Mobile 6 is in the house. I'M gon na do an honest review of this one. Today, we're gon na talk about the components on board and we're gon na talk about flight characteristics. We'Re gon na talk about the durability factor the fun factor, all that good stuff here on the drone camps channel in this review I'm, not going to dog it out, like one of the other reviews that I saw on this quad was just a little bit harsh And let's be harsh on it, but let's also be realistic. This quad cost you eighty six dollars and it's, actually one of the best and fastest and funnest little freestyle type of woops that you can fly indooroutdoor this mobile. Oh six will pretty much do everything so that that's really awesome and it has a decent camera on here and the VTX did pretty well outdoors. I have the twenty five thousand kv version right here, and it is extremely fast on one s which it feels like you're kind of flying, a 2's rig it's, only twenty grams, which is lighter than some of my custom builds. Some of my custom builds three four years ago or around the 22 to 22 grand mark very hard to get a whoop under 20 grams, so they've they've got it right there at 20 grams, which i think is really great for the power to weight ratio. The 0 8 0 to XY's were happy model, 0, 8, 0, 2 motors with 25000 kb.

You can get other versions of lower kv ones as well. I think there might be a an 18000 or a 16000 kv motor out there for this one, but it is very fast, very fun and actually decently. Durable mine came back on one piece and i didn't break any of the struts Weaving supports on the bottom. The prop guards, usually these break on some of my flight tests – I'm pretty hard on things. If you watch my channel, I break stuff quite a bit and the durability test is real. On my channel, I don't go easy on things I send it. I like to go in as fast as my pants are on fire and try to make gaps, and sometimes I break stuff in the first part of her views. But today, we're gon na fly this one full out. Just like always, and some of the other reviewers out there saying oh don't, buy the happy model it's some cheap, crap, it's gon na burst into flames after your first battery or or whatever, but mine is still working so take that with a grain of salt, because There might be some haters out there for happy ma brand, and you know we know who the haters are, and you know whatever I'm just gon na fly this, how it came out of the box and I'm gon na also add a little larger battery on here. As well, you can fit a 450 on the bottom if you go sideways with a little tiny, strap so snip off yourself, a piece of velcro and strap on a 450 even as large as a 525 milliamp on here get a little bit longer flight time, but Let'S go ahead and give this quad some punishment see what it can handle and then we'll do a little bit of a spec check on them, the after side of the flight test and getting in my final opinion on the happy model 6.

Here we go guys. Let'S, do it now let's go ahead and start out this flight test, part of the review with some tree canopy exploration, and I have an instability mode right here. One of the funnest things to do with the loop is tree canopy exploration, and it shows you how precise the power system and the tune – and everything can be on here – also how peppy the quad is on the throttle. Just got away from me a little bit right here and just I just barely made it out, but that shows you a lot it's pretty snappy, also on that y'all access right there, really nice, y'all, snaps and right here I'm deciding to line up my first power Loop with the movi, the six and I'm not expecting that a whoop can really power loop and this one doesn't really do it on the stock tune. It did have some breakout right there at the last minute and just kick back a little bit of washout in that, but regular flips are just fine, which is cool, but it is a lot of fun to fly low to the ground. It has super high speed. Feels pretty good to make that straight line, leaning back with lots of speed coming underneath my van and right there into the chassis of the van steel to concrete crash and let's just go for that. One more time go back around and you know if you don't make it once you got ta, try again right and I didn't make it again on that one, not so pretty, but that is where most of my frames would have been broken.

Hitting steel and concrete is probably the worst thing you can hit with any quad frame and this one's still flying and none of the support braces broke on the frame which is really good right. There I'm close to three minutes flight time, so not bad. For my first battery really impressive and a friend of mine showed up at the field with his horizon wing. So I asked him if I could chase his wing and wanted to see how fast the mobula six could keep up with a wing, because this is a pretty quick little race, whoop 25000 kV motors. The wing left me pretty much in the first quarter mile right. There we've we've gotten left by what seems to be Lamborghini speed there on the wing, but it is doing some decent range as well. With this particular d8 setup. I wouldn't go very far, but you can see there I'm pretty far out in the field with that. Spi receiver so no fail safes. There they're not back in to do some. Close proximity seen tiniest bit of wobble there in the camera. So if I can maybe it's just the camera recording, but there also seems to be some general horizontal lines here and there. It also might be the tune in this. Camera is an 800 tvl camera, the run cam nano3, which is so tiny, and it does pretty good on this pretty dreary overcast day it's an organ day so Oregon winter day, going for another power, loop they're on this big tree and there it is that kickback Yeah, so it can't really handle can't, really handle the power loops very well I'm, going for another one they're back around what making nope kick back again, yeah same thing over and over guys, so the power loops aren't really happening on the mobula sticks for me anyway, With this tune, you can see it there again.

Another kick back just the flight controller seems to be geeking out on those power loops, but pretty much anything else. You want to do with the Mobius six. It will do. It will do pretty good canopy exploration. I feel like the meteor six might be a little bit better and even better than the meteor six would be. The tiny Hawk 2, probably the most precise whoop that I have flown through the tree canopy in 2020. Looking for a way out right here, can I make it out? Yes, awesome. It always a good feeling when you come out the top of the tree right here, showing how good this camera is. I can really see these tiny little branches here and I completely lost it right here and I don't even know how or where I'm gon na make it out or if I'm gon na get stuck up there. Luckily, somehow, by act of God, I made it out finding another line through this tree. Looking for a way out, will I make it up through the top sweet, always a good feeling, a little bit of dive down this tree, no washout or kickback right there, which is cool. So, with the 450 million battery, I was getting around three minutes and my twenty five thousand kv motors are just really eating up a lot of mili amp pretty quickly. So if my suggestion, if you want a longer flight time with a mobius six, get the 19000 kv, regular version, don't go for the 25000 kv unless you're trying to race it you do it.

Some indoor racing loop races go for the 25000 kv that's. What your deal is that was kind of a fun loop gon na do some closer and proximity tight, turns here and see how the flight controller handles that and it's looking pretty good. So overall, I think that it's, a pretty high score for durability. I'Ve got to give it to the mobile six for the durability model frame, it's pretty cheap. If you had to replace it, it's a good proximity flier. It also has a lot of speed and it doesn't have super high marks for freestyle I'd like to see that it had a little bit better capability for power loops and things like that. But then again it is a whoop. So we've got a really high power system on here and it just the flight controller can't really handle that, but I think we might have something here that that might just get to thumbs up for this review. This is a pretty nice little quad and I didn't have any QC problems, and I was some reports out there of other people having some QC issues. If you have to replace a motor. The cool thing is, is that you don't have to solder stuff back on. You can just plug in another motor there's a plug there and they are color, labeled, color coded red and black for clockwise and counterclockwise, making it back through the van there. Under the chair fairly controlled, but again I have the speedy one, so it's, just really really kind of hard to control.

Really really slow. Is this thing what's the haul ass, but also in the Box guys take a look in here. We get the screwdriver extra props. 2.0 connector here and it will also charge HV batteries, which is cool. This is your instruction manual for D, 16 mode and D 8, but the SPI version has the eight modal in there guys. The frame is good. All the supports in here all the way around really nice. I have my antenna there and we also have the runcam nano 3, like I mentioned before, which is a great camera, so much smaller than the runcam nano way lighter, and you can see there. My 5.8 antenna coming up and I believe, that's the SPI D – 8 rx antenna there. We have the crazy bf4 light on here with 5 amp ESC super tiny ESC s, there's that 2.0 connector and plug and play motors, like I mentioned before so it's, not a big deal. If you burned something out loops are fairly easy to work on Jim fan. 31 millimeter props super tiny, try, props and 0 8 0 to 25000 kV motor for the race Edition three bolts on the bottom, holding that motor on the frame and let's go ahead and turn on the scale and see what we get weight wise better than some Of my custom builds three years ago, 20 grams that's the same now with the three hundred milli amp battery in beta fpv.

I flew those 28 29 grams with the adapter, and now the 450 is gon na, get me up to 33 grams. Now the 525 gon na get you well over three minutes flight time of 33 grams, total takeoff weight, and I got ta say my favorite battery was probably the out of all of these was the 450. I felt like that. One had a good weight. 525 is getting a little bit heavier, but this is gon na, be your freestyle battery your best overall and the longest flight time battery right there. Any of these will work honestly but again, I'm happy that this one came back from my review in one piece still, and I just I know, there's some QC issues out there with people, but my frame is still intact and my motors didn't burn up my flight Controller didn't burn up all these struts in here, for the prop guards are still good, which is awesome. Those are usually some of the first things that break and the battery tray. I break and broken battery trays on different quads quite a few times and the supports there. Those little tiny screws held up did not bust to pieces. So let's take a little closer look at the top of this quad canopies good, pretty durable. It is polypropylene plastic, like you've, seen on some of the Emacs frames in the past, and this camera is definitely a winner for this combo, so good power system on here and a great fpv system and have a lot of problems with a lot of static.

In the camera – which is great, so you can go test out some of these different batteries there and also use the velcro strap for the larger size batteries I'll try to put some of those links down below for the mobi low six, but two thumbs up. For me guys for the mobile six, I had no problems, no issues with it at all, except for the power loops I like to see that may be improved in the version 2.0 coming up.