite easily and then i injured nook through the wall as well. So i just finish her off now. It’S. Not very often you see people pushing through laundry, but this sure did make me glad that i decided to put my mirror there and watch for it because they actually do the same thing again later on in the game. I think um, but right here you know you see i’m, just feeling myself i’m, just getting excited, got a few easy, kills and downs. I get shot out right there and just turn around and destroy that nomad. I don’t know what she was thinking. She could not hit her shots to save her.

Life bless her and so take note of this mirror setup. It’S really powerful i’ve seen people put their second black mirror looking out into the freezer instead and while that is nice, i’ve never really used it to get a kill. Whenever i put it there, people don’t push freezer, so i’ve just started putting it in the little closets that i can watch laundry instead um moving on into round number six. Here, though, um i’m struggling with, which operator i should pick – and i end up going with mozzie and it turns out to pay off quite nicely so i’ll go ahead, pick mozzie right here and just while i’m letting the the round run out in the background i’m Going to talk about a few more things, so hopefully you will go down to the link in the description and follow me on twitch, because i’m going to start streaming on there, a little bit more lately and probably just a weekend thing. But once i’ve got a schedule developed and you know i’m going to try and stick to it, i’ll, let you guys know and, as usual, feel free to like comment and subscribe. Let me know what you thought of the video i’ve tried to make this one a little bit quicker and condense it a bit more. So if you enjoyed it more than the other ones, which are quite long and tedious, go ahead, and let me know that’s much appreciated, but anyway back to the game, just doing muzzy things, you know setting up my pests on stairways so that drones can’t come up Them easily and just killing all the drones.

I can see that i’m not gon na catch. Now i decided to go and place this drone in the master bedroom, because i was expecting them to push through there. Normally people do um, it turns out that they don’t know these guys actually do something quite interesting, and i you don’t see it very often, but when you do it’s it’s really eye catching, so we get an easy pick there and i think there we go that’s. It we’re 5v4. We can just play off trades and win the game, nice and easy, not the game, but the round win the round nice and easy. But you know they end up pulling the surprise amaroo strat. So you see me here just flicking between cams trying to see what i can see and there there it is. As soon as i saw the g8 in the kill feed, i knew it was amarillo. I knew it had to be and we have the main advantage here, so i decided you know: it’s safe, i’ll drone it out hop on my uh captured drone struggle getting through this. This drone vent because there’s so many obstacles in the way, and i hear them planting so i just think you know what it i’m gon na go and try and get that kill, managed to get the nomad lucky kill on amaru, they’re really really lucky. She should have had me and uh. I go ahead and take the defuse and anthony the scumbag shoots me Laughter.

He shoots me once just like a little love tap. You know he was contemplating about shooting me in the head and taking the defuse for himself. I’M. Glad he didn’t – and i know he’s gon na watch this. So you know you, were you were a little anthony you a little still love you, though, but yeah that was a nice round. You know mozzy paid off. I was quite happy with that. It’S not very often you get a muzzy drone to work so hard in your favor and then catch the attackers with their pants down. Quite like that, so we really do start bringing this match back after going down quite heavily so let’s move on into the next round and see what happens so. I skipped round seven and because it was another little boring round. My teammates just ran in there and shot everything that moved. So i didn’t really have much work to do with i’m. Quite honest um, but here we are in the final round. It turns out match point for us: we’ve brought it back and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. So here you see me going with the same old mirror setup. You know doing one wall in here in the closet slapping a black mirror on it running over to ebox doing the same thing, opening up the wall so that i can look up at the tower stairs i’m trying to tell his teammate not to reinforce right there.

Finally, he stops Laughter um but yeah. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, there’s no point: don’t, try and spice things up if something’s working keep playing it. So here we go just chilling out setting things up ready for the round to start. This was a pretty good game. You know, i think, in this session we had some fairly bad games, but this one ended on a bit of a high note. So a few little talking points on this round um. You know sitting here waiting for them to come down those stairs again because for some reason these guys love it there’s the drone so straight away. I know they’re coming there’s, no way they’re going to beat me here unless they pre fire me and just win their gun fights. And then i see the shield and i start screaming, granted it’s fuse with a shield who uses fuse shield unironically but he’s. Pressuring me, you know, i can’t shoot him directly, so i start trying to get the ash instead and things just get crazy. You see me fail a nitro cell throw here i’m, absolutely awful at nitro cells, that’s, something i need to practice. I feel like they just change it. So often they used to be able to just you know, yeet them across the map. Nowadays, though, you can barely throw them it’s like the weakest arm. Ever i get lucky down in the ash there with awful accuracy and anthony, goes and takes her off me, but that’s, fair enough, and here we are 3v1.

Things have gone quite nicely for us here and we just end up tying up the loose ends. We just chill out and wait for the game to end quite a nice game from us. We work quite well. We coordinated fairly well still things we need to work on and uh. This game was a fair while ago. I think this game was a few weeks back. Um we’ve improved leaps and bounds since then, i feel like because anthony and me have made it into plat now. We’Re, both plat rank only plot three but we’re. Both there so i’m really proud of what we’ve managed to do and that’s just you know, i’m, just enjoying siege lately, you know it’s just a lot of fun. So there i go teabagging away after getting the final kill, absolutely loving it going 11 3. What a match right down to the wire, but what a match so yeah i’ve said it way too many times this video but i’ll say it again. I hope you enjoyed it and let me know what you thought down in the comments.