Power vision is a company that i have reviewed their products on this channel many times so like this beautiful little egg in the back, the power vision – egg – everybody loves that, but they discontinued it, and then they made this one here called the power egg x, i’ve Reviewed that many times – and they also have this massive thing here – called the powered dolphin that i haven’t had a chance to take out in the water, because all our lakes are frozen, but they’re kind of unfrozen. Now so i’ll take that out and spin it around and that’s the full version, so it’s gon na be pretty cool. Wait for that review, but power vision also makes cell phone cases. I know that sounds ridiculous. Why would power vision, make a cell phone case that’s because they have revolutionized the cell phone in the social media world, so you’re going? What what are you talking about steve? Well, let me just back up a little bit: you’ve, probably heard of the osmo mobile 4. Well, this is the osmo mobile 3.. I never did open the box because i don’t really use this, but this is the best device to attach to your cell phone and walk around and take videos and do all sorts of stuff with tracking and everything else. Well, it was the best device. Until now, let me show you the power vision s1. This is it here. This is the box, so just check out there’s a size difference already.

This thing here is pretty darn small, but why is it so small and why am i so excited about it? Well, this is the unit right here, that’s it. This is the unit. This is not only a gimbal for your phone it’s, so much more it’s. Actually, a wireless battery charger, so you can charge all types of devices not only that power vision has like. I said they make a cell phone case. They make all sorts of attachments that you can use without this in your daily life of social media and whatever else you want to do filming the kids vacation whatnot in this video, i am going to show you a super quick review, because i did not make A long review of how this thing works, what it can do – and i swear it’s going to blow your mind so now through the power of video editing i’m, going to place this unit down in front of me and it’s going to turn into something amazing. Here we go ta da check this out. This is the unit now you’re, probably looking at it, going well i’ve seen units like that before. But have you really do you know what this can do? Let me just tell you: i got to read off my little chart here so on your camera. Here you have your gimbal normal stuff. I can move it all over the place and look. It stays super smooth, but it has electronic image stabilization as well.

Not only that it has the ability to track anything you’re, not stuck with just humans, people, cars, you can track whatever you want. You just point at something: you press this little switch in the front and it will track that object either. Sitting stable or holding in your hand, walking, and it will just stay fixed on the object i’m going to show you that in this video it has a gesture mode. But i know you’re thinking, gesture mode, it’s, not kind of lame, but the gesture mode on here works 100. It never fails. But for me the most important piece of technology in this entire device is the app and the app can actually run in the background. So you can have all the features of the app in the background of your more favorite apps. So, in other words, say you like to do zoom calls or you like to do facetime chats on your iphone or you do skype or you do any type of social media out there, where you’re chatting with somebody on a video line, conference or you’re, making social Media videos on youtube or whatever you can run the app in the background and this unit will run the face, detection and everything else, along with your app trust me when i say it’s really cool and it actually works. So enough of me talking, let me show you a little bit more about this device here we go the power vision.

S1 box is rather small, but very well designed. These are the items you can expect to receive. If you buy the basic kit now, the s1 weighs 313 grams and there is a reason for that, and that is because there’s a huge battery inside it’s, essentially a power bank, because it can wirelessly charge your cell phone now, because the s1 is essentially a power Bank, it can also charge other items. You have around the house that accept usb charging. If you supply power to the s1, you can also then wirelessly charge your cell phone at exactly the same time as you’re charging the s1 and now i’d like to show you the physical features of the power vision. S1. First off we have our five way: control switch, followed by the camera button and the power button. On the left hand, side we have our zoom control our status indicator for your battery and charging, and your usb c charging port on the bottom of the unit. There is a hidden tripod, yes, a tripod, plus a quarter inch unc port, the tripod legs are hidden inside the device. You just pull them out and then bend them to an angle. There’S two in the front and one in the rear. This hidden tripod feature is extremely useful, as you’re about to see also contained within the power vision. S1 is a full featured gimbal system that is simply outstanding once it is completely unfolded. You can then attach your phone and you’re off to the races with 15 hours of run time now, let’s take a look at some of the items that make your life with the power vision, s1, even better.

