Today, um welcome to my review of the atop. Go w5 egg drone shaped like an american football and colored as such. Okay. So this video is going to feature the unboxing and just general review of the drone. It will show off the camera quality. Then the future video i’ll show off a flight test. I think okay for now, let’s just see what’s inside this box. Okay, so on the top we have a little plastic bag and in it we have a charging cable, a screwdriver and a couple of propellers. Okay, here is everything that was in this little bag. As mentioned before, we have the charging cable spare, so props screwdriver. What would appear to be the instruction manual and the um app code for those of you who are looking to get this drone or need it here’s the qr codes, so yeah, okay, okay, on to the drone itself, as you can see, it’s, not exactly that big Here’S my hand and yeah it’s about the size of my palm yeah. Okay, take this off like so, and here we have the egg there’s the football design, and here we have the little camera. Okay, so we’ll just put that to one side: okay, take out another bit of packaging and we have the little stand: uh labeled, with the signal, the symbol of the uh go drawings; okay, okay for simplicity’s sake, i’ve just put everything back into the box and uh. Just move some of the paper out of the way, so here we have the finished drone on its stand, except there’s, one small problem, it’s an egg, not a drone, so we’re gon na have to work out how to change it into a drone.

Okay. So, first you need to take out the legs and then just fold this little bit back and then repeat for the other three legs: um. Okay, i’m. Just trying to do this as quickly as i can: okay, okay! Well now, it’s a leggy egg; yes bad joke! I know but it’s not quite a drone, so what’s next i hear you ask well okay, so firstly, for simplicity’s sake, again we’re going to remove the stand and then we’re going to unfold the propellers so fold out and push on this bit here. Until we hear a click and then repeat, click click and click. Okay and there you have the finished drone. Just a quick look from all four sides: uh right. So what we need to do next, um supposed to show the controls? Okay. In order to show you, the um controls, i’ve acquired another phone by acquired up and lent it and it’s pink gold, so yeah. So how this is gon na go. Is that i’m gon na download the app go on this phone, which will broadcast the camera quality? And then this device, which is the phone, will record that this sounds complicated that’s, because it is for me anyway. Anywho let’s go okay, so the app we need here is called a top go. If you go to play store, you can just type that in and we’re gon na install it okay, the app is installed so we’re just gon na open it.

Okay. So basically, what we have here – you just swipe through this – that and those are the other two types of the color scheme of our little egg drone. Here you got white and gold and you got black and gold. We have a football um, okay, so then you get to this home screen. Okay and then you just click on english, otherwise, you’ll go japanese and you’re met with all the products in the atop lineup. What we’re gon na go scroll through half of them until we find our little egg and before we can connect to the egg, we need to connect the wi fi, so i’ll be right back okay, so i forgot in order to connect the wi fi, you need To actually turn the drone on, as stated by this handy instruction book booklet, so what we do is we just press and hold this button lights? Do there are a few flashing lights? Don’T watch this, if you like, don’t, like flashing lights, one two: okay, two seconds: okay, it wasn’t as bad; okay, um, so yeah it’s on it’s, now broadcasting, a wi fi signal; okay, so we’re back so we’re gon na go to connect and see what happens. Okay, just moving okay. So at the moment the drone’s camera is back is working here’s my hand. It’S got a slight delay but i’m just working okay, so uh you can’t tell phone. Can you so? What i’m going to do is i’m going? To put this a little yellow porsche around the back of there and see the quality of the drone’s camera, i mean yeah, that is pretty good quality.

Yeah uh let’s just try something else, just for the sake of it: okay, we’re going with another porsche this time, it’s um, black and round so let’s – see how the drone picks up. Also, the drone is acting in the camera is acting in reverse, which is kind of hard to work out since i’m. Looking through my phone screen, but i mean yeah that’s, pretty good quality it’s slightly blurred, but yeah. I believe the quality of the camera is 0.3 megapixels, but yeah um, okay, so yes, basically i’ll just quickly show the other things so here’s the controls, um right. You got you up and just turning which way deciding which direction it’s going to face in, and this is forwards backwards left and right here you have the one key take off one key landing: the calibration button which you need to use before flying and the emergency Stop button: this will cause this to shut down mid air. Just so you don’t hit anyone um that’s the on off thing. This controls the speed you can have a 36 to 100 percent. Don’T know what that does. That is gyro. If you look, that thing has now gone to the bottom. If i move the phone it’s starting to slightly move, so yeah um take off gyro. This is flight path, mode uh. This key here uh draw a flight path for the drone and it will follow it. This is voice command, so you can just do something.

This is virtual reality. Don’T really know how to use that um vr headset, but it doesn’t really work, and this is the home key, just to go back to select another drone. Nice uh choice between photo or video let’s take a photo said. Let’S take a photo. Oh come on. Oh okay, um yeah, i was taking a photo that’s, the video so let’s, just video it sure if you notice there’s a little blue light that flashes or just stays there when it’s selecting. So you know which one so let’s just start that and let’s move back and forth: yeah not really exciting, but there you go whatever and we’ll just stop there. Okay, the drone’s light seems to have gone out, but i was just being stationary for so long and this is the trimmer so that, basically, if this is flying one way, you can use this to make sure it doesn’t fly randomly okay that’s. Basically, the review of the entire app and what it does um, except for one last thing: i’ll be right back: okay, i’m back, so you go to home and you can just um quickly go on media and we should be able to see the photo i’ve taken. Yeah photos here we are that little porsche um. Apparently i forgot to take the photo of the yellow one. That was just the thing. Okay, so let me go back and if you go here, you can switch the videos which is just gon na, be this video here and probably picked up my voice as well.

Let’S just see um, okay, apparently it didn’t pick up my voice. Okay, so this camera doesn’t really have a voice function. It would seem let’s go straight there and there’s the settings. You can uh clear, cachet, photos and videos. Where that does you got the tech support? Email and telephone number i don’t know i think you have to enter in there. It’S got languages, you can have the app in either english or japanese i’ve chosen english, because i can’t read: japanese um, okay, so that is honestly and truthfully. It so that’s the egg um, so yeah remove the little porsche one. Last look for those who want to look. You can skip this yada yada it’s from a kinder egg series um about five years ago.