Now ive been a big time supporter of pdui tech. They make some fantastic gear, thats good quality and it lasts theres a lot of really poor technology equipment out there. Accessories, but this is one of the better brands by far so, if you like me and you like technology, you build up quite a vast amount, really fast and then youre going to be needing something to carry it around. So i like all technology – and i also like drones – as you know, so this video im gon na be talking about the two carry cases here for the air 2s, the mini 2 and also the brilliant bag, which is called the one go bag. Now, before we move on to the actual cases and the bag, we also do loads of accessories for your drones as well, so, whether its the djimon e2, the dji 2s, the air, the mavic mini all coming soon, the mavic 3 as well, which i cannot wait For but they also do nd filters now i use nd filters on every single flight that i do and i cannot wait to get some for the mavic 3 as well. Also, we do accessories like this. Some landing legs, if youre in an area where its really tall, grass or not very nice, surface or in a forest and its mud having some landing legs, and these are for the mavic air 2 and the air 2s theyre also doing for the mini as well.

These just go on to the drone onto the bottom, and it allows you that extra bit of room when landing your drone now lets move on to the actual carry cases themselves. So the cases are super well made really strong. Waterproof have the logo on the front of them, and this allows you to just get your drone put in here and have it completely safe. You can also use this top here as like a landing and also take off base as well lets just look inside of it, so on the back here, its fully secure. So you lift these two mounts up, lift the top bit up and then you can then open this bit up here and now i dont have the air 2s anymore, as you all guys know, so i did have it here. As you can see your controller, you can fit some nd filters extra batteries, its got loads of different protection on here as well, so your drawer is going to be completely fine and they also do a version for the mini 2 as well. So this allows you to have this really small drone, but it is fragile, isnt it so having it in a small case like this and just put it into the boot of your car. Take it around with you and then youve got it in a hard case. Like this again with the full protection on it, you can put extra batteries in there and d filters, your controller and the drone and youre all ready to go in that waterproof case.

So these are fantastic for protecting your drone. But what about, if youre, going away for a couple of days or you want to take multiple equipment? So this is when this bag really comes in handy, so im going to show you how i can fit all my recording equipment in. I need to be able to create a youtube video into just this one bag alone. So this is the one gold bag by pgi tech and i absolutely love it. So this is a really nice smart design. So you could use this for either your tech bag, which i do or you could use it if youre just commuting to work, and you want a really nice stylish bag. It comes in variety colors. This is the black color im going through just some of the features now and then show you how i can fit all this equipment into just this one bag, so the top of it its got this magnetic design clip so its really nice how it just clips Down you just pull this lever here and it disconnects now. The best thing about this bag is the the multiple ways of how you can store so much equipment easily as well, so on the back of it. Youve got the two straps here. These are super comfortable and padded. Really, nice youve got a back support here and theyve all these different straps, which well go over well just start here, while were at it so on the back here, youve got a area where you can store your laptop.

This will hold a 16 inch laptop and a tablet as well. It has this nice little pull cord here. So as this pulls out, you can store an apple pencil. So well just do this as we go along, so you can put the apple pencil in here. You can store your laptop in here and then also you put your tablet as well. If you do have an ipad, an ipad will also go in here and both will fit comfortably in this pocket. That just then slides down like that zip this over and then youve got both of those nice and secure in here, and then it also means that youve got absolutely tons of room left in the actual backpack. So this its got side pockets as well. With these straps, so you can store different tripods on here and its got pull tabs. So you can secure everything in here. The side straps come open and this is a quick access port into the actual bag. On this side here, youve also got another zip compartment. In here you can store memory cards, sd cards, maybe your wallet its really easy to get into so you dont have to open the main bag. You can simply just get into it, and everything is just nice and waterproof and well made also another bit here. So you can put maybe a water bottle in there loads of different scenarios lets just flip it over the other side mirrors it as well, so really nice, waterproof material.

Again, you can put something in this side pocket. This pocket comes completely open and then youve got another side access now on here as well. You can put maybe a pen or something in here and then this you can store some batteries and then its got this magnet on the back as well. So you could actually use this, so, if youre putting a drone battery in which well just put this one in you, could then if this one is fully charged and some of them arent, you can indicate it right. This is charged or this one isnt and then, if youve got multiple ones, you know so we can store batteries in here you can zip that shut and then youve got an area for your batteries again with easy access in this bit brilliant. Now this bag, the straps, are super padded and comfortable, but its going to be heavy with the amount of equipment youre going to be carrying. So it has got a chest, strap as well, so you can customize this, you want it high up or low. You can just thread this in and pull this tight, and that just goes along over your chest. Its also got a waist strap as well, so you can have this tied around your waist, pull that and then youve got a chest and waist strap. So its really secure on you and it doesnt have a lot of tension. Then, on your back, which is brilliant.

When you lift this up here, you can see your access into the main compartments. Now this is fully customizable, so as we just unzip this ill just show you what i mean, but in when you open the bag. Up like this, you have lots of different ways of how you can customize this to how you want the bag to be set up. Ive just got these two trays here, so i can store three different areas of equipment, but you can have different ones theres. All these that come with it theyre all customizable heights as well, so you can have it set up. However, you wish you could have stuff going across. You could have it in little squares with accessories. I like to have it like this, so when i do open the side, compartments ive got quick, easy access to the equipment, but you get all these in the bag as well as more straps as well. So, typically, when i go out and shoot i dont take a big camera. I take my iphone and i take a couple of drones: im going to take the mavic 3 and the mini 2. two controllers, because ive got the smart controller yeah. I always take a gimbal now because i do like the since the firmware the gimbals got a lot better on the om5 always take another form of an action, camera, some earphones and then sunglasses, obviously, and then nd filters. So lets just show you how you can get all this in this actual bag Music, so everythings now in this bag, which is super impressive, im able to then take all the equipment with me that i could possibly need to record and edit one of these videos.

So my laptop ipad apple pencil, two drones extra batteries nd filters a gimbal microphone a voice over microphone, earphones sunglasses, excellent. All in this really stylish sleek bag, which is waterproof, allows me then to take it wherever i want and ive got everything with me. So black friday sale is currently live. They do sell out really quick these bags, basically any of the pgi tech equipment. They dont have a sale like this, so ill link in the description below. If you want to go and check it out. This is also fantastic. The carry case for those single shot locations but yeah, if youre into videography photography and you need some sort of equipment, accessories or travel trouble.