So you can get the power version s1. In many colors, the magnetic wall, car mount is included in the basic kit and i’ll show you how it works here. So on one end, you have some 3m sticky tape. On the other end, you have a big magnet that you can move in any shape. So you would stick this on your desk or other items where you want to put your phone. If you unscrew the bottom, then it turns into an item that you can stick in your car, so i’m plugging it into my vent. And then i take this magnetic case. That i’m going to show you in a little bit, and i attach it to my little magnet and check that out and now my phone is magnetically attached to my car. So i can remove it easy if i wish now before. I tell you more about that. Green phone case, let me show you this. This here is an adapter for your phone, so you can mount it to the power vision. S1. You stick it on the back of your phone and then there’s a magnet in it. So then it attaches to the power vision. S1. Now, if you want something larger than the included mini tripod that’s built into the power vision, s1, you can get this super large tripod and it actually functioned as a hand holding device, as you’re gon na see me using it later in this video.

Now we come to the phone case and this phone case comes in multiple colors, so you can match the color of the phone case to the color of your power vision. S1. When you order it in the basic kit, you do receive the usb c cable for charging. Now i want to show you this magnetic phone clip. I really like this item because i don’t stick anything on my phone. I just stretch it it attaches to my phone. I can put it on, take it off, it is so cool. Now. The last item i want to show you are magnetic mounts. You can place these anywhere in your house or in your car or at work wherever you wish, you just peel off the back. Stick them to any item and then take your phone with whatever magnetic attachment is on it and attach it and all is really good and now a quick overview of some of the basic operations of the power vision. S1. So after you attach your phone power it on, then, if you double tap the power button, you can go from landscape mode to vertical mode. One of the cool features of the power vision. S1 is, if you remove your phone, it goes into sleep mode, but when you reattach your phone, then you just touch the power button and it comes back to life. One of the key features of the power vision s1 is its ability to turn almost 180 degrees.

In either direction, this is used for the tracking system that you’re going to see coming up. It really works well. Many of the amazing features of the power vision s1 come from the app, which is the vision plus s1 app that you download and install i’m showing it here. It is simply outstanding. What you see on screen is on the right are the modes for the gimbal and on the left are the modes for the camera let’s begin by showing you the modes for the gimbal, so the first one we have is follow mode now follow mode is what You’Re going to use the most, you can move the gimbal in any direction anyway, and it smooths out all your movements. The next mode is tilt lock mode. That is so. You cannot tilt the camera to look down or up. This is really good if somebody’s coming at you or an object, is coming towards you. It gives you a good image and the last mode would be fpv mode, is kind of like an fpv drone flying around the sky when it spins or does 360s. Everything just goes as the camera goes and that’s what this does, except this here, smooths out your motions next feature to show you would be tracking and gestures and now to start tracking. I just sit down in front of the camera, raise my right hand or left hand whatever one you want, and it goes into tracking automatically, and i mean this thing can track you better than anything on the planet, no matter where you move due to that ability To move almost 180 degrees in any direction, if you do the bunny ears well, it will take a photo now.

If you wish to go into video mode to start recording a video you have to do the duck lips as i call them. It looks like a little duck lip there, not really sure why but anyways that’s what i call it. Video will start and it will begin recording and once again the tracking is on. You can move where you wish and it will track you and just to show you how good the tracking is on this system i’m, going to finish this little segment and get up and walk away and look it it’s still tracking me now for many of you Out there you’re going to buy the power vision s1 due to the following watch. This so let’s go into the app and this time let’s go into power. Follow so i’ll start that up now, what i want to do is start the power follow at the bottom right turn it on it’s, just going to screen record that’s all this is as a screen recorder but it’s going to allow you to use the power of The power vision s1 in any of the apps you use on social media. So if you like to facetime, if you like to do video chats on facebook, if you like to do, zoom calls office 360 skype, whatsapp instagram, it works so watch this. I am now using the built in photo app. The photo app has no tracking system on an iphone, but now it does because it’s using the power of the power vision, s1 app.

So no matter where i move i’m being tracked. So if i was doing a video chat, a call anything i would be tracked wherever i go and the bonus is that the screen is recorded. So your entire conversation, if you’re on zoom or facetime or whatever, is all recorded and now it’s time for some outdoor testing starting off with tracking, take a look at your screen. The image on the left is recorded with my canon camera, and the image on the right is recorded with the cell phone on the power vision. S1. Look at how it tracks me around my backyard. I can move far to one side, that’s that gimbal. That turns so far, which is amazing. It doesn’t matter how fast you move or how slow you move or how far away you get it tracks. You really really well, so you can see the potential for using this while on vacation as well as, if you have a child running around the backyard, just put the camera in one spot and just let it film next up, we’re gon na test out the slow Motion, don’t, blink or you’ll miss the 58 year old man running by, but look at this in slow motion, hey, i don’t look so fast, but not too bad for a guy that’s 58 running in his backyard. Of course, the neighbors are wondering what i’m doing here you can see. Just by making bunny ears, i can take a panorama shot and i’ve sped up the image so that it goes long quicker.

The camera doesn’t move that fast side to side, but you have to stay still, and the result is this: now the app that i’ve been using also has the ability to track anything on the planet that you want to drag. All you have to do is point at it and then press the five way joystick or draw a box around it. As you see here, no matter where you move, the camera will stay fixed on that object. Here, i’m testing out how far the gimbal can move from right to left watch this. I can see my shoulder and i can spin it the other direction while holding it perfectly forward, and i will see my other shoulder. That is amazing. Now, what i want to show you to tilt up and down? They are not as amazing, here’s your tilt up, that’s about it and here’s your tilt down, but it works. It works for most things. It does have a zoom on it as well. There’S, a physical button right on the power vision s1 that you can push up and down to zoom in and out automatically. Now this is a test. Most of you want to see. This is the walking bouncing test so i’m walking around my backyard. Look at the image on the right of your screen: that’s. How smooth it is it doesn’t get the up and down bounce like most gimbals. Do this one here has electronic image stabilization and built into the app so with the gimbal and the electronic image stabilization it’s.

Very smooth now watch this, as i start to play around with moving the camera around in the gimbal i’m, going to jump up and down let’s see doesn’t. Look that bad it’s, not jerky. Now, what if i start waving the actual gimbal around with the phone on top, but how does that look well here, we’re, looking at it, how does that look to you? Are you getting seasick i’m in follow mode, so it’s it’s, quite smooth? It seems to do quite well all in all. So, as you can see, it’s a pretty cool device and you can probably find a spot for it in your life because we all have cell phones and we all take pictures and photos and videos with our cell phones and, like i said for me, it’s pretty Sweet to put this down and just track something and let it go and record either me or somebody else doing something, and if you want to do a lot of streaming, while you’re chatting with your family on videos or your friends, i could see teenagers loving this Because teenagers always doing video chats on all types of social media platforms and this works with all of them, because the app runs in the background of their social media platform and they get all the features of this. Your entire device, so it’s pretty sweet and it records their whole session, but the sweet thing about this is as of today for some unknown reason.

They are selling this at a 49 discount from the full price i’ll stop talking and just post all the links below go check it out. If you have questions on this here, item post them below, i don’t know everything. I only know what i know from trying it out for the last few days that’s. All i can tell you uh, but you might see video in the future. If this item proves to be super popular, then powervision has told me steve. If this item is super popular and everybody wants one and there’s not a lot in stock we’ll give you two free ones that you can give away to any of your viewers. So if that happens, you’ll see a video in the future with me giving away. You know two of these two two lucky winners and i’m sure they ship them to any place in the world. Alright, guys hope you enjoyed this video.