This is just like, i suppose, a part, two of that video unless i’m actually merged these together. Actually press stop recording. So basically just my final thoughts, so i mean it’s a transforming egg, which is cool. It comes with its own charging, cable, which is expected. It has its own screwdriver it’s got a complete. A half change of props it’s got some cute little stand, it has its own lights. Um. The camera is kind of quite good. You probably couldn’t see it because i was literally filming another phone doing another phone, no, not phone filming the other phone thing, um yeah um for those of you who are interested as to where to get this i’m, not sure about america, but uk. I think you should go on ebay, um, there’s, various different ones, um. If this didn’t come with a gyro controller, the phone was the only thing for that that’s why it was fairly cheap about 20 pounds um. If you want the controller, i think it’s, like 50 pounds, if you go on grandido or it’s called that’s 40 pounds for the same things. Honestly, i regret nothing um, the camera is pretty good for such a small drone and again i do like its um gimmick of actually being an egg um for those of you who are interested. I actually just went and got an egg actual egg and here’s the size of an actual egg compared to the egg. Drawing you probably can’t, see it properly like this so i’m, going to put the egg drum back onto its stand, which the egg fits quite well in and we’ll just compare it from there.

Okay, so i’ve put it on its stand and here’s an egg uh it’s like it’s, quite bigger. Actually, if you put it in front sorry my hands sort of in the way, but you get the general gist so yeah, okay, so yeah um that’s. My whole review on this egg drone, thank you for watching. I hope you have enjoyed it thanks. Those who watched it the whole way through i’m gon na see, if i can edit this little video onto the other one i didn’t mean to stop recording if not well. This is just gon na be a part. Two part three will be. Sometimes i don’t know sometime and it’ll probably just show the drone in flight as best i can so yeah thanks for watching and um up before i am before i finish shout out to my subscribers. Thank you so much for subscribing. I do appreciate it and uh. Yes, all of you out there watching my videos, please make sure to like and subscribe as about i don’t know 20 of you, viewers are subscribed so yeah, so that’s it for this video or the other one.