That means a fishing ground or a fish catching sign after an exhausted travel from saboanga cebu guy, i met my blogger friends, junius plugadot and beyond explorer both based in cagayan de oro city for lunch and suggested me to try a seafood restaurant nearby. I havent tried this place before thinking for a unique food experience craving also to eat seafood. These days ill have to try a different setting of a restaurant, where i could see the ocean view. So we tried to scout the place in opal misamis oriental, where this seaside restaurant is located after we disembark from the vehicle. I then took some shots of the place. The western part of the restaurant were obviously the location of the sunset which we have missed to take some shots, since we have to leave as the young explorer, but still on duty, one of their specialty menu, the tuna canila mixed with shrimps and salted eggs. When i tasted the specialty, it tastes good, and it is unique from other restaurants that i have been what made the food unique is a mixture of raw shrimps and the salted egg. You can really taste the sweetness of the freshness of the seafoods you eat. This is a favorite food for japanese taiwanese or even the korean people. I am now pretty sure that this will be my new venue for a family date. In my next visit we also tried the buku seafood sirigang. It is a sour soup, but very unique than usual city gang, as it has the young, coconut meat and water and served inside the puko or the coconut fruit.

It was really tasty and perfect for a starter. We also ordered the ampalaya or bitter gourd, salad with it, which i truly love. I dont taste the bitterness of the empalaya, but it was sour and sweet. It was really perfect other than that. We also tried the big bicol express, which is my less favorite and the legend kawali, which was super crispy and tasty. The only down part of the experience is the portion of the food that was served, which was smaller than any other restaurants that have been in the philippines. The service was excellent and the price was also paired for the food that we have ordered again. The restaurant is located in opal bisamis. Oriental opal is a fourth class municipality in the province of misamis oriental in the philippines. According to the 2007, philippine census it has a population of 47 187 people and the municipality is gradually becoming more organized as a result of local population growth and expansion of the nearby cagayan de oro city